Development of a business plan on the example of OSK LLC

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Probably everyone will agree that reports are not the most exciting form of communication. But you can't do without them.

You can't rely on intuition alone when shaping your budget and marketing strategies, creating a product and developing a growth strategy - and in any aspect of your business. It is necessary to rely on facts. Disregard for this rule is letting down many small businesses.

So, nowhere without reports. But don't be upset: reports shouldn't be boring at all. You can create really interesting reports with simple design solutions.

A beautifully designed report will not only make a lasting impression on stakeholders, but also make the material more understandable!

the types of business reports required in any business (click to jump to a specific section):

First step: start with a business report template

You can, of course, create a Google document, add the necessary metrics to it, add a few points of analytical information, send the document to your team and finish working with the report. Is this an efficient way to represent data?

Few people would read such a report. Not to mention the fact that an ordinary report is unlikely to impress stakeholders.

If you are a financial consultant, then personal branding is important to you: you need to stand out from the competition. It is important for you to enlist the support of stakeholders and convince them to listen to your recommendations.

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Development of a business plan (on the example of a limited liability company "USC")

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In order to correctly draw up a financial model of the prospective business, first of all, it is necessary to collect certain information as much as possible. What is this information? Let's try to figure it out.

Project Tax

It is necessary to decide on the taxation of an enterprise or individual entrepreneur. If the enterprise is already open, then you need to keep in mind that the transition from one type of taxation to another is possible only once a year (at the beginning of the year). Therefore, you need to hurry up in December. However, with the transition to agricultural tax (UST), not everything is so simple ... Until you grow the conventional "carrot", do not even think about such a transition. But this is so, by the way.

Investment costs

To figure out “how much pennies do you need” is an extremely important point! It should be borne in mind that investment costs are usually divided into "investments in tangible and intangible assets" and working capital.

As a rule, initially, few people pay attention to "working capital", but in vain! In some cases, this is a very significant amount and, as you understand, during the implementation of the project, a “cash gap” may arise with all the ensuing negative consequences.

The following types of expenses can be attributed to working capital:

Wages plus taxes on wages of employees before the beginning of the so. "Launch of conditional production or provision of services";

Pre-investment activities in advertising, marketing, etc.;

Rent costs, land tax, transport services to…. start generating cash flow ";

The cost of purchasing raw materials and components, etc.

What to look for

Home »Financial plan: Detailed calculation of a business plan with examples

The section containing the calculations of the main economic indicators in the business plan is decisive, this is the main criterion for determining the feasibility of creating a project.

All parts of the business plan are reduced to the financial part, and the profitability of the business depends on how well the mistakes are made in the project.

Contents of this article:

When making a financial model of a future business, it is important to take into account not only future economic benefits, but also make a forecast of costs, including unplanned ones.

Providing competently all the calculations in the financial section of the business plan, you can immediately determine the profitability of the project and prevent losses. Let's try to figure out what indicators should be taken into account when drawing up a financial plan.

Content of the financial part of the business plan

A financial plan as an integral part of a business plan is fundamental when planning a business. All calculations must be done very carefully.

The financial part consists of the following sub-items:

  • forecast of the main indicators of financial activity;
  • planning of cash flows;
  • forecast of the company's balance sheet.

Important: the planning of key indicators is done for 5 years of the company's activity, while it is very important to take into account the costs of starting a business.

Forecast of the main indicators of financial performance

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