Dairy farm business plan

Before opening your own production of dairy products, you must carefully carry out preparatory measures. To achieve the desired result, a business plan is created before purchasing a ready-made dairy plant. He will help you follow the course precisely and will be a "hint" at every stage of your development.

Equipment and raw materials

A mini milk processing plant is a single mechanism in the production of dairy products. The modular design allows you to choose the future direction, depending on the target market. The general scheme of the factory nodes looks like this:

  • raw milk collection point;
  • containers for storing raw materials;
  • production line;
  • filling station and packaging of finished products;
  • cold rooms for storing finished products.

In addition, the premises will include a cooling and air conditioning system, heating, ventilation, a sewerage unit, cold and hot water supply systems. You also need a laboratory workshop for quality research.

Another important aspect is raw material suppliers. They will be farmers. An excellent option is the close location of the farmsteads to the dairy. Thus, savings are made on the delivery of raw milk to production, as well as its freshness and quality.

Range of products

A modern modular dairy plant is quite versatile. You can include in the project:

  • pasteurized milk;
  • kefir and fermented baked milk;
  • sour cream of several types of fat content;
  • cottage cheese;
  • and other fermented milk products.

Going to new levels in production, the business plan can be expanded, having previously made an analysis of the most "popular" products in the nearest settlements.

Sales market

Opening a dairy farm is much more attractive for many entrepreneurs than organizing other classic projects in this area. After all, this does not require large areas, and also does not require huge investments. Maintenance costs may well be realized by the work of one owner's family. A modern dairy farm will allow you to introduce new products to the market without great risks without huge initial investments.

Land plot

The creation of such an enterprise must begin with the acquisition of a land plot. Even if the farm is small, you will still need an area of ​​at least 1000 square meters. Such an area is needed for a corral of livestock, a warehouse, utility rooms. It is best to organize everything in such a way that there are meadows and pastures nearby. Otherwise, the procurement of feed will be expensive. To purchase a land plot, you will need to interact with the district administration.


A dairy farm's investment calculations will be influenced by many factors. The most important of these is production volumes. For example, building an enterprise for 100 cows will be more expensive than building a farm for 50. There are firms in the Russian Federation that organize the construction and design of dairy farms on a turnkey basis. Under a typical order, the creation of such an enterprise will cost only 5-6 million rubles.

The cost includes the installation of a cattle hangar of approximately 1,000 square meters. If the dairy farm is built according to the owner's own design, less investment will be needed. But in this case, at least 2 million rubles will be required.

After that it will be necessary to carry out communications to the buildings. We are talking about electricity, water supply, gas. Approximately 200 thousand rubles are spent on this stage. The duration of installation work is, as a rule, at least six months.


According to the business plan of the dairy farm, the purchase of equipment is still ahead. It will be necessary to arrange racks, install drinkers, floor coverings, partitions. It will be necessary to install milk coolers, maternity ward. It is necessary to insulate hangars. It will also be costly. If a hangar is being built for 50 cows, you will need to invest 2.5 million rubles in it.

This is followed by the purchase of special equipment, household equipment. For full-fledged farming, you need to purchase at least one tractor. It will be needed for the delivery of feed, garbage disposal, waste. This special equipment will be indispensable when you need to mow the grass. The MTZ-80 model with additional equipment is quite suitable. At the same time, the purchase of used equipment is quite acceptable. It is important that it does not need repair. For this stage, the dairy farm's business plan provides for about 500-900 thousand rubles.


Obviously, you will need to spend money on the purchase of animals. The costs for this item can be very different. It all depends on what kind of cattle the owner of the enterprise chooses: whether it will be cash cows or reared heifers. If two or three dairy cows cost at least 60 thousand rubles, then three-month-old heifers will cost 10 thousand rubles, but you will need to raise them. If you buy young animals, the savings will be significant. However, the development of a dairy farm will have to be postponed for at least a year. Investments for the purchase and delivery of 50 cows will amount to 6 million rubles.

The business plan for milk production includes the calculation of costs at the initial stage, current investments, provides for the development of a profitable business in a private economy. The symbiosis of the livestock and milk processing industry requires specific knowledge and a thorough analysis of the sales market.

Milk and dairy products form the basis of the diet for both rural and urban residents. The development of the chemical industry allowed large enterprises to reduce the cost of products by replacing natural components with artificial ones (by introducing additives). In addition, processing and packaging methods that prolong the shelf life of milk have a negative impact on the palatability.

It is not easy to buy natural milk in large cities, the number of cattle on collective farms is decreasing, so the development of private business is a promising direction that guarantees income. Initial investments depend on the planned scale: the number of cows, the presence / absence of the premises in which the farm and dairy production will be located, equipment, and the number of employees.

Business Description

The principle of organizing a farm is to purchase animals, feed, with the subsequent sale of milk and dairy products wholesale and retail.

Important! Alternatively, you can limit yourself to the purchase of processing equipment and use imported milk (buy from private farms). Own farm requires creating conditions for keeping cows and calves.

Product range

Whole milk is becoming the basis for trade, however, some investments will expand this modest list:

  • Sour cream.
  • Curd.
  • Natural yoghurts.
  • Cream.
  • Butter.

If space and money allow, you can purchase machines for the production of powdered and condensed milk, powdered cream, cheese curds, curds. Buttermilk and whey, integral components of the process, are in no less demand among the population.


The location directly depends on the direction of the activity and the scale of the business.

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The main thing about the business plan of a dairy farm in the year

Organization of a dairy farm: business nuances

As the analysis of the domestic dairy market shows, the share of goods from the Russian manufacturer is gradually increasing, but still remains insufficient. Meanwhile, opportunities for entrepreneurs who decide to invest in the development of the agricultural sector are expanding. There are also risks that sometimes turn dairy farming into a kind of lottery.

Today, an entrepreneur planning to build a dairy business has two main ways to start a business: build a dairy farm from scratch, or buy out an old livestock complex and bring it to mind. The second option is preferable in terms of the timing of obtaining the necessary documentation.

The fact is that when building a farm from scratch, the paperwork can drag on for a year or more. Reconstruction of the existing complex simplifies the process of obtaining permits, as a result, this can be done in 2-3 months. This suggests that in this case it is more profitable to buy an old farm and make repairs in it than to get involved with the construction of a new barn.

Domestic farmers are entitled to certain state subsidies for business development. And yet you should rely, first of all, on your own strength. As a rule, starting a dairy business requires large-scale investments. Specific figures depend on what funds will be required for the reconstruction of the livestock complex, land lease and purchase of pedigree livestock. You can start with a herd of 200-300 heads, increasing production volumes as the business develops.

As a rule, most entrepreneurs are engaged in milk processing at the same time as milk production. Pasteurized milk from farmers is in high demand, and such products can be actively supplied to nearby regions. The ROI of a mini dairy is usually quite high, provided you can negotiate with local vendors. The village milk delivery business can bring very good profits, since the quality of such products largely meets the demand of the domestic consumer.

When planning to open their own business - a dairy plant - entrepreneurs have to solve another important question: what breed of cows to breed on their farm. Most farmers prefer the Holstein breed. But at the same time, it should be borne in mind that such cows are more demanding in terms of keeping and feeding, in contrast to locally bred cattle. A high-quality food base is in any case one of the key elements of the complex's functioning. It is best to harvest most of the feed yourself, which will significantly reduce the cost of dairy products.

When organizing a business for the production, processing and delivery of dairy products, do not forget about the need to use such a document as a professional example of a dairy farm business plan with ready-made calculations. A competent business project is designed for a dairy farm of 200-300 heads, but based on the available data, you can easily adapt this document to your personal needs, regardless of the size of the herd.

A ready-made business plan for a dairy farm from scratch with examples of opening calculations

A professionally designed dairy farm business plan will help you cope with the difficulties that may arise when setting up such a business. Milk is a popular food product, it is invaluable for children, and adults cannot do without this useful product for a long time. Therefore, the production of milk, with a competent approach, will certainly allow you to remove dividends from this profitable undertaking.

Feedback on a business plan for growing cattle

Thanks to a professional business plan, we received a loan from Rosselkhozbank in the amount of 240 million rubles and significantly expanded production volumes. The experience of interaction with professionals in their field is always pleasing, this is just such a case.

Feedback on the business plan for opening a pig farm

In the course of cooperation, we received a business plan with a convenient financial model. The developed business plan allowed us to receive investments for the development of a pig-breeding complex in the amount of 340 million rubles.

Director of the Aprelskoye farm, Yekaterinburg

Feedback on the livestock business plan

Feedback on the livestock business plan Thanks to a well-designed business plan, we were granted a credit line for 43.7 million rubles. Thank you that the head of the company personally supervised our project. When drawing up the plan, all my wishes were taken into account. I am very pleased with your work. Good luck!

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