Conclusion in the business plan examples

Business plan analysis is carried out in order to evaluate the effectiveness of investments based on the information provided in the document. The interested parties in this case are investors and partners (current or potential). If the project is drawn up by third parties, an assessment of the business plan is also necessary for the leaders of the enterprise.

Necessary components of business plan analysis

An analysis of the organization's business plan allows investors to determine whether the project meets the main indicator - the possibility of obtaining maximum return on investment with minimal risk. Then the economic efficiency of the proposed activity is assessed. Analyzes the capabilities of the firm, necessary to achieve the goals of the organization. For this, the company is assessed according to the following indicators:

  • results of work for 3 years;
  • state of production;
  • range and volume of products;
  • systems supply of raw materials and sale of finished products;
  • management system;
  • assessment of labor resources;
  • the economic situation of the enterprise.

Particular attention is paid to assessing the volume of attracted capital, production capacity, which will be required for the project.

Business plan analysis procedure

Analysis of the investment business plan is carried out in a specific order:

  • Initial data, quality of delivery are checked.
  • The organizational chart of the project implementation and financing scheme are assessed.
  • Marketing analysis, analysis of economic indicators are carried out.
  • In conclusion, the possibility of achieving the goals presented in the organization's business plan is assessed.

When checking the initial data, special attention is paid to items of expenditure, price level. An important part of project evaluation is marketing analysis. The following parameters are assessed: the conjuncture of the market segment, the participation of the state, the scheme for the promotion of finished products, the pricing scheme.

The analysis of the organizational chart means that the form of participation of investors in the implementation of the project is determined. In particular, they can be included in top management, own a block of shares or participate in a project by providing investments.

Features of the economic analysis of a business plan

Business planning allows you to analyze the entire range of future business operations. It is on the basis of planning the initial activity of an enterprise or its further development that a real opportunity appears to minimize internal and part of external risks, to maintain flexibility in production management. A business plan helps to calculate all aspects of future activities, directly, long before the start of the activity itself. It allows you to detect problems before they occur. It is impossible to attract investments without a business plan. A business plan is a standard document for getting to know an enterprise in a civilized market. A business plan is a control and management tool. The business plan has a certain structure, which necessarily includes the following questions:

  • - general section (resume);
  • - description of the company and the proposed project, description of the industry, description of products (works, services), market analysis, description production, management and organization of production, financial plan, forecast of financial ratios and performance indicators, project risk analysis.

These sections are not standard, but in any case, the business plan should clearly indicate:

  • - what the company does, what is its business;
  • - what are the goals of the enterprise;
  • - what are the strategy and tactics, with by which the company is going to achieve its goals;
  • - how many financial and other resources the company will need, during what period and how these resources will be used;
  • - when and how the funds will be returned to investors ... In the process of business planning, it is necessary to consider perspectives.

The main goal of an enterprise in business planning is to choose a strategic alternative that will allow it to carry out its business within the framework of a long-term program and lead to its prosperity. Then the general goals are detailed. Before embarking on business planning, it is necessary to determine those factors that can affect the activities of the enterprise. These factors can be both internal (controlled by the enterprise) and external (do not depend on the will of the enterprise). Internal factors need to be controlled, and to adjust to external factors. Internal factors that have an impact on the success of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise include such factors as the competence of the organization's employees, the literacy of the management staff, the level of production organization, the resources used and their level, and many others. Among the external factors are:

  • - economic factors;
  • - political factors;
  • - market factors;
  • - technological factors;
  • - factors of competition;
  • - international factors;
  • - factors of social behavior.

In order to establish what factors may ultimately affect the activities of the enterprise, it is necessary to conduct a study of the internal and external environment. The research results are further taken into account in business planning.

The course work developed a business plan for an enterprise operating in the service sector. The business plan is drawn up taking into account all the requirements for its form and content. The purpose of the presented business plan is to theoretically study writing a business plan and its application in practice.

This Business Plan provides for the creation of the Pugovka atelier, capable of effectively working in a field of activity that is open to everyone, including competitors. The payback period of the project is 3 months, the profitability of the studio's production activity in 3 months will be - 29.02%, on the basis of this it can be concluded that this project can be attractive for investment and can be implemented with high efficiency. competitive entrepreneurial marketing

The relevance of individual sewing is explained by the fact that many people are sensitive to the quality of each seam on their clothes. The desire to stand out also plays a role, plus most people have non-standard figures. Moreover, in the case of tailoring for oneself, a person also does not run the risk of being with someone in the same clothes.

This is especially true for women. Also, many consumers have a need to fit a finished thing to a figure or make minor repairs to clothes. Minor repairs and restoration of clothes now, in a crisis, is becoming more and more important.

The business is quite interesting and very promising. Over time, at the atelier, you can open courses on cutting and sewing or develop into a network.

The use of business planning for companies in the highly competitive market for the production of perforated fasteners is not only necessary, but also a strategic issue for the survival and growth of the enterprise. Competent use of methods of business analysis and forecasting gives leaders and managers of companies confidence in the future, and, as a result, leads to an increase in organization and civilization in the market as a whole.

The developed business plan for the development of the enterprise is aimed at:

1. understanding the general state of affairs at the moment;

2. representation of the level that you are going to achieve;

3. planning the process of transition from one state to another.

A business plan addresses these issues. It includes the development of goals and objectives that are set for the enterprise in the near and long term, assessment of the current state of the company's economy, by analyzing the main indicators of its work and comparing them with indicators according to the business plan, as well as identifying the strengths and weaknesses of production, market analysis and customer information. It provides an assessment of the resources required to achieve the set goals in a competitive environment.

A business plan provides an opportunity to think over your actions, helps to prevent and adequately meet many inevitable problems in business development. It is a tool with which it is possible to control and manage production. The business plan allows you to manage according to a preliminary plan, and not just react to events.

To achieve the goal, the following tasks were identified and solved in the work:

1. describes the theoretical foundations of business planning, namely: goals, functions and purpose of a business plan, stages of development and structure of a business plan;

2. The methodology for researching a business plan is presented;

3. A business plan of a small enterprise for the production of perforated fasteners LLC "Astroy" was considered;

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When developing a business plan, it is important to follow only two useful tips.

First, do not try to find a ready-made example of a business plan on the Internet, do not use ready-made templates, it is better to write it deliberately and independently.

Second, the business plan must be truthful, you shouldn't embellish the reality.

There are still a lot of details and subtleties, let's try to analyze them in detail in this article.

What is a business plan?

A business plan helps to plan the sequence of business steps necessary to achieve the goals set for the enterprise.

Business plan must:

  • Prove that the offered service or product will definitely find its buyer, and should also highlight the development prospects and establish the potential market capacity;
  • Determine the prospects for development and profit ;
  • Reflect the effectiveness of the company according to the plan;
  • Act as a tool for attracting investors and capital investments;
  • Be a universal means of implementing the strategic goals of the enterprise.

Business plan analysis is needed to assess the expected return on investment based on the data presented in the document.

By definition, most of all a potential investor is interested in a qualitative analysis, for whom it is vitally important to correctly assess the performance indicators of a project or enterprise in which he intends to invest his funds.

It should also be mentioned that knowledge of how the investor analyzes the quality of a business plan is necessary for the owner or head of the enterprise in order to draw up this document, focusing on the investor's requests.

Analysis structure

Speaking about the interest of a potential investor, one must understand that this interest is primarily aimed at studying the proposed investment objects in order to select from them that meet certain criteria.

The main possible criterion is the ability to maximize return on investment with minimal risks. After selecting enterprises or projects that meet this criterion, an assessment of each of them follows from the point of view of their effectiveness in achieving the goals stated in the business plan.

  • Analysis of the investment situation, which includes the study of possible investment objects in order to select the most suitable one.
  • Analyze the selected object.
  • Analysis of the business plan provided by the management of the selected object.

Investment situation analysis

Assessment of the investment situation has a three-stage nature, since it is carried out at three levels:

  • At the macroeconomic level.
  • At the industry or relevant market segment level.
  • At the enterprise or project level.

In each case, information is collected, the quality of the information received is analyzed and processed. After that, conclusions are drawn about the feasibility of further research.

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