Construction company business plan

The creation of business centers of various levels is a variant of entrepreneurial activity that is gaining more and more popularity. But how do you plan this business? How to draw up a business plan for a business center so as to interest potential investors and not burn out at the very beginning?

What is a business center

Before starting planning, you should decide on the very concept and classification of modern business centers.

A business center is an object / complex of real estate intended for the placement of office and retail-office premises, equipped with everything necessary for the smooth and productive work of various firms and companies. The list of mandatory equipment of a modern business center should include:

  • high-speed Internet access;
  • an effective fire safety system;
  • parking;
  • video surveillance.

As an addition, it is possible to equip cafes, lounges, meeting rooms and other types of services.

Today all business centers are subdivided into classes from "A" to "C":

  • Class "A" - the most prestigious centers located in the most convenient locations (transport accessibility) and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work (including climate control systems, independent power sources , high-speed elevators). Placed in new buildings, built specifically for office space (buildings are not older than 3 years).
  • Class "B" - the equipment of such centers does not differ much from "A", but they can be located in older buildings (10-20 years old) or even in restored historic mansions. In terms of price-quality ratio, this class is the “golden mean”. They are usually located near the metro or within walking distance from ground public transport stops.
  • Class "C" - converted buildings, originally not intended for office space. A number of such centers provide premises that the tenant has the right to equip according to his taste and according to his financial situation. Most often, such business centers do not have parking, and their facades do not look presentable enough, but the rent for offices in them is the lowest.

Preparatory phase

At the stage of planning a new business, many different nuances must be taken into account:

  • Firstly, the size of the business center itself must correspond to the city scale. It makes no sense to build a multi-storey skyscraper in a small or medium-sized town, since there is a high risk that most of the area will simply not be in demand. This will significantly reduce the revenue side of the budget.
  • Secondly, the new center will have to differ from what this market segment already offers to consumers. Here you can use additional services, upgrade those available from competitors, or offer more favorable conditions (for example, reduce the rent with a prepayment).
  • Third, the location. In order for a business center to generate a stable income, it should be located as close as possible to the financial and business center of the city. At the same time, issues of long-term lease or purchase of a land plot, as well as the appearance of the building, will need to be coordinated with the municipal authorities.

Also, before starting to draw up a business plan, you should find out the cost of the services of various providers, cleaning and security agencies (if you plan to use their services, and not hire your own staff).

Business plan for a business center with calculations

A ready-made business plan for a construction company, which will help you calculate not only the costs of opening it, but also the estimated profit and payback period.

Capital investments in a construction company: 14,600,000 rubles Payback period: 18-30 months Profitability level: 25-30%

At any time, construction will be a demanded service, the demand for which is growing every year.

But, as in any other business, there are some nuances here, so at the first stage it is important to draw up a competent business plan for a construction company.

And to draw up this important document, you can use the services of experienced economists and lawyers, but still it would be more correct to try to understand all the points yourself.

Of course, it is necessary to contact the specialists, since the business related to construction, in addition to its profitability, is also distinguished by high and rather tough competition, so the slightest mistake will cost you a lot of money.

Construction company business plan: project planning

Any business plan for a construction company starts with planning.

At this stage, you need to decide on the goals and types of work that you will provide, as well as how you will promote your business in order to find clients.


When drawing up a business plan, you must specify the following parameters: where, who and why opens a construction company.

Among the presented goals and objectives of your company may be:

  • provision of various construction services to individuals and legal entities;
  • direct profit from the activities of a construction company;
  • creation of an enterprise with high performance profitability;
  • providing the population with jobs.

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