Dental laboratory business plan

The dental laboratory is the place where you can get a dazzling smile, whatever the condition of your teeth. You can open such an office yourself. However, first you need to find out what is needed for this.

What documents should be drawn up?

So, if you have a desire to open such an institution, you first need to draw up a business plan for a dental laboratory. It takes into account the calculation of your income and expenses. In addition, you will need the following documents:

  • Business license.
  • Agreement for the sale or lease of the premises where the dental equipment will be located.
  • Contracts with suppliers of consumables.
  • Permission from SES, firefighters and (or) other authorities (if necessary).
  • Quality certificates for equipment, tools and consumables.
  • Help, fixing registration with the tax and pension service.

Features of the choice of premises

For your laboratory staff to work comfortably, they need a room in which all the necessary conditions will be provided. First of all, the building must be in good technical condition. That is, pay attention to electrical wiring, the presence of water and sewage. The premises must also have a telephone and Internet.

There must be several rooms in a building: for personnel, storage of materials, making prostheses or crowns, as well as for receiving and examining patients. Please note that the premises must meet all applicable sanitary standards. That is, all rooms must be perfectly clean, as well as an appropriate microclimate.

Personnel selection specifics

In addition, they must have good personal and professional qualities. First of all, pay attention to the accuracy and responsibility of the staff.

All employees are required to undergo a regular medical examination. And they also have to periodically raise their level, be interested in novelties in the dental field. As for the number of employees, it all depends on the scale of your business. For a small office, it is enough to hire a nurse, a nurse, a specialist in the manufacture of structures.

What services can the laboratory provide?

Reviews of the medical laboratory business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of a medical laboratory in the year

Opening a medical laboratory: the cost of a mistake

The basis of any branch of medicine is high-quality and timely diagnostics. Before making a diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a lot of different tests for the patient, forcing him to waste a huge amount of time. Municipal polyclinics are not yet ready for a high level of service, and long lines, inattentive attitude of medical personnel - all this, alas, is the reality of our time.

Meanwhile, many people who value their time and nerves are willing to pay money for quality service. This explains the high demand for the services of private medical laboratories. This market segment is just beginning to develop, especially in regions where there is a clear shortage of high-quality medical services. And there is an explanation for that.

Opening a private laboratory is fraught with very serious difficulties in organizing this process. It is rather difficult to obtain a license to carry out this type of service. To do this, it is necessary to obtain permits from the relevant regulatory authorities, and with this in our country, as you know, there are very big problems.

Difficulties in organizing a chemical laboratory sometimes become an insurmountable obstacle for many entrepreneurs, despite the bright prospects in case of a favorable end of the trouble. There is an alternative option: opening a room for blood sampling, which will then be sent for research to large laboratories. But even here you can't do without problems.

Yes, of course, you will save a lot, since you do not have to buy expensive equipment for analysis. But you will face another, no less serious task: ensuring the correct transportation and storage of blood. This will significantly increase the timing of the analyzes themselves, which is unlikely to suit your customers.

Another problem that many aspiring businessmen are unable to cope with is the high initial costs. In order to open a medical laboratory in Moscow or St. Petersburg, an entrepreneur will need at least $ 1 million, in the regions the costs will be lower - $ 200-250 thousand. The organization of the laboratory, as a business, will be greatly simplified if you start to act not independently, but buy a franchise of a promoted network operator. A business proposal for opening a private laboratory under the name of a well-known brand is much more profitable.

What kind of equipment and equipment is required for a microbiological laboratory, how to calculate the costs of opening it - it is very difficult for a beginner to cope with these problems. But if he has at hand a competent example of a business plan for opening a medical laboratory for analyzes with ready-made calculations, there will be no particular difficulties. In this document, an entrepreneur will find for himself a lot of useful information that will allow him to avoid common risks and reliably occupy his niche.

A ready-made business plan for a medical laboratory from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

The proposed business plan of the medical laboratory will allow you to start your own business in the field of private medical services for the population. You see how often it happens that our fellow citizens do not want to go to state medical institutions, some of which are equipped in the old-fashioned way. And trust is given to real professionals, with the latest equipment and accurate research results, many dream about it. This business is promising, because science does not stand still, and people want to accurately diagnose their ailments and identify diseases at an early stage.

This document will help you focus on the essentials. Innovative research is constantly emerging to create new instruments that can provide ultra-precise analysis results. And it is in your power to create such an institution that patients will trust and which will be able to carry out sampling, from a general blood test to the most complex biochemical studies.

Are private laboratories needed

Every day the number of those who are willing to pay for getting rid of queues and unnecessary visits to hospitals for test results is growing. Such opportunities are provided by a private analysis laboratory. Services of this kind save time for those people who are busy with work that does not allow long-term absences. People who earn money are more and more concerned about their health, because the disease will bring much greater losses than will be spent on prevention and examination of the body.

Market conditions

Today, the private laboratory diagnostics market is just beginning to expand. Consumers have only recently appreciated all the advantages of such a service and its popularity continues to grow. In addition, in some cities, private treatment rooms are rare. This means that such a niche is still free and those wishing to start their own business can think about how to open an analysis laboratory.

At the same time, market analysis by experts shows that large network players do not have a wide network at the periphery. This is due to a number of reasons, both material and legislative. Therefore, local initiatives are more than appropriate in this case and it is quite possible to open a treatment room.

Biomaterial sampling room

For those who are thinking about how to open a treatment room, there are actually many forms of work organization. One of them is the organization of an office for the collection of biomaterials. Such an office sends the material received from the client for analysis to another laboratory.

The organization of such a business does not require the purchase of complex equipment and the involvement of narrow specialists, which is what attracts at first. However, questions arise about the transportation and creation of the necessary conditions for biomaterials on the road. In addition, the delivery time of the result to the client increases with this approach. And this does not in the best way affect the popularity of the cabinet.

Medical laboratory

Before opening an analysis laboratory, it is necessary to calculate the preliminary costs of starting a business. A laboratory for conducting analyzes must have excellent equipment. This technique is very expensive and is not available to anyone today. This is why a medical laboratory business plan requires special attention. To organize such a business, large financial investments are needed.

The idea of ​​earning money on the provision of medical services is one of the most promising. People do not spare money for treatment, as their lives depend on it. The proposed business plan of a medical laboratory with calculations will help a novice entrepreneur create a successful project in the field of disease diagnostics. Based on it, you can calculate the volume of investments, monthly expenses and determine the level of profitability of the enterprise even at the planning stage.

Relevance of business idea

A diagnosis and treatment is impossible without a preliminary examination of the patient. Each patient needs a high-quality examination, and it is based on test data. In public clinics, the level of service is very low, and the equipment in most cases is outdated. For these reasons, many people prefer private laboratories, where they can quickly pass tests and get an accurate result.

Patients in need of testing are willing to pay money to avoid crowding in lines at municipal hospitals. They want to feel comfortable during the tests, the speed of obtaining the results is important for them, because during the illness there is no time to wait. This explains the growing demand for the services of paid medical laboratories.

Private blood sampling points are in demand and, although there are already quite a few of them in large cities, the market is not yet oversaturated, demand exceeds supply. This is due to the complexity of business organization and large start-up investments. Those who would like to launch their own laboratory will have to go through a difficult path in obtaining permits. Even if you simplify the task - to open a treatment room, which does not require the purchase of expensive equipment, you will have to face the problem of transporting biomaterial.

According to experts, the medical services market will continue to develop. A private laboratory should be opened in large cities - regional or district centers with a population of more than 100,000 people. In such settlements, many people with an average income live. They make up the majority of the target audience.

Business format

An entrepreneur has two possible options for opening a profitable project - to create a full-fledged laboratory or treatment room. In the first case, both the sampling of the material and its research will be carried out on site, on our own equipment. The second option involves taking blood, tissue samples from the patient and delivering them to another laboratory, where there is the necessary technical equipment. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, before settling on one of them, you need to think about everything well.

Brief summary of the project, goals

The investor's goal is to open a medical laboratory in the regional center, in one of the sleeping areas, not far from the local clinic. To implement the idea, it is planned to purchase a minimum set of equipment. The company will collect biomaterials from clients and conduct research. It is also planned to cooperate with other laboratories that are better equipped technically. During the first 18 months, most of the orders will go to them.

When deciding to create a laboratory for non-destructive testing, destructive testing, this step-by-step instruction with a financial calculation for 3 years will help you.

The main task of a laboratory business plan is to estimate the investment in three years and make a choice: create your own laboratory or use the services of third-party certified / accredited laboratories.

The business plan includes not only step-by-step instructions with the attachment of document forms, but also a justification, a production plan with the distribution of functions for personnel, a possible organizational structure, a financial plan, which contains all the calculations.


The reasons for creating a laboratory may be the following:

  • work at hazardous production facilities subordinate to Rostekhnadzor (hereinafter HPO);
  • production of products used at HPO;
  • customer requirements to confirm the competence of testing;
  • entering new sales markets;
  • organizing a business to provide testing laboratory services.

For example, let's take the most common reason for creation - non-destructive testing at HIF. Our non-destructive testing laboratory conducts control during operation, repair, reconstruction, installation, technical diagnostics at boiler inspection facilities, gas supply and gas distribution systems, oil and gas industry and petrochemistry using the following control methods:

  • Visual and measuring NDT method
  • Ultrasonic NDT method
  • Magnetic particle inspection method
  • Capillary inspection.

We will call our laboratory "Diagnostics - LNK".

We have prepared for you an example of an Order for the creation of an LNK LLC Diagnostics-LNK for the purpose of subsequent certification of LNK:

I order to organize work at HIFs subordinated to Rostekhnadzor

1. to create a laboratory of non-destructive testing from 01.4020

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