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The main thing about the dental office business plan for the year

Setting up a dental clinic: starting with an office

The idea that dentists are one of the highest paid categories of the population has firmly settled in the minds of many Russians. How else to explain the huge number of private dental offices and clinics, in which there are sometimes more doctors than patients! And if a novice businessman dreams that opening a private paid dental office will easily make him a successful citizen, it means that he has never faced the realities of the medical services market.

And they are such that Russians have not yet developed the habit of regularly going to the dentist, in addition, many have managed to form a negative attitude towards dentists in general. Typically, this category includes patients in public clinics. Whether you want or not, these nuances should be taken into account by those who plan to open a dental office and think what is needed for this.

Most often, the organization of the work of private dentistry, dental business attracts practicing doctors who have managed not only to gain experience, but have also "overgrown" their clientele. But sometimes this business attracts people who are completely unfamiliar with its specifics, who believe that in order to start a business, it is enough to rent a suitable premises and hire professional doctors.

Business with white-toothed smiles

Organization of a dental office at 53 meters is the standard beginning of a scenario in which a businessman buys out a spacious two-room apartment on the ground floor for his business. By the way, the best prospects in this regard are the purchase of housing in elite new buildings. Their cost, of course, is high, but from the very beginning you will get a chance to acquire solid, solvent clients, and competition - at least for the first time - will be minimal. Due to this, the payback of the dental office can be reduced significantly.

A non-professional will not be able to open a dental office at home, you shouldn't even count on it. Before starting work, you will need to issue a license for dental activities, and it will be issued only to a professional specialist, provided that the chosen room meets the strictest standards. The number of specialists depends on how many chairs there will be in your office, and in what mode it will work. Remuneration for the work of a dentist in a private office can be built in different ways - a stable salary, or a percentage of profit. An important member of the mini-team can be the administrator of a private dental office, who will take over all communication with the client.

Ready-made dental office business projects greatly simplify business for modern businessmen. Using a professional example of a business plan for opening a dental office with ready-made calculations, you can easily figure out how important bookkeeping is. If you also want to save yourself from unnecessary problems - walk the beaten path, paying tribute to the advice of professionals. And there, the opening of our own clinic is not far off.

Setting up a dental clinic: pitfalls

If with a healthy, say, stomach - subject to the rules and norms of nutrition - you can live up to retirement age, then with your teeth things are a little different. Only a few manage to preserve a Hollywood smile until old age, while the majority of the population already from childhood knows all the "joys" of communicating with a dentist.

Yes, unfortunately, non-observance of oral hygiene, embryonic preventive measures to prevent dental diseases, unhealthy diet and - most importantly - the lack of truly qualified dental care in small settlements lead to the fact that if people go to the dentist, then only with the aim of removing an almost completely destroyed tooth.

Soothing yourself with the fact that there is only one stomach, but there are many teeth. In fairness, however, it is worth noting that at the moment the situation is changing noticeably for the better. People are increasingly thinking about the safety of their incisors, canines, molars and premolars, and therefore the services of a dentist are becoming more and more in demand.

And, most importantly, the population is very reluctant to go to the state polyclinic, and having saved up the necessary amount, whenever possible, they try to contact a private trader. And although the competition in the dental services market is quite high, it would be wrong to say that this niche is already fully occupied.

What if I'm not a dentist?

There is a very erroneous opinion that only a person with the appropriate education can have their own dental business. It's a delusion. The question of how to organize a turnkey dental office can be relevant both for a person who has a diploma as a dentist, and for, say, an engineer who has decided to set foot on the path of entrepreneurship.

Just in the first case, you will provide a workplace for yourself and be able to provide services on your own, in the second you will rent out the office, receiving your percentage of the profit. Therefore, the business plan of dentistry, more precisely, of the future office, must be drawn up with these features in mind. After all, you must agree, it is stupid to start all the red tape to open this specific business just for the sake of handing over a single job.

Therefore, you need to work for the future and, when making calculations, mean that in your office there will be not one, but several chairs. And who knows, maybe over time your small office will turn into a mini-clinic that is prosperous and brings really tangible income.

So to be an office or not?

If you are a graduate and feel like a fish in water in this area of ​​medicine, then it will naturally be much easier for you to draw up a competent dental business plan, especially with our tips. But even if you still lack a specific education, and you like the idea on all counts, then go for it. Everything will work out. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that the path of opening your own "dental" business is long and thorny.

Some SanPiNs in dentistry (as they call the set of sanitary and hygienic requirements for medical organizations) are able to discourage them from engaging in this type of entrepreneurial activity. After all, it is in accordance with them that you will have to look for a room, carry out its repairs, and purchase equipment. But if the opening of a dental office is already a matter of honor, then you will go through all the stages of this difficult path and can still one day become the happy owner of a very profitable business.


First of all, you need to formalize your activities. If you plan to work yourself as a practicing doctor, then you can stop at the simplest thing - get IP documents. But if you are thinking of renting out an office, or at night you often dream of your own clinic, then you should register as a legal entity (open an LLC), because without this, dreams will never come true, and your office will not be able to work. As for the documents necessary for passing this procedure, we will not focus on them, since a list of them can always be taken from the tax office itself or on the website of this organization.

Dear visitors, below is an example of a dental office business plan with economic calculations. The calculations and the document itself were prepared by specialists with an economic education and extensive experience in drafting similar documents. All calculations are made using Excel software and can be easily adapted for your calculations. To do this, you just need to save them to your disk and substitute your data.

If you have any questions, you can always ask them in the VKontakte group, in the comments at the bottom of the text, or by sending an e-mail.


The goal is to organize a dental office in a city with a population of over 300,000 people.

The project plans to open an experienced dentist for hire, his own dental office, which will be located on the first floor of office knowledge in a new residential area of ​​the city.

Project initiator

The office is organized by a specialist in this field who has a medical education and work experience of more than 7 years. Starting your own business is backed up by an accumulated client base and a desire to expand your income by hiring additional employees. Despite the opportunity to open a dental office on the basis of an individual entrepreneur, taking into account all the financial risks, preference is given to the LLC organization.

Investment volume

Within the framework of the investment project, it will be necessary to invest 5,900 thousand rubles. A certain part of the costs of starting a business (32%) will be covered by own savings in the amount of 1,900,000 rubles, the main part - by attracting bank loans secured by the acquired real estate and equipment in the total amount of 4,000,000 rubles.

Project Performance Indicators

Dental services are always in great demand, which is why the dental business is very profitable.

Starting this kind of business, like any other, begins with drawing up a business plan. A well-designed project is the key to a successful business.

To start your business, the first step is to register a company and obtain a license. The next step is to find a suitable location and premises.

To open a dental office with one workplace, you must choose a room with a total area of ​​at least forty square meters.

According to the current legislation, the allocated area for one dental unit must be fourteen square meters. The total area of ​​the premises assumes the presence of a hall, a bathroom and a utility room.


The most expensive item in this business plan is the purchase of dental equipment. The purchased equipment must be of high quality and meet the necessary requirements.

Below is a list of equipment required for operation:

  • Dental chair;
  • Autoclave;
  • Sterilizer;
  • Physiograph;
  • Gel curing lamps;
  • X-rays;
  • Consumables;
  • Tool kit.


It is necessary to recruit only qualified specialists with extensive practice, because the number of regular customers depends on the professionalism of the dentists working for you.

Paid medicine is one of the most profitable business sectors in our country. Many citizens prefer to contact commercial organizations because they are confident that in this way they will receive the highest quality of services provided. In addition, the level of service, the absence of queues, more opportunities, and a respectful attitude towards each of the clients favorably distinguish such organizations as opposed to the state ones.

Thus, the creation of a dental clinic can be a profitable investment. There is no need to be a doctor with specialized education to open a dental office. To do this, it will be enough to hire qualified specialists who will be able to solve current problems and take into account the nuances and specifics of this type of business.

Bureaucratic issues related to opening an office: registration of activities and obtaining a license

One of the first points included in the compiled business plan for dentistry is the solution of various bureaucratic issues, which in any case will accompany a novice businessman. Dental health services are different from business as usual, such as producing food, providing repair services, or opening a store. The difference is that they require a larger number of necessary documents so that the activity is carried out exclusively within the framework established by the current legislation.

Before opening dentistry, you will need to register as a business entity. If we are talking about opening a dental office, then in such a situation, registration as an individual entrepreneur may be a suitable option. In such a situation, the person starting a business must have the appropriate education. It is equally important to comply with the statutory requirement: all doctors employed in a dental office or clinic providing prosthetics and treatment services must be licensed. Without such a license, even a registered business entity is not allowed to work.

If a decision is made to organize a legal entity, for example, an LLC, in such a situation the founder does not have to have a specialized education. Similar requirements will already be imposed on those employees who are employed as dentists. One of the advantages of registering a legal entity is the ability to organize a business by attracting several investors, who later become co-founders. Since at the time of the organization, the contribution of each individual is clearly recorded, later it will be much easier to determine the amount of profit that is supposed to be. It will also be possible to resolve the issue of withdrawal from the composition with the need to withdraw the invested capital (or a similar amount in monetary equivalent, if the contribution was made in the form of property, equipment, etc.).

An entrepreneur can open both a large clinic and a separate office - everything will depend on the desire and financial capabilities

Next, you need to decide on the taxation system that will accompany the entrepreneur's activities. The dental business, as an option, can be conducted under the general taxation system, but it is quite complex and differs in the need to provide more reports. In this case, it will not be entirely advisable to use it. The most optimal option would be a simplified taxation system, in which a fairly common scheme "income minus expenses" is applied. This technique makes it easy to determine the amount of profit on which the established company will subsequently pay the established tax interest.

Having decided what will be carried out - registration of an LLC or individual entrepreneur, it is also worth paying special attention to what kind of activity code will be indicated. He further determines the list of those services that will be provided to patients, and in case of violation of the procedure established by the rules, the entrepreneur may be held liable. Thus, activities in the field of dentistry must be accompanied by the indication of the OKVED code 85. 3 "Dental practice".

When obtaining a license, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with the main provisions reflected in the following documents:

  • Federal Law of 4. 5. 011 "On licensing of certain types of activities";
  • PP of the Russian Federation of 16. 4. 012 "On licensing of medical activities ";
  • Letter from the Ministry of Health and Social. development of the Russian Federation No. 537-12, which defines some norms concerning the organization and further functioning of the dental clinic;
  • SanPiN No. 2.. ... 630-10.

The organization of the office or clinic should be established taking into account the fact that a license will need to be issued for each separate type of activity. Thus, these will be completely different documents for the provision of therapeutic, surgical services, pediatric dentistry, prosthetics, orthodontics, orthopedics, etc. It is also worth considering the fact that in order to establish the work of an office or clinic, it will additionally be necessary to obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor, the fire inspection and the sanitary and epidemiological station. It must be understood that since this type of activity is very closely related to the treatment of people, the requirements are more stringent. So, in particular, they pay attention to the sanitary state of the premises, the presence of cold and hot water, heating, working clothes of the personnel, the presence of each of the employees with a sanitary book indicating their state of health, which allows them to perform work duties in such an institution.

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