Detailed business plan for cattle breeding

Feedback on a business plan for growing cattle

Thanks to a professional business plan, we received a loan from Rosselkhozbank in the amount of 240 million rubles and significantly expanded production volumes. The experience of interaction with professionals in their field is always pleasing, this is just such a case.

Feedback on the business plan for opening a pig farm

In the course of cooperation, we received a business plan with a convenient financial model. The developed business plan allowed us to receive investments for the development of a pig-breeding complex in the amount of 340 million rubles.

Director of the Aprelskoye farm, Yekaterinburg

Feedback on the livestock business plan

Feedback on the livestock business plan Thanks to a well-designed business plan, we were granted a credit line for 43.7 million rubles. Thank you that the head of the company personally supervised our project. When drawing up the plan, all my wishes were taken into account. I am very pleased with your work. Good luck!

Contents of the dairy cattle business plan:

Why do you need a dairy cattle business plan?

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Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

Cattle breeding (cattle) is one of the most promising business areas. Livestock products are in constant demand, both from private buyers and from enterprises engaged in the processing of dairy and meat products. These products occupy a significant share of the food market.

Market analysis, competition

Before starting a business project for cattle breeding, you need to analyze the sales market. Depending on the volume of products, future buyers can be not only markets, but also plants, milk and meat processing plants. Having familiarized yourself with the minimum purchase prices, you can draw up an approximate picture of the economic benefits already at the initial stages of the project implementation.

It is also necessary to determine the degree of direct competition. Competitors are usually:

  • farms;
  • private household plots (personal subsidiary farms);
  • agricultural enterprises engaged in the production and sale of livestock products.

Taking this into account, you can make a decision to launch the project. If there are competitors who fully provide the market with milk and meat, it would hardly be advisable to organize a business near them.

If the situation does not imply much competition, it is necessary to determine the parameters of the future business: the composition and number of livestock of the cattle farm. The organization of a large farm requires significant investments and, as a rule, one cannot do without attracting borrowed funds. To start a small farm, you can do it yourself. Of course, in this case, both income and prospects will not be so large-scale, but quite realistic and profitable.

Legal formalization of the activity

To organize a small production, you must register as an individual entrepreneur.

When choosing OKVED, indicate the main activity of animal husbandry - code 01..

Animal husbandry is a complex, but interesting and demanded subspecies of agriculture. Cattle breeding as a business: profitability, reviews of farmers about meat and dairy production to help a novice entrepreneur.


Cattle breeding for obtaining and selling meat and milk is carried out mainly in rural areas, where there is enough space for keeping large animals. Without the minimum knowledge and skills of working in agriculture, it is risky to undertake such a business, because, if you make a small mistake in nutrition or care, you can lose all the livestock.

You can download a ready-made business plan for cattle breeding by following the link.

Business plan

It includes the following steps:

  • Market analysis.
  • Legal registration of the activity.
  • Equipping the territory for cattle breeding.
  • Formation of the herd.
  • Purchase of feed.
  • Hiring workers.
  • Sales of products.
  • Calculation of project costs and revenues.

It should be taken into account that the farm will begin to receive the main income from the sale of meat products approximately one year after the purchase of young animals.

Market Analysis

Where to start project implementation? Before starting the production of cattle, it is necessary to study future buyers - dairies, meat processing plants, markets. Knowing the minimum purchase cost, it is possible to determine the degree of savings at the initial stage of the project implementation and during the formation of the production cost.

You also need to establish direct competitors - farms and personal subsidiary plots (FPH and private household plots), livestock alliances. It makes no sense to launch a project near similar enterprises if they completely fill the market with products.


Activities for the production and sale of meat and dairy products are regulated by several supervisory bodies:

Breeding of dairy and beef cattle - the livestock industry in our time, unfortunately, is not particularly profitable. However, with the right approach to business, it is still possible to make a relatively good profit from such an enterprise.

In order to establish a good business, the farmer needs to take care of choosing the most suitable breed of cows, build a convenient barn for the animals and provide them with high-quality feed. Also, a novice entrepreneur will need to draw up a detailed business plan for breeding cattle.

Where to start: business registration

Before starting to build a farm, an entrepreneur needs to take care of its legalization. Most often, such enterprises are registered either as KFK (peasant farm) or private household plots (personal subsidiary) or simply as individual entrepreneurs. A cattle breeding farm should be registered using a special code (animal husbandry). In this case, taxes in the future will have to be paid not too high. Currently, farmers consider KFK to be the most advantageous type of registration. The owner of such an enterprise can also choose the most suitable taxation system for himself.

The breeding of dairy and beef cattle in our time is a branch of animal husbandry, supported by the state as well. The owners of such an enterprise can count on even a small financial support (about 60 thousand rubles). Funds for organizing a barn are given mainly to individual entrepreneurs. You can get money from your local employment office.

Business line

Most often, cows in our country are bred to obtain milk. However, sometimes these animals are kept for meat. Before starting the construction of a farm, an entrepreneur, of course, needs to decide on the direction of the business. If there are large factories for the production of sausages, stewed meat and other similar products in the vicinity, it may make sense to organize a "meat" farm. Otherwise, it is better to focus on such a popular product as milk. There are enterprises for its processing in almost every city in Russia.

Choosing a place for a farm

When drawing up a business plan for breeding cattle, this issue should also be given maximum attention. The place for the barn must be chosen correctly. Sheds should be located, of course, at some distance from residential buildings and territories of settlements. Before buying a plot or concluding a lease, you should make sure that this place has water for the well.

Also, when choosing a land, a farmer should take into account the estimated livestock. It is believed that one cow should have:

perennial grass meadows - 0. -0. ha;

annuals and silos - 0.5-0. 5 hectares.

Where to start

Cattle (cattle) breeding is one of the most ancient human occupations. Today, like hundreds of years ago, it can become profitable and bring in a good income if you approach it wisely. It is no coincidence that the cow has always been popularly called the “nurse”.

The cattle breeding business involves working not only with cows, but also with buffaloes, yaks, etc., however, in Russia it is more profitable and customary to breed cows and bulls. Their meat and dairy products will be easier to sell.

When dealing with cows, you will have to regularly resort to the services of a veterinarian, even if the herd is completely healthy. According to Russian law, there are a number of mandatory annual vaccinations against certain severe or rapidly spreading diseases: mad cow disease, rhinotracheitis, viral diarrhea, leptospirosis, and so on.

In addition, the veterinarian will issue animal health certificates for the sale of meat and milk. So, get to know the veterinarian you will see regularly. Next, you need to calculate the initial investment and start purchasing.

When buying cattle, be sure to ask your veterinarian that each animal is healthy.

First you need to build a barn. It should be a well-planned building. Keep the barn warm. This does not mean that it must be heated, not at all. The main thing is that there are no cracks and holes that result in a draft.

In temperate and northern latitudes, winters are very frosty. If you want to get maximum milk yield and growth, it is better to provide heating during this period, at least in the calf shed. Most cows hide in the spring, leaving the herd after wintering, so calving usually occurs in the winter months.

The room should have opening windows, as good lighting and adequate ventilation are required during the warm season. It is necessary to make a wide entrance. When the cow is in position, her sides become very wide. In addition, when walking, it sways, so the optimal opening width is 1.5 m. / P>

The barn can be simple or automated, but in any case, it must be warm and contain plumbing, sewer drains, separate stalls with feeders and drinkers.

Further, it is necessary to provide drain channels for the liquid to drain. The total drain should go outside the barn, do it on a slope. If you do not want the presence of a heavy odor, equip concrete cesspools with hatches. Each unit of cattle should have its own place with a fodder sector and a drinker. It is advisable to separate the stalls with a structure of welded pipes, since the cows are not always friendly to each other, and we do not need fights in the barn.

This is a very important stage in setting up a farm: the profitability of your business will depend on which cows and bulls you buy. In Russia, there are both purely purebred animals and half-breeds, and often with incest. It is useless to wait for such specimens of large milk yield and weight gain. It is better to buy animals in nurseries or on large farms, where the breed is closely monitored for the purity.

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