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Design studio opening: profitable architecture

Architecture is becoming a profitable industry to invest in. Those entrepreneurs who have noticed this trend are not in vain thinking about opening an architectural bureau or workshop. This is all the more profitable, since this niche is still insignificantly mastered, which creates very tempting prospects for those who plan to build their business on the development of interior design to order. The situation today is such that demand exceeds supply by almost dozens of times.

As the analysis of the architectural business market shows, this segment of the economy develops best in large cities. And it is here that the highest level of competition is noted. Firms are fighting for their clients in different ways: someone makes a bet on participation in various exhibitions, others develop their own Internet resources, and for someone it is easier to spend money on advertising in the media. Moreover, many architectural and design companies maximize the range of additional services, being engaged, in addition to interior design, dismantling of buildings, landscape design, as well as the construction of adjacent structures.

Architects start and win

Businessmen with experience in opening architectural bureaus note that narrow specialization in this area is becoming more profitable. If earlier most of the companies publicly declared their readiness to carry out any kind of design and redevelopment work, now the number of such companies has decreased several times. Today, an entrepreneur planning to open an architecture bureau or studio is increasingly thinking about specialization.

Every fourth company operating in this market segment specializes in residential premises. Moreover, some of the players provide services exclusively for the redevelopment of apartments, other companies are only engaged in work with country cottages or penthouses. About 20% of architectural firms partner with office owners who are looking to give a modern look to their workspaces. As practice shows, such a business as an architectural bureau only benefits from such segmentation. Effective business management in interior design is critical, and if you choose your specialization, your business will be successful.

Before starting your own business, your own interior design business, you need to carefully consider each step. Businessmen planning to open an interior design firm will have to go through a licensing procedure, but this is far from the only problem. A competent example of a business plan for opening an interior design studio with ready-made calculations will help you to successfully overcome them, with the help of which starting a business from scratch will take place without serious difficulties. What should be the organizational structure of an architectural bureau, what features of this business should be taken into account in the development of the company - the advice of experienced professionals will help you find answers to the most important questions.

Ready-made business plan for an interior design studio from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

Do you need a business plan for an interior design studio? Great, because we can offer you the most modern developments in this segment. Any designer is an artist, regardless of his field of activity: working on images of successful people, or decorating premises. Consumers are constantly in need of design services, because thanks to them old objects acquire new meaning and meaning, and the appearance of the room becomes much more beautiful.

Content of the article:

According to marketing research, the market for design services in Russia is distributed as follows: industrial - 43%, landscape - 22%, graphic - 19% and multimedia - 13%.

According to design experts, competition in this area is low. A lot of housing is being built in the country, so the demand for interior decoration services is much higher than the supply. The data of the Committee for Construction of the Administration of St. Petersburg indicate that in 2021, 1,752,000 m2 of new housing were commissioned in St. Petersburg. With this in mind, the demand for interior design services will grow.

We are dealing with registration issues

By law, to start your business, you need to be registered at least as an individual entrepreneur. From the point of view of accounting and taxes, it is easier to open an individual entrepreneur. Considering that for the functioning of the design studio 3-4 people of working personnel are needed, registration of an LLC is required and the hiring of an accountant at least for remote work.

Determine the list of services and draw up a business plan

  • interiors ;
  • web design ;
  • polygraphy ;
  • home plots;
  • architectural forms.

An example of a price list can be found here. For each direction, you need to consider the subtleties. For example, it is better if an interior design or architectural design studio is a subsidiary of a construction or furniture company. This will save you from the problems of finding suppliers of building and finishing materials.

Our project is designed to open an interior design studio!

Some interesting design projects

Examples of ready-made business plans posted on our website are of value only as teaching aids. Ready-made business plans cannot be successfully used either for obtaining investments or for planning the development of a real business. If you need a real business plan, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sections "How to order a business plan?", "Can you draw up a business plan yourself?", "How to write your first business plan"

Table of Contents

I Resume

This business plan presents a project for the creation and development of a design studio operating on the prepress market in St. Petersburg.

Market: commercial organizations, government bodies.

Product: services for the development of design of printed publications, prepress, control of printing in production.

Financing parameters:

The Appendix of the business plan presents the cash flow budget for the first 2 years of the design studio. The maximum investment of about 2,000 thousand rubles will be required by the end of the first year. By this point, the design studio, according to the business plan, should become self-sufficient. The total investment return period is 2 years.

As an investment, it is supposed to use a bank loan in the form of an overdraft with a maximum amount of 2,000 thousand rubles.

II Marketing Plan

Marketing Research

Pre-press preparation is one of the stages of the process of creating a printed edition. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the consumer is interested in the result - the printed edition, and not the intermediate product - the original layout. A number of conclusions follow from this fact, the most important of which are the following:

  • a company entering the prepress market is obliged to provide for the printing facilities on which the printed product will be produced. This can be its own equipment or a third-party printing house, with which it is necessary to establish close organizational and technological cooperation,
  • in fact, the company will operate on the printing services market, which will be analyzed in this business plan.

The business project of a design studio will require some additional knowledge in the field of design from the entrepreneur. At the same time, there is nothing difficult in opening such an enterprise. Before you open an interior design studio from scratch, you need to decide on the area where it will function. As a rule, we are talking about cities with a population of more than 1,000,000 people.

Business Relevance

In recent decades, interior design is becoming more and more popular when contacting professional designers. More and more individual projects in this area appear on the territory of the Russian Federation. The interior design business studio will be relevant due to the constant growth in demand for its services. In addition to the fact that housing commissioning is increasing, incomes of the population are also growing. At the same time, people are beginning to live in more and more comfortable conditions. Design services are thus a promising industry.

Among the main advantages of opening a design studio are high profitability, low payback periods. In addition, this activity can be organized at home. Also, it is quite easy to open a business of this kind.

To implement such a project, you need to acquire one office. Only 15 square meters is enough, while the rental price is about 30,000 rubles. The office will need to be equipped with furniture.

Target audience

The target audience of a ready-made business - a design studio - is people who need to be renovated. As a rule, these are representatives of the middle class. The second category of the target audience is corporate clients who need the decoration of offices, shops, restaurants.


The initial investment will be required in the amount of 415,000 rubles. It is for this amount that the office equipment and software will be bought. In addition, the marketing budget is included. Most of the expenses will fall on the purchase of equipment - 53% of all funds will be spent on this item. To implement the project, it will be quite possible to get by with your own funds.


No need to think that only owners of luxurious private houses can afford a professional. Recently, it is possible to find a worthy interior designer in almost any price segment, which means that owners of the most ordinary apartments are increasingly becoming clients. Let's describe what the business plan of an interior design studio includes.

What needs to be done to get the most profit?

To obtain optimal profit, you must strictly follow a well-written business plan. It is usually assumed that clients of an interior design studio can be not only individuals, but also various enterprises and institutions. It is necessary to highlight several main stages that are required to go through to organize a competent entrepreneurial business. All of them should include a well-made business plan of an interior design studio.

Narrow profile selection

Supply grows in proportion to demand, that is, there is a large number of the same type of studios that do not stand out in any way. This is a fundamentally wrong approach - you need to offer those services that are not possible to find elsewhere, or at least not so easy. The first question that should disclose the business plan of an interior design studio: "What specific type of activity will your studio be engaged in?"

A good solution, for example, would be to open an architectural bureau that will be able to offer the consumer a full range of services. However, this can be associated with a large share of responsibility and serious costs, so that a newcomer in business is more suitable for opening a small, tidy studio, which is best located near furniture and similar stores.


The room should be chosen with special care. First, the placement of the object is important - the place must be passable and conveniently located. If the start-up capital allows, then the best choice is a studio in the city center, there is usually a well-developed infrastructure, and in general this inspires confidence among clients.

Secondly, we must not forget about the interior decoration. The room does not have to be large, but there should be at least two rooms, one of which is the reception area, and the second is a meeting room. The latter is necessary so that the client feels relaxed and can tell everything he wants.

Thirdly, the customer must see what the studio employees are really capable of, so not just good, but exclusive and mesmerizing design is required. Remember: the studio office is its calling card. And that should reflect the business plan of the interior design studio.


At first, when the business is just developing (interior design still requires costs), it should incur minimal financial losses. Therefore, a large number of employees are inconvenient.

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