Draft beer shop business plan

Therefore, at first, it is advisable to engage in a time-tested and stable business. One of these is a beer shop.

Project highlights

In general, beer trade can be classified as a business with a pronounced seasonality: for example, from late spring to early autumn, sales profit grows on average by 25-35%. As for the winter period, the outlet often operates at almost zero profitability and only covers the cost of rent and wages.

It is important to understand that a store project should contain at least 7-8 different types of beer - there should be both light and dark options. Moreover, several varieties must be imported. Another important way to increase the popularity and competitiveness of the store is to use unusual and gaining popularity types of beer - namely, cherry ale (which will expand the target audience to include girls and women), cider, etc.

Finally, the assortment should also include related products - snacks, snacks, etc., which will stimulate sales and generate additional profit. Alternatively, the sale of cigarettes is possible - this will increase the share of "accidental" purchases.

Market analysis and location selection

In order for a shop selling beer on tap to function successfully, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of identifying potential competitors, and take into account the results of the study when choosing a place where the outlet will be located:

  • So, the main competitors are supermarkets, because they save time and money: customers immediately take all the products they need. In addition, some of them sell draft beer. In this case, the only option to attract customers is to increase the level of service and expand the range.
  • In addition, the same beer shops and outlets selling alcoholic beverages in general may become competitors. In the first case, you need to carefully choose a location away from competitors, and in the second, it is important to focus on the high quality of products, since most of the stores selling any alcoholic beverages do not monitor the quality of their products too much.
  • Finally, another competitor is various bars, cafes and restaurants. However, in the first place, they will interfere with the store, which is developing not only in the format of buying beer to go, but in a scheme that assumes the opportunity for visitors to sit and drink. Most often (especially in the absence of experience), it is most advisable to open a point beer store that can be located anywhere: from the exit from the subway or supermarket to a shopping center or apartment building (on the basement, not in the basement, since it does not meet the requirements fire safety).

Location is an important criterion as it will affect both traffic and rent. Thus, the priority should often be given to residential areas, since they are characterized by lower rental rates, a large number of residents (as a result, potential customers) and fewer competitors.

Fixed and variable costs

Moonshine as a business

One of the significant advantages of opening a draft beer store is that the presented enterprise will be popular both in a small and a large city. In order to start making a profit from the first months of work, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan for a beer store on tap with calculations. Below we will look at the main points that you need to focus on, such as marketing, legal regulation and financial calculations.

Analysis of the market and competitors in the segment of beer on tap

According to statistics, more than ten percent of all beer in the country is sold in bulk. Despite the fact that this figure may seem small to some, this is a fairly large market share. In addition, the segment grows by 15% every year: the attractiveness for entrepreneurs is obvious.

Analyzing the market itself more deeply, it can be noted that in terms of alcohol consumption, Russia ranks fourth - for every person in the country there are more than 15 liters of ethyl alcohol. Based on these data, we can conclude that the sale of alcohol can be a fairly profitable business. However, there is also a downside to the coin - the promotion of the harm of alcohol. People began to pay more attention to the quality of alcohol consumed: they began to give preference to elite drinks. This is due, among other things, to improving the quality of life.

Beer is one of the three most consumed drinks in our country, the demand for other alcohol is much lower. Hence we can conclude that it is the sale of beer that should form the basis of the investment project. The main thing is to enter the market with a unique selling proposition, because the level of competition is quite high. For example, many Russians are actively interested in "live" or craft beer.

SWOT Analysis

This type of analysis allows you to adequately assess your own capabilities, external and internal factors that can benefit the investment project, or, on the contrary, harm it.

2. The ability to create a unique selling proposition and enter the market with it.

2. Restrictions on the part of the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation.

3. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and avoiding alcohol.

Do you need permission, procurement of raw materials, equipment and accessories. Moonshine production process, containers and containers. Implementation of the finished product.

Cost of opening a beer shop

On average, starting this business from scratch requires about 550 thousand rubles. But depending on the region, the amount varies significantly.

Starting a business is a complex and lengthy process that requires maximum concentration and dedication. It is impossible to start a project by downloading a business plan from the Internet and a superficial acquaintance with a niche. A novice entrepreneur needs to plunge headlong into the chosen industry, under the guise of a mystery shopper, visit the points of competitors, draw up a development plan.

The business of selling beer from scratch is not included in the category of new products, but in some cities the competition is still weak due to insufficient elaboration of a unique selling proposition. A store in a good location, a beautiful signboard and a convenient work schedule fade away without quality service, affordable prices, personal loyalty programs and additional service.

In this article we will analyze all the nuances of business planning and draw up a strategy for work. A beer shop can be a profitable project if you do it responsibly. The demand for low-alcohol drinks does not decrease even during periods of economic crisis; some avid elite alcohol drinkers are switching to cheaper products due to financial instability. You just need to offer them live beer, serve it under a "tasty" advertising sauce, and the flow of regular customers will not dry out.

Relevance of the idea

Russia is in one of the first places in the world for alcohol consumption. These statistics do not indicate the massiveness of the bad habit, but that strong drinks are part of the culture. For example, during sporting events, beer sellers can generate annual revenue and receive a lot of tips.

The beer business has a lot of pitfalls, so entering a niche without a marketing strategy and a clear proposal is impractical. If you open a search engine and monitor your competitors, you can find several dozen or even a hundred establishments that sell draft beer. But how many of them have a regular audience or a recognizable brand? It is good if 2-3 of the total.

Many projects involve risks, but if a businessman is just starting his career in entrepreneurship, then starting a business after a fleeting idea is not a good option. Strategic planning, budget allocation, step-by-step implementation of items from the checklist will help to find all negative factors and reduce their impact. A business plan for a beer shop is not just a listing of equipment and items of expenditure. This document should include everything from the number of chairs to the beers and the marketing strategy.

The point of selling draft beer is not a new idea. It's one thing to put a barrel with an umbrella near a crowded place. The other is a store that sells elite drinks according to a unique recipe that no competitors have. Creating a unique alcohol is a laborious process, but with the right approach, all costs will pay off many times over.

  • Constant consumer demand. Despite the seasonality, the flow of customers does not subside, even when the products become more expensive.
  • You do not need a license to sell draft beer.
  • "Live" beer is valued higher than bottled beer.

There will always be competition in this niche. If there are few specialty shops and points of sale in the selected location, then there are probably pubs, restaurants and other establishments where beer is part of the menu. You can fight them with a unique selling proposition and clear positioning.

Reviews for the business plan of a draft beer store ()

The main thing about the business plan of a draft beer store in the year

Draft beer shop opening season

A business like the draft beer trade is considered an exclusively seasonal business. As a rule, in the warm season, the profit from the sale of a foamy drink is several times higher than in winter. In winter, the store's revenue drops sharply, barely allowing the businessman to cover the cost of renting premises and staff salaries. In some cases, the profitability of a business is reduced so much that it becomes more profitable for an entrepreneur to close a store for several months than to suffer substantial losses.

How to open a draft beer store, where to start? Due to the pronounced seasonality, the fact at what time of the year you decide to open your store with live beer is of great importance. According to the calculations of the main players in the beer market, beer trade in cold weather is consistently unprofitable. This means that when planning to open a draft beer department in the fall or winter, you are at great risk. Trying to promote your business in the "off season", you can lose huge funds, but still not achieve the desired result. And the payback period of the project in this case will increase so much that not every businessman will be able to get back on his feet after such losses. As practice shows, it is most advisable to open a kiosk or shop with draft beer on the eve of the most active sales, that is, on the eve of the summer season.

The experience of the past years shows that in the summer the level of sales of the foamy drink loved by many Russians reaches the highest rates. It is no coincidence that during the warm season the number of advertisements for the purchase of summer tents for beer increases. These are the features of the draft beer trade that a timely entry into the market guarantees stability and prosperity to a businessman.

In order to reach a fairly high level of sales by the summer, you should open your own business - live beer - in advance, approximately in March-April. Thus, until the summer you will have time to smooth out all the rough edges of the new business, and acquire a steady circle of buyers.

It is best to prepare a package of documents for trade in beer in advance, so that at the most crucial moment there are no problems that can delay the process of obtaining a trade permit. If you are not planning on buying equipment for draft beer, find out who rents it out in your city. In addition, renting a barrel with kvass and beer can also be a good option, which will expand the geography of your sales. It is advisable to open a summer area near the store, where, in addition to beer, the buyer will be offered various snacks.

Opening a shop with beer on tap on the eve of summer, you can recoup a point located in a good location in just a few months. Subsequently, the losses that the businessman invariably incurs from the beer trade in the winter will invariably be more than covered by summer sales. If you doubt that you will be able to take into account all the features of opening a store, be sure to use the example of a business plan for opening a draft beer store from scratch with ready-made calculations, which describes in detail each stage of creating your own beer business.

Opening a beer shop - defining the assortment

Draft beer is in high demand among buyers, and not at all because the price for it is lower than for a similar drink in bottles. The reason is that draft beer, especially unpasteurized live beer, has a richer, richer taste. But at the same time, the sales terms for such beer are much shorter, and violation of the storage conditions of the products will invariably affect the taste of the drink.

Therefore, for those who decided to open a shop with draft beer, it is important to strictly monitor the quality of draft beer, referring only to reliable and trusted suppliers. The reputation of your outlet depends, first of all, on how fresh beer you offer to your customers. Having earned their trust, you can count on stable and high profits.

Opening a draft beer shop

Friends, the sample business plan that you can download for free at the end of this article is not working. It was created for informational purposes only. A real and successful entrepreneur based on his experience will tell you in this article how to create your real, working business plan with minimal costs:

A businessman from Solikamsk, Roman Evgenievich Ryabkov, a real person, with an operating beer shop, tells.

If you look closely, the shelves of alcoholic beverages are literally "bursting" from the abundance of bottled beer of different brands, quality and manufacturing companies.

But for some reason I decided that in my store, and I decided to sell only beer, bottles and cans with this popular drink will not.

Since the niche on the beer market is filled quite densely, then, having experience in the business of a ready-made semi-finished product store, I immediately decided that I needed to somehow stand out from the rest of the alcohol stores.

In the end, beer was not created "for the sake of alcohol", but for eating different dishes, since beer, its malt flavor emphasizes the sophistication of hot spices.

Why is there a draft beer store, and not a bottled one?

Bottled beer has many advantages over draft or live beer, and this is understandable, because if you do not sell draft beer on time, then instead of an invigorating drink, there will be sourness.

And bottled beer has a lot of preservatives, you can store it for a long time, just not to freeze, and everything else is not scary for such beer.

But if I wanted to stand out, to make my store unique in the beer niche, then I had to trade something special, pleasant for connoisseurs who would not skimp and complain about high prices.

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