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Federal Agency for Education

Franco-Russian Institute of Business Administration

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Direction of training - 080500.2 - "Management"

Degree (qualification) - Bachelor of Management

final qualifying work

Topic: Development of a business plan for an enterprise.

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Commercial goals are fundamental to any business. The success of a business is determined by the ability of the company's management to find and effectively direct financial and other resources to achieve goals. This ability, in turn, depends on subjective and objective factors.

To achieve success in business development, the head of a commercial enterprise, company, organization must clearly organize the financial and economic activities of the controlled structure. The actual availability and quality of the analytics is also of great importance. Analysis of information on the dynamics of the market sector in which the business structure operates, allows you to assess the behavior of competitors, to obtain objective indicators of demand for relevant services and / or goods. Analytics data is used in strategic, tactical planning. The result is a business plan.

In modern Russia, the competitive environment in any sector, transport is no exception, encourages market participants to seek opportunities to improve the competitiveness of services. A prerequisite for this is the creation of a unified transport field.

Practice shows that today many enterprises are organizing the transportation of goods on their own. Solving problems on our own inevitably affects the cost of production. As a result, performance is reduced.

The use of a unified transport system as one of the key sectors of the economy will optimize the processes of cargo transportation. Ultimately, such optimization will increase the competitiveness of goods produced by enterprises, which today, on their own, organize their transportation from supplier to consumer.

In the meantime, the processes of globalization in the economic sector are only gaining momentum. The economy's needs for an efficient solution to transport issues are increasing. But it is too early to talk about the existence of objective conditions for the creation of a unified transport field. Accordingly, in order to increase the competitiveness of goods, the profitability of the business as a whole, enterprises need to competently use their own resources.

Effective business planning is a must when implementing projects and bringing ideas to life. A business plan as a tool is widely used in entrepreneurship. Without such a document, practically no profit-oriented project is implemented.

The purpose of this work is to develop measures to improve the efficiency of business planning at the enterprise. Achievement of the goal is due to the solution of three urgent tasks:

  • Examining the theoretical foundations of business planning.
  • Determination of the financial and economic characteristics of the enterprise.
  • Determination of ways to improve the efficiency of planning the financial and economic activities of a business structure.


1. The essence and purpose of the business plan

1. Content of the business plan


2. General characteristics of FE "Gramotey"

2. Analysis of the financial condition of FE "Gramotey"

2. Strategic analysis of the internal and external environment of the organization


3. General characteristics of the enterprise

3. Market and competitor analysis

The relevance of the chosen topic is due to the need for effective management based on strategic thinking, using the advanced achievements of management science. Unfortunately, often decisions made by managers are characterized by impulsiveness and unpredictability. This is a consequence of both the instability of the legal and economic environment, and the insufficient level of knowledge about one's own enterprise. Moreover, decisions, as a rule, relate to any one area, while other, no less significant areas fall out of control. Hence, the task of correctly drawing up a business plan is to offer the manager such a toolkit that will allow him to quickly assess the internal capabilities and weaknesses of the subordinate business unit, discover hidden reserves and increase the efficiency of its activities.

World practice shows that the majority of enterprises suffer large losses only because they did not foresee or incorrectly predict changes in the external environment and did not assess their capabilities. Business planning is a tool for increasing the feasibility of ideas and projects. Since small business is developing most intensively, the successful solution of the problem of the formation of entrepreneurship is largely determined by the quality of the development of business plans.

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Any organization, enterprise, production needs planning today. Forecasting a business means assessing its capabilities, competitiveness, production volumes, supply and demand in the markets, etc.

Planning of production and commercial activities is necessary for all organizational and legal forms of enterprises. The market does not deny or suppress planning in general, but only moves it mainly to the primary production link - enterprises and their associations. At the enterprise level, not only strategic (long-term) planning is carried out, but also the detailed development of operational (current) plans for each department and even a workplace. In market conditions, stable enterprises make extensive use of the advantages of planning in competition. All this is widely used in the overseas, and now in the official practice, and is based on the business plan.

Therefore, anyone who seriously wants to engage in entrepreneurial activities, to profit from their activities in a market environment, must have a well-thought-out and comprehensively substantiated detailed plan - a document that defines the strategy and tactics of doing business in the selected market sector. The purpose of the business, the technology of organizing the production and sale of products should also be chosen. Having a well-developed plan allows you to actively develop entrepreneurship, attract investors, partners and credit resources.

In general, there are a number of opportunities that business planning gives:

· define the ways and means of achieving the set goals;

· mitigate the impact of enterprise weaknesses;

· track new trends in economics, engineering and technology and use them in your activities;

Bachelor's final qualifying work 51 pages, 2 sections, 6 figures, 11 tables, 14 sources.


The object of work is the activities of LLC "Nizhegorodets".

The purpose of the final qualifying work is to develop an economic feasibility study of the feasibility of opening a car service center of LLC "Nizhegorodets".

The task of the work is to get better acquainted with the methodology for preparing and calculating a business plan for organizing production for the provision of services to the population, developing measures for the development of an enterprise, determining the economic effect of the proposed measures.

As a result of the work, it was revealed: the prospects for the development of the industry for the provision of car services, the level of supply in the Nizhny Novgorod market of car services is lower than the demand, the growth potential of the enterprise is high, opportunities are identified to increase the utilization of the existing capacities of the enterprise for the implementation of this business plan


Despite all the difficulties and problems, millions of people are already employed in the field of private entrepreneurship in Russia. However, business is a very special way of life, which implies a willingness to make independent decisions and take risks. Having decided to start a business, an entrepreneur must carefully plan its organization. We are talking about business plans with which it is customary to start any commercial enterprise all over the world. In market conditions, such plans are necessary for everyone: bankers and consumer-investors, employees of firms who want to assess their prospects and tasks, and, above all, the entrepreneur himself, who must carefully analyze his ideas, check their realism. As a matter of fact, without a business plan, it is generally impossible to undertake commercial activities, since the possibility of failure will be too great.

Each firm, starting its activities, must clearly understand the need for the future in financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receipt, and also be able to accurately calculate the efficiency of using available funds in the process of the firm's work. In a market economy, entrepreneurs cannot achieve sustainable success if they do not clearly and effectively plan their activities, constantly collect and accumulate information, both about the state of target markets, the position of competitors in them, and about their own prospects and opportunities.

With all the variety of forms of entrepreneurship, there are key provisions that are applicable in almost all areas of commercial activity and for various firms, necessary in order to prepare in a timely manner, to avoid potential difficulties and dangers.

No matter how reliable the car is, sooner or later it will need repairs. This means that the business of servicing cars (car service, spare parts store, car wash) is consistently provided with customers and brings its owner a good profit.

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