Climbing gym business plan

Good day! Today I am writing another business plan at the request of the subscribers of my group in contact.

The topic of the article is a business plan for opening a climbing wall, or how to open a climbing wall.

For those who do not know what a climbing wall is, this is an artificial structure that imitates the relief of a rock.

Climbing gyms train both professionals and those who just want to try to learn how to properly navigate the rocks.

We will not consider professional climbing walls, but we will limit ourselves to opening a climbing wall for beginners, it is this business in our case that will be the most profitable.

After all, we are opening our small business at the opening of a climbing wall just to make a profit.

How to open the climbing wall step by step

The first step to start your own climbing business is to officially register your form of ownership to open a climbing wall (just like for any other business).

Registration of the climbing wall

In order to open your own climbing wall, you need to decide on the form of ownership, for beginners, I recommend 2 forms of ownership:

I suggest registering an LLC to open a climbing wall. Provided that the LLC will have the only founder and he will also be the director.

Why did I choose an LLC with a single founder? Everything is very simple, according to the labor code, a person cannot conclude an employment contract with himself.

It follows from this that if there is no employment contract, then there is no salary, if there is no salary, then there is no personal income tax, as well as insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Federal Medical Insurance Fund and the FSS.

Climbing wall is a structure imitating a rock relief. It was invented by the French engineer François Savini. The basis of the climbing wall is a metal frame, which is sheathed with moisture-resistant plywood or combined materials consisting of plywood and fiberglass. Vertical climbing routes are formed using hooks that resemble stones of various shapes. The height of such a structure is from 3 to 10 meters. In shape, there are: flat, broken, passing one into another, overhanging and others.

Why do clients visit the climbing wall?

Rock climbing is an active sport. Here are some of the benefits of practicing in such a gym:

  • all muscle groups in your body are strengthened;
  • overall coordination develops;
  • the level of flexibility of the body increases.

In addition to physical activity, overcoming difficulties in the form of conquering the top, develops in a person self-confidence, perseverance and fortitude.

What format to work in?

You can open a business at a climbing wall in two formats: sports and entertainment. Let's take a closer look at them.

1. Sports format for the start. If your target audience is athletes who are preparing for hikes, competitions, or simply keeping fit, then you need to approach the construction of the climbing wall very professionally and provide various types of obstacles (landforms) to enable the athlete to work in different conditions. In this format, more start-up capital will be needed, and the payback period of investments will be from 2 to 3 years. But there are pluses in this approach - these are regular customers who regularly visit your gym and pay for classes. Also, this format reduces the effect of the seasonality of business operations.

2. Entertainment market segment. It is aimed at people who want to try their hand at this sport. Climbing classes are also often used as a fitness workout to burn calories and develop body muscles. A huge share of recreational climbing is occupied by children's climbing walls. Parents are happy to take their children to such activities, because in addition to the benefits for the body, the child is very interested in climbing various peaks and trying something new. From the point of view of making money on the climbing wall, the entertainment segment is more profitable, since the payback period for such "mass" structures is from 1 to 1.5 years. In addition, you can look for a smaller room and make the complexity of the structures themselves easier, which significantly reduces the start-up investment in the business.

In this article we will talk about the opening of an entertainment climbing wall. By the way, you can work not only in big cities, but also develop this sport in small towns, especially if there is no competition there yet. You can start with a simple solution, and then, if it goes, already invest and develop your business.

Do not forget that there is a seasonality factor in this business. So, in the summer, the demand for rock climbing services falls, as people go to rest, but in the fall the demand for honey agaric grows, this factor must be taken into account when calculating the return on investment.

The essence of business is to meet the needs of people. and a climbing wall is a very good option through which you can help people relax after a hard day's work and earn good money. Therefore, you should consider in more detail the business plan of the climbing wall, namely the nuances that must be taken into account.

Why open a climbing wall

The generation of today's youth and those in their thirties are paying more and more attention to sports and exercise. In this regard, rock climbing, as a very exotic and exciting sport and active recreation, is becoming more popular every year.

There are quite a few citizens who work hard, but at the same time have a desire to take care of their physical shape. They often go out of town to conquer the peaks, they do not have time, and in this situation, the climbing wall is a lifeline, for which people are willing to pay.

Therefore, you shouldn't think that there will be problems with clients, the climbing wall is the business that can bring good and stable income.

What you need to know about climbing walls

Before you draw up a business plan for a climbing wall and invest your funds in this type of activity, you should understand what such complexes are and what differences they have.

The essence of the climbing wall is that a vertical wall is installed in a room with a sufficient height (at least 7 m), imitating the relief of the rock. Moreover, the height of such a wall and the complexity of the route along which everyone who wants to stretch their muscles will climb can be different.

The most suitable place to open a climbing wall is a shopping and entertainment complex. After all, there is always a large flow of people, which cannot but affect the level of income. In addition, such complexes always have a high ceiling, which greatly facilitates the installation of walls of any height.

In addition to shopping malls, climbing walls can be placed in various educational institutions, gyms and climbing centers specializing in this area. There is also a fast-mounted climbing wall that can be taken out to various events.

If we talk about the degree of difficulty of climbing walls, then the most expensive is a full-fledged sports wall, since there are slopes of all types of difficulty on it. The most accessible version would be an entertaining, simplified version. All this must be taken into account when drawing up a climbing gym business plan.

This is a very profitable niche right now, but at the same time, difficult. If you previously did not have experience in the construction business, then it will be almost impossible to open a successful climbing wall on your own (that is, without the involvement of third-party companies). But do not be alarmed ahead of time. All difficulties can be solved if you find the right approach to them.

Rock climbing is an independent sport that is especially relevant right now. Either this is somehow connected with the fact that more and more climbing walls began to appear, and many people want to experience all the delights of this extreme, or for some other reason. We did not conduct the research, but from our own experience we can say that lately we have heard from friends a lot of positive feedback and fascinating stories about how “great they have an active rest”. Undoubtedly, there is demand, and it is quite high, which means it's time to start a business on this.

How to open a climbing wall

What is he like? A climbing wall is an artificial structure, the surfaces of which are modeled like rock reliefs. Such structures consist of vertical paths (tracks), on which there are special hooks - with their help climbers climb up. The height of the structure can be from several meters to almost a hundred. Its walls can be very diverse - flat, broken, turning into one another, overhanging, connecting and so on. The effect of overhanging stones looks very good.

Climbing walls are actively used by both professional climbers to train their skills, and by amateurs - just for fun and new sports emotions. Of course, designs for pros and amateurs can vary significantly in terms of complexity and danger. Structural walls are often made of beech plywood.

You do not need permits to open a license, climbing walls are classified as attractions.

How to build?

Such constructions differ in the complexity of the track - the so-called sports and entertainment. The first ones are more difficult to build, more expensive, and their payback will be much longer. The sports-type climbing wall will pay off in no less than three years. While entertaining "mass" models pay off in a maximum of a year.

The first will be visited by professional climbers or people who once did this for a long time and now want to remember their “youth”. In sports structures, there are often children's walls, which are used by young athletes who dream of becoming professional climbers.

Entertainment “mass” climbing walls are equipment for everyone. They are built primarily for the entertainment of people, and not for their acquisition of professional climbing skills. Therefore, the main thing is to make such a structure interesting and safe. This will require:

Where to locate?

There are a lot of options for placing the climbing wall - large shopping centers, entertainment complexes, fitness centers, sports facilities. You can also build the structure in a separate room. Do not be afraid to place equipment in non-sporting establishments (shopping or entertainment centers). There is always a sea of ​​people, and passing by your climbing wall, many of them will want to try their hand at rock climbing or just have fun. Of course, now we are talking only about constructions of an entertainment type. Equipment for professionals should be placed in a separate room or on the territory of sports clubs.

What inventory is needed

  • 1 What equipment to choose for a climbing wall?
  • 2 How much money do you need to open a climbing wall?
  • 3 A step-by-step plan for opening a climbing wall
  • 4 How much can you earn at the climbing wall?
  • 5 How much can you earn
  • 6 Which OKVED must be specified to open the climbing wall
  • 7 What documents are needed to open
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose for the climbing wall
  • 9 Do I need permission to open
  • 10 Business technology
  • 11 Newbie in the business of opening climbing wall

One of the extreme types of recreation is mountaineering.

Today there are many opportunities to start doing it with minimal risk and maximum benefit.

What equipment to choose for the climbing wall?

It is an artificial structure that imitates the relief of rocks.

This design provides several paths with boards, along which the climber climbs to the top.

Modern climbing walls can differ in the level of difficulty of the route and in the location.

There are sports climbing walls for professionals.

For those who want to release adrenaline with the least risk to health, training climbing walls have been created, located in entertainment and shopping centers.

In addition, there are mobile structures that are used for outdoor events.

How much money do you need to open a climbing wall?

To create your own business in a similar direction, you need a start-up capital of 1.5 million rubles, with these funds you can order a "turnkey" climbing wall.

This option is preferable, since it implies the development of a design project for the future structure, the preparation of accompanying documentation and the direct installation of the climbing wall (installation of a metal frame and track).

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