Coffee shop business plan; A ready-made example with calculations

In the developed business plan, all the fundamental issues of a financial, organizational and advertising nature are introduced. It is important that the following points are clearly marked in it:

  • market research;
  • business format, idea and concept of the project;
  • volume of one-time and fixed costs;
  • phased opening schedule;
  • personnel plan;
  • calculation of the company's profitability;
  • full payback period of the project;
  • marketing plan.

Market Research

To choose a place for a cozy restaurant, you need to research the market and understand the following:

  • how many similar restaurants are there in the city;
  • how far are they from your chosen place;
  • what is the principle of their organization, what is their zest.

When people come in for a cup of coffee, they tend to take a break from their hectic schedule, stop and relax a little, rest. Everything should be conducive to this: enchanting aroma, friendly waiters, comfortable furniture, positive atmosphere. But this does not mean that a suitable place for location is a quiet sleeping area of ​​a metropolis, in which nothing will disturb. Not. Choose an active, noisy location at intersections, on campus, shopping malls and markets - in the thick of things. Although the rent in such places is higher, the flow of visitors there will also be higher, and, accordingly, the profit will be higher.

Restaurant business format

When choosing the direction of your future entrepreneurship, it is worth considering that of all catering establishments, a coffee shop is considered the laxest format of restaurant business. Among the most common types of organization in Russia, there are French and American, which are so contrasting to each other that they have a different circle of admirers and a high level of competition:

  • The French type is the spirit of aristocracy, slowness and service at the highest level. As a rule, the room is equipped in a classical style: the colors of the interior are calm and harmonious, on the tables there are exceptionally white, starched tablecloths with elegant napkins, coffee is served in porcelain cups. The menu contains a large number of desserts, snacks and even hot dishes. In addition to different types of coffee, alcoholic beverages are also offered. Smoking is not prohibited.
  • American style is a minimalistic style of design and service. So, in the card you will not find hot dishes, pure alcohol and in cocktails. Service comes exclusively from the bar. It should be noted that smoking is prohibited here either.

In addition, there are other formats: a mobile coffee shop (also called a coffee shop on wheels), as well as small outlets offering coffee to go.

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The main thing about the business plan of the coffee house in the year

Organization of a coffee shop: looking for a cozy corner

The convenient location of the coffee shop is one of the key success factors. And, first of all, the payback of the coffee shop depends on the right choice. A mistake can cost an entrepreneur the entire business, and first of all, the financial resources invested in it. The ideal option is a premise located on the ground floor of a residential or non-residential building, city center, close to large business centers, respectable offices, universities. An additional and very significant advantage will be the availability of convenient parking.

According to statistics, the main visitors to coffee houses are young people from 20 to 45 years old, whose income is at least $ 500 per month. Therefore, for example, it makes no sense to open such an establishment in a residential area. A survey of citizens before the opening of a coffee shop will make it possible to clarify this issue, to understand whether such services will be in demand. In addition, it is important to assess the purchasing power of the inhabitants of this area, to analyze the level of competition. When planning to open your own business - a cozy coffee shop, it is important not to overestimate your own capabilities, since investments in this type of business will require quite large investments.

The meeting place cannot be changed

The first coffee shop appeared in Russia many years ago. Since then, the number of fans of this drink has been constantly growing, and such establishments are invariably successful. What, first of all, does an entrepreneur think about when he plans to open a coffee shop? Where to start, at what cost the coffee shop will come out, how you can save money - these are the main questions that worry a novice businessman. Wanting to spend less money, many businessmen prefer to rent premises for a coffee shop, but in some cases this is a wrong decision. Acquisition of space in ownership gives the entrepreneur confidence that the already promoted business will not go to dust just because you will be refused a lease.

But when planning to purchase a property, think many times before making a final decision. You have no margin for error, and if you miscalculated in your calculations, business development will be under serious threat. Thinking about how much it costs to open a small coffee shop, an entrepreneur does not always take into account the high level of competition, which is explained by the relatively low threshold for entering this business. Businessmen who have planned to open a franchised coffee shop are in a better position in this situation.

There are many factors that can influence the success in this type of business. This is both the successful design of the coffee shop and the original concept of this establishment. For those who do not have sufficient experience, a competent example of a business plan for opening a coffee shop from scratch with ready-made calculations will become a reliable support in creating their own business. This document will be a kind of introduction to the opening of a coffee shop. What should be the correct organization of work in a coffee shop, how to make coffee to go, which is better, a mini or mobile coffee shop, what nuances you should pay attention to - you will not have any barriers to entering this business, since you will always have the necessary information.

A ready-made business plan for a coffee shop from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

The popularity of coffee shop business plans today is understandable. These small, cozy establishments help people relax after a hard day, they are so pleasant and convenient to celebrate a celebration, sit with your family or just take coffee to take away. A good coffee shop is not only a few types of coffee drink, but also an assortment of sweet desserts and pastries, which in general create an excellent menu for exciting gatherings. Double coffee and cappuccino, coffee latte and espresso - there are a huge number of recipes and preparation methods, keep this in mind.

A coffee shop is an institution without which it is very difficult to imagine a modern city. Recently, such a business has been quite popular, as it brings good income and is quite simple to organize. To open it, you need, first of all, a good business plan for a coffee shop. Let's take a closer look at what a coffee shop is, what they are and what is needed to successfully open such a startup and enter the market for this type of service.

A competent business plan will help you calculate all costs, expenses, make accounting of funds and their correct distribution. Your activity will be under constant control from the very beginning. You will take into account the price of goods, you will be able to calculate the main income and expenses for work and equipment. Examples of ready-made calculations and ideas that we offer you for your reference will help you navigate and make it possible to quickly and easily remake them to fit your original idea.

The most profitable coffee shop formats

An establishment in the form of a coffee house is a very popular type of catering. This format is convenient for visitors in large and small cities, because it provides an opportunity to spend an evening with a group of friends, discuss something with colleagues during work breaks, and run in for coffee for a visitor. There are 4 types of coffee houses, we will briefly describe each one:

French - this format of a catering establishment is distinguished by a large assortment of not only coffee drinks, but also confectionery products, most often they are prepared right there.

American - here you will not find waiters, this format assumes self-service, it does not require a large room and a special interior. The maximum that can be in this coffee shop is high chairs and tables. People come here only to have coffee or take a drink with them. The business plan of such a coffee shop is not very complicated and you can easily draw it up.

Express coffee shop - the name already has the essence. The main idea is to quickly buy coffee and run on business. Very convenient for offices, shopping centers, etc. Such establishments are distinguished by small volumes, but a significant flow of visitors.

Mobile - the concept of a coffee shop is that coffee or tea can be bought right on the street from a special machine. For the owner, the cost of such a business is minimal.

Each format of the establishment has its own characteristics, its own cost, which is more convenient, it's up to you to decide.

Should I use a franchise

The coffee business in our country is quite profitable and, which is typical, a rather popular way of earning money. Coffee is becoming one of the most common drinks among our citizens. It's easy enough to explain: the tense rhythm of life, hard work, and the great taste of this drink.

The article presents a ready-made business plan for a coffee shop. We also advise you to consider a business plan for a coffee shop on wheels, as well as an anti-cafe business plan.

Besides, coffee is not limited to one or two types. There are many ways to prepare it, among which everyone will find something for themselves. That is why the so-called "snails" and other street coffee houses are in such crazy demand.

There is a very common misconception that coffee is drunk most often in winter to keep warm. I would like to develop this myth, since the whole truth of the coffee business is that for true connoisseurs of coffee, the heat will not become an obstacle on the way to their favorite drink, secondly, it has long been known that hot drinks quench thirst better than cold ones and, thirdly, there is a range of drinks a la "cold coffee". Therefore, the coffee business cannot be called seasonal.

The coffee business in Russia and the CIS countries ranks second among other types of earnings. The reasons are quite understandable - it does not require huge investments to open this business, and the profit is rather big. A year after opening one more or less successful coffee shop, the owner will be able to open another business based on a coffee shop, or even several.

Stages of starting a coffee business

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with real-life experiences from those who have already opened a coffee business:

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  • To open a coffee business from scratch in Russia, you first need to decide on the location of the outlet. If you want a small street eatery, you should think about places not so far from stops and parks. This is how people passing by will notice your creation. If the calculation is for something more, then you need a compact, but moderately spacious room, which could accommodate up to 40 people at a time. As an option, you can consider large shopping malls or just shopping centers, but it will be quite difficult to find an empty place for a coffee shop there.
  • When you have chosen your seat, it’s time to register. In order to open a coffee shop or anything else, you just need to become a private entrepreneur. According to all laws, you will have to wait about a month, but if you want to immediately start making a profit from a business idea, you will have to pay a lot of money to speed up the process.
  • Regarding the purchase of the necessary equipment and furniture for the coffee business. You will definitely need a barista-waiter counter and a certain amount of seating, that is, tables and chairs. If the coffee shop is street and is designed for a busy flow of people, then such amenities can be neglected. But if it is located in some kind of room, then seating is simply necessary. You also need a coffee machine, which, again, depending on the planned sales volume, may require more than one. It would be nice to have a small refrigerator for storing ice.
  • Besides furniture and appliances, other amenities are needed. A large coffee shop will definitely need a bathroom, and if not, then running water is still required. It is necessary to take care of the hardness of the water, which can adversely affect the operation of the equipment, moreover, it can disable it. Coffee requires lighting and electricity in general. Don't forget to pay attention to this too.
  • Don't forget that you need to drink coffee from something. If your establishment is a kind of cafe, then you can buy ceramic dishes, but this is convenient only with constant access to the water supply. Beware of sanitary and epidemiological stations otherwise. But the street cafeteria may have cardboard cups that must be ordered in advance. Cardboard cups are useful in that you can make a print on them with the name of your institution, thereby making yourself a good advertisement.

Project Summary

Premises for a coffee shop: location, area

Where to start?

First of all, you need to draw up a business plan for the coffee shop. Count all items of expenditure, select the source of obtaining funds for opening (investors, bank loans, own investments), study competitors. An oversaturated market of competitors is fraught with the great danger of failure in building a business, and also entails large spending on advertising that will set you apart from your peers.

The next step for opening a coffee shop is registering with the tax office. You can choose any form - individual entrepreneur or LLC. The activity code for the coffee shop is 55.0, which implies the activity of cafes and restaurants. To reduce the cost of an accountant's work, it is better to choose a simplified taxation system (15% income minus expenses).

Room selection

Location is very important for a coffee shop. Visitors should not search for an establishment in the courtyards with a navigator, and park their car three kilometers from the coffee shop. Therefore, the place must be passable, best of all in the central part of the city or near universities, offices, shopping centers. It is desirable that there are parking spaces nearby, 5-7 spaces will be enough.

It must be remembered that there are a number of rules and requirements for public catering premises from the fire service and SES. Therefore, before settling on one of the visits, invite experts to assess the suitability. Most often we are talking about ventilation, the presence of an emergency exit and the noise level.

Tip: Try to avoid premises on the first floors of residential high-rises. Most often, residents are not happy with the neighborhood with entertainment venues and periodically scribble complaints to the district police officer.

To provide a coffee shop with 50-60 seats, a room with an area of ​​120-150 square meters will be required. The main hall needs 100-120 meters, 30 squares are enough for the kitchen and toilets.

Facility interior

People come to the coffee shop not only for a hot drink and dessert, but also for the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the coffee house should contribute to the relaxation of visitors: quiet calm music, dim lights, color of walls and furniture in neutral tones.

In order to add personality to the project, hire professional designers who will be able to choose the perfect style of interior decoration. Without much zest, it will be difficult for a beginner to compete with experienced competitors.

Coffee shop menu

The coffee shop menu should contain all kinds of invigorating drinks loved by potential customers: cappuccino, mocha, americano, latte, espresso, etc. In addition to the drink, any coffee shop offers a wide selection of desserts: cakes, donuts, buns. Also, it will not be superfluous to offer various syrups for coffee and alcoholic additives (everyone knows coffee with cognac).

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