Cosmetology business plan

Feedback on the business plan of the cosmetology clinic

The business plan made it possible to attract the necessary investments into the project (180 million rubles), and as a result, we were able to open modern cosmetology. Exceptionally professional approach, deep integration into the specifics of our work.

owner of a private cosmetology clinic, St. Petersburg

Review of the dentistry business plan

The business plan, executed in accordance with all UNIDO standards and taking into account the wishes of the bank, made it possible to attract a loan of 165 million rubles. The work was completed even ahead of schedule.

Feedback on the business plan of the beauty salon

I was a little worried when ordering a business plan that it would not be possible to calculate and predict the main steps as accurately as possible. But in the end, everything was done very efficiently: we calculated all investments, took into account all my wishes and wishes of the investor. Thank you for a job well done.

Feedback on the business plan of the cottage village

We opened a credit line for 700 million rubles for the construction of a cottage community. The developed business plan was checked by the bank, no additional questions arose.

Chief Accountant of StroyServicePlus LLC

The market of cosmetic services is growing from year to year. The cosmetology business plan includes a list of actions to start a business, as well as calculations of performance indicators and the investment attractiveness of the project.

Feedback on the business plan of a women's clothing store

We managed to get a loan in the amount of 25 million rubles and open a women's clothing store. I was sincerely pleased with the professional approach to the issue, clear and impeccable fulfillment of all the requirements of the bank.

Feedback on a jewelry store business plan

An informal approach to work, understanding all the intricacies of business processes. As a result, we received a business plan, which passed the expertise of investors from the first time, and we were able to receive financing for 150 million rubles.

Director of a chain of jewelry stores

Feedback on the business plan of clothing stores

It was convenient to work with your company - you organized everything competently. I liked the professionalism and detail with which you analyzed our project.

Cosmetics and perfumery are very popular products on the market. A business plan for a cosmetics store describes the key aspects of the startup's launch plan and detailed calculations of financial and investment indicators.

It is assumed that the store will be located on the territory of a large shopping center and sell decorative cosmetics, care products, as well as perfumes. The price range is medium.

Payback - about 1.5 years.

Contents of the cosmetics store business plan:

The project was created within the framework of practical exercises dedicated to the topic: "My business".

Three students have drawn up a business plan for commodity entrepreneurship, focused on the Dagestan market.

The points in the plan correspond to the plan provided by the teacher.


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Cosmetics store business plan

Cosmetics stores are gaining in popularity lately. Women at all times have tried to look their best using cosmetics for this, but today the market is developing at such a speed that new names and brands appear every day. For example, "highlighters", which no one heard of a few years ago, are now at their peak of sales. The relevance of cosmetics is also confirmed by the popularity of beauty bloggers who talk about different cosmetics and demonstrate the results of their use. Some of them have millions of followers on social media. Thus, the demand for a cosmetics store will be quite high, but a lot depends on the assortment of goods. The line should be wide and include both budget and more expensive brands. One product name should have several analogues of different brands from different price categories. Barriers to entry will be a lot of competition and high investment costs, however, with a competent marketing campaign and a wide range of product assortments, the business will quickly make a profit.

It is desirable that the cosmetics store is located in a shopping center, on a busy street in the city center or in a residential area, but with high traffic. The area of ​​the room should be about 120 m2, 80 m2 of which are given for a service hall, and 40 m2 for utility rooms. The store will work from 10:00 to 20:00 without lunch and days off. The main directions of sales in the store will be decorative cosmetics, perfumery, hair and face and body care products. The best-selling products will be decorative cosmetics, the assortment of which includes: foundations, powders, pencils for eyes and lips, mascara, shadows, brushes, eyeliners, blush, lipsticks and more. Recently, skincare cosmetics are also gaining popularity, which do not spoil the skin, because only natural ingredients are included. Perfumery will also play a key role in the store's assortment, since the average price of a product is quite high. All perfumery can be divided into eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume, and the cost of the latter will be the highest. This is due to the fact that perfume has a maximum concentration of aromatic agents. Hair care products, as well as face and body care are used by both men and women of different ages, because many products in this category are essential, so the demand for them will always be high. To increase sales in a cosmetics store, you can sell household chemicals (washing powder, dishwashing detergents, etc.). A separate counter can be used to highlight children's products, as well as issue gift certificates with different denominations. It should also be noted that the choice of suppliers plays a key role in this business. The goods can be purchased directly from representatives of trade marks, as well as from wholesalers. Not all brands are allowed to sell their goods in any store, so you must first pay attention to the requirements put forward by this or that company (for example, the city of supplies, the area of ​​the store, special racks, etc.) The purchases themselves can be made on the Internet, and the seller will carry out the delivery. The mark-up on products in a cosmetics store is usually up to 50%.

The cosmetics store will sell goods, mainly in the middle-value segment, so it will be aimed at people with incomes up to 60,000 rubles. The target audience can be divided into groups: -Girls from 15 to 28 years old. They make up 35% of the total number of visitors, buy inexpensive perfumery and decorative cosmetics in large quantities (mass market segment). They are waiting for sales, are well versed in brands, compare prices with other stores. -Women from 29 to 55 years old. Make up 40% of all visitors, most of them choose products, firstly, more natural, and secondly, focused on their age. Often they already have a list of products that they have been using for several years and want to buy again. -Women from 56 years old. Make up 15% of visitors, the basket contains more care products than decorative cosmetics. -Men of any age. They make up 10% of visitors and are most interested in perfumes, as well as gifts for women.

Strengths of the project: Weaknesses of the project: Large assortment of goods; Quality goods; Designed for a large target audience; There are organic (natural) cosmetics; Expensive premises for rent; There are large federal chains on the market, which due to the volume have large discounts; A large number of counterfeit products on the market; Project Opportunities: Project Dangers: Development of a chain of stores; Organization of the online store; Expansion of the range of products; High competition in the market; Increase in prices for the purchase of goods by suppliers; Termination of the contract with the supplier.

Organizational structure of the enterprise:

The makeup clothing store is staffed with a director, two administrators, four salespeople, two cashiers, and a cleaning lady. The accountant works remotely and is responsible for filing reports, inventory and cash discipline. The director can be a business owner who is responsible for managing personnel, in particular administrators, searches for suppliers and signs contracts for the supply of goods. This employee is most interested in increasing sales and business profitability. Administrators work in shifts with a schedule of two to two, their responsibilities include managing the store during the absence of the director, receiving and returning goods, being responsible for removing cash receipts, maintaining order in the hall and resolving urgent issues. Administrators are the direct supervisors of sales assistants, cashiers and cleaners. The sales assistant of a cosmetics store must have knowledge of cosmetics, be well versed in brands and know where which product is located. This employee must tell the visitor what is best for him, choose the color, structure, smell of the chosen product. The duties of the cashier include the implementation of monetary transactions with customers, accounting and control of funds, as well as maintaining cash records for transferring them to the accountant. Two sales assistants and one cashier work in one shift, the working hours of employees are determined by the operating hours of the store (usually from 10:00 to 22:00). The director, administrators and sales consultants have a bonus in addition to their salary.

Perfume and cosmetic stores have become one of the lucrative types of business. In fact, this is not surprising, because we all love to be beautiful, and in recent years this love has only grown. Here we will look at an article on how to open a cosmetics store, a business plan that can be downloaded for free, what you need to open one.

You can increase your chances of success by betting on organizing an entire chain of stores. This will provide you with more opportunities due to high turnover. The formed network of cosmetics stores is more durable and adapted to the market conditions of market survival.

Business plan

Here is a ready-made example of a business plan for a cosmetics store with tables in which you will need to substitute your data. If you need to download an option with full calculations (but not your numbers), then you can buy it on the RBC website. If you need an individual version of a cosmetics store, then you should contact the developer of this example - on the website of the GLOBAL REACH CONSULTING company.

Before you go directly to downloading a business plan, note for yourself that today there are 2 options for starting this type of business - to open a cosmetics pavilion (so-called boutique) in a large shopping center, or create a separate shop.

The first option will cost you much less, because in this case there will be no costs for construction or renovation of the premises. But in this case, you usually need to be prepared for a large number of competing cosmetics stores in your neighborhood. The second option can be too expensive, because you have to buy and renovate the premises, but, at the same time, it can have a number of advantages: convenient location, lack of competitors, individual working hours of the store, etc.

How to open a cosmetics and perfumery store

So, you've decided to start your own perfume business, but you don't know how to open a cosmetics store, what is needed to open it.

Customer Focus

It is more profitable to open cosmetics stores in large administrative cities, regional centers. More than 1 million inhabitants live in such cities, most of whom have average earnings and above. This means that there are many potential buyers of cosmetics in them. In addition, due to the well-developed infrastructure, the supply of goods to stores is not difficult. There are also exception cities, with a smaller population, but with a higher overall purchasing power.

Distributors of cosmetics and perfumery

The largest chains are organized according to the principle of their close relationship with distributors for cosmetics stores. They either become partners or are part of the company. They have exclusive sales rights for cosmetics and perfumes. For example, the right to authorize a point of sale, conduct advertising and marketing activities.

There is another way - to open a market tent. No problems with advertising material: packages, posters. You just need to buy any perfume or cosmetics you like and put it up for sale at any price. The tent belongs to the so-called gray market. The sales volumes there are quite large, but there are no government prohibitions.

Among the many directions in the health and beauty industry, selling cosmetics seems to be the most lucrative. The demand for this product is high, stable and depends little on the season. The habit of daily use of decorative and caring cosmetics has become a part of the life of most modern women. Consider the most successful business models, the specifics of choosing suppliers and financial calculations for a cosmetics store.

Choosing a Business Model

To draw up a business plan for a cosmetics store, you need to decide on a business model. This will determine the start-up costs, action plan, and marketing. What are the options? The first option is your own new store. For him, you will need to independently select the premises, name, assortment and suppliers. This is a difficult option, not very suitable for a beginner businessman.

Another option is a cosmetics franchise. There are so many offers to open a cosmetics and perfumery franchise store that the choice can become a real problem. The risk is that you can get into an unscrupulous franchisor who will take the money, but will not provide real help. Opening a franchise is likely to cost even more than setting up your own retail outlet through a flat fee and royalties. On the other hand, the franchisee gets the opportunity to work under a "promoted" brand, consult, use the corporate design.

The third option is the Internet. Selling cosmetics via the Internet allows you to save on renting premises and personnel, not spending money on advertising, using social networks instead. Many buyers like to buy online because the cost of goods decreases with this trading option (does not include staff and premises). Such a business can be launched with a minimum of funds if you use dropshipping.

Cosmetics Franchises

Buying a franchise allows entrepreneurs to adopt someone else's experience and use a well-known brand to attract buyers. Franchisors help to select premises (if it is supposed to open a real retail outlet), think over the design and decoration of shop windows, and train staff. A good franchise solves a whole range of problems, but finding one is not as easy as it might seem.

The franchisor's proposal should be judged not only on the basis of a lump-sum fee and royalties. It is worth clarifying what exactly will be the assistance in starting a business, whether the company plans to provide goods or suppliers, whether it will advertise the outlets of its network. Let's take a look at some of the popular options.

How to start a Korean cosmetics store from scratch? Cosmetics from Korea are now in a wave of popularity. Customers find it more efficient, more innovative, and at the same time inexpensive. The assortment is wide: body, face and hair care, rejuvenation, make-up. The franchise of Korean cosmetics promises a good income due to the interest of buyers in the direction. Popular Korean Cosmetics Franchises:

  • MySkin - no down payment and royalties, total investment up to 2 million rubles. 20 brands, sustainability, natural composition and professional consultants. It involves the opening of a retail outlet from 20 to 40 sq. , payback in 10 months.
  • DANACO - no down payment and royalty, investments from 1 million rubles. The franchisee receives an individual design project, full support at the launch and operation stage. They open in shopping centers in the format of an island (8 sq.) Or a full-fledged store (from 20 sq.).

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