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Opening a security company from scratch

A security agency, as a business, is usually of interest to entrepreneurs who plan to create their own business with little initial cost. For this, in fact, not so much is required at the start - only 3-4 thousand dollars. Part of this amount will be spent on registering a private security company as a legal entity, the rest of the money will be spent on renting a modest office, sewing uniforms for employees and purchasing the necessary office equipment, as well as developing samples of certificates for a security agency.

Costs will increase significantly if you plan to deal not only with the protection of stationary objects, but also provide cargo escort services, or specialize in console security. It should be borne in mind that expanding the range of services will allow you to significantly reduce the payback period of a private security company, which should be taken into account in the process of organizing a business.

There is also the option of buying a ready-made business - an already more or less promoted security company. Its cost depends on the size of the firm, regional affiliation, and many other factors. Span from 150 thousand rubles. for a "pocket" private security company in the province up to a million dollars for a large profitable enterprise located in the capital.

As practice shows, it is not difficult to create a security agency as a business. The peculiarities of the authorized capital of a private security company are such that 10,000 rubles are enough for this. It is much more difficult to grow your firm, as finding clients can turn into a daunting task. In a more advantageous situation there are those entrepreneurs who worked in law enforcement agencies before leaving for business, and who, accordingly, have their own client base. In this case, it is much easier for them to open their own business from scratch - a successfully operating security company.

The profitability of the security business depends on what services the company provides. If this is a small company that deals only with the protection of stationary objects, then the profitability will not exceed 15-20%. By expanding the range of services provided, you can achieve a higher figure - up to 100%. But the costs will also be required. For example, in order to provide security console, a businessman will need to invest at least a million dollars. Usually, a security company switches to these services already at the stage of active business development.

For those who are taking their first steps in the security business with a small initial capital, it would be more expedient to start small, for example, open their own stationary PSC post. The package of documents for opening a private security company will not be too large, the main thing is to obtain a license. At the same time, one should take into account such a factor as the responsibility of the founders of the private security company for poor security. How it manifests itself is described in detail in the professional business plan of the security company. After studying this document, you will receive answers to many questions that interest you.

Features of the organization of a security company

Despite the low threshold for entering the security business, the creation of a private security company is by no means an easy thing. The main problem is the tight control of this sphere by the state. The package of documents for opening a private security company is not large, but to carry out this activity it is necessary to obtain an appropriate license. They are issued by a special department of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, and the divisions of the district police department, in turn, exercise operational control over the work of security companies.

In order to open such a business as a security agency in Russia, the following package of documents is required: a sample application for the creation of a private security company, constituent documents indicating data on all founders, an explanatory note in which all types should be described services that are supposed to be provided in the private security company, as well as indicate the approximate number of states, the need to use weapons or other special means. The minimum authorized capital for a security company is 10,000 rubles.

Certain requirements are imposed on the head of the private security company. Behind him must have a higher education, and in the asset - a certificate of a private security guard. Such certificates are issued to those employees who have experience in law enforcement agencies, or have completed special courses. The validity of such a document is 5 years. In addition to the manager, at least three more employees of the company must have such certificates.

Brief Investment Memorandum

For a newly opened business, the payback period will be 15 months, and the break-even point is 4 months.

First, you will need to rent a room of 40 m2 to accommodate administrative staff.

The total number of staff will be 31 people, of which 20 people will be guards.

When employed, each security guard must obtain a certificate of a private security guard.

Security agency services: physical security of a person or object, property, remote control, as well as cargo escorting services.

On average, the company will guard 7 people physically, so 8 people will be at customer sites, another 30 customers will use remote security.

On average, 15 clients will order cargo escort every month. The cost varies from 10,000 rubles to 70,000 rubles. With such indicators, the financial results of the project will be as follows:

Description of business, product or service

For reasons of personal and information security, many companies are introducing access control systems in office centers, where the physical presence of a security guard is not required. Security agencies operate as rapid response teams with a license to use weapons.

To open a business, you will need a room with an area of ​​40 m2, which will house a dispatching office, a recreation room and offices of administrative personnel.

It's better to open a business in a city with a population of 500,000 or more - this will facilitate the search for clients.

Basic services of a security company:

Downloadable security business plan

Download free business plans from a special catalog: "BEST FREE RUNET BUSINESS PLANS"!

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Sergey Vladimirovich Mikulin, the owner of the Mech security agency, who lives in the city of Bryansk, decided to share with us the story of creating his business. The staff of his company includes about 70 professional fighters, 5 specialists in photo-video surveillance, and several people who monitor the release of all new weapons and equipment, which allows Sword to be on the crest of the innovative wave and update the reserves of its equipment and weapons in time. The pricing policy of the "sword" is not designed for tough millionaires who need protection, but for ordinary people who, for some reason, were forced to contact a security agency.

Opening a security agency

One evening I was walking after training and saw three thugs beating a young boy. I stood up for him, they fell behind, but promised to find me.

They kept their promise, and since then some hell has begun in my life. They set fire to a rug near the door, up to 5 people could easily wait for me in a dark passage, they broke my window with a brick, and I lived, by the way, on the 4th floor.

I applied to the police, then still a valiant police, but they told me not to bother them about such "nonsense". I understood that we could not go on like this, because in addition to me, my girlfriend, who lived with me, was also threatened.

I decided to contact a security agency. However, if I was so unlucky, there were no really normal security guards in my city, but after ripping off my 4-month salary from me, they managed to stupidly do nothing. Turning to another agency, I faced exactly the same disgrace.

I eventually figured out the scumbags, but this story firmly stuck in my memory. When people have problems, they do not want to help them even for money.

This thought gnawed at me so much that a year later I seriously decided to open my own security agency, in which people will really help, and take not five-figure sums for it.

Many people want to open their own business, but only decisive and strong-willed people who want to achieve success decide to take such a step. We're going to talk about a special kind of business. Security business - what is it and what advantages does it have? Is the profitability of such an enterprise high? How difficult is it to open it? There are many questions. And it's best to consider each of them separately.

Who chooses the security business

Not everyone dares to open a private security company. But there are more and more people who want to do this. Why? The answer is pretty simple. First, the competition in this segment is minimal. Secondly, financial investments for opening an agency are relatively small.

If literally ten or fifteen years ago criminals were involved in security, now the situation has changed dramatically. Special services are engaged in security, including the private security company. Legalized businesses employ professional security guards.

Even in times of crisis, experts are confident that the security business will not suffer. Enterprises in crisis conditions reduce their staff, refuse advertising, but do not limit costs for security.

Most often, former military or police officers are involved in organizing a security company. But this is not the norm. A civilian can also start a security company. And there are all the prospects for this. In addition to state-owned enterprises that control the activities of private security companies, many non-state associations have opened, specially created to provide legal support to such enterprises and provide advice.

The profitability of the security company

Any firm, organization or large corporation needs to protect its business and property. Therefore, the demand for the activities of security agencies is constantly growing and brings quite high profits. The growth in the company's profitability is directly proportional to the size of the protected objects. If the clients of the security agency have small objects, the profitability can be more than twenty percent. But if the activities of the enterprise are established, and its employees are highly qualified to accompany valuable goods, protect and guard people, the profitability rises to 100%.

It makes no sense to count on maximum profitability at the beginning of your business. To do this, you need to earn a good reputation. Therefore, the article focuses on issues such as opening a private security company and developing a successful business.

Official registration

For further activities of the security agency, registration is required, as established by law. To simplify the registration process, you can register yourself as an individual entrepreneur. But in this case, you cannot hire people. And working alone, you can't get a lot of income.

The real solution is to open an LLC. To do this, in addition to registration, you must obtain a license. Since you are an organization, it means that you need a staff, preferably with work experience.

The security business has its own specifics - all its activities are strictly controlled at the state level. A license for eligible activities is obtained from the GUVD. To do this, contact the department for licensing and permitting work.

Dear visitors, below is an example of a business plan of a private security company with economic calculations. The document was prepared by specialists with extensive experience in business planning. The payback indicators of this sample indicate its economic efficiency and low payback periods, which suggests that this business will be of interest to both private investors and lending banks.

Prepared project calculations in Excel, if necessary, can be used for your similar projects by entering your data into it. If you have any questions about the calculations, you can ask them below in the comments, by mail or in the Vkontakte group.


Purpose: opening a private security company in the city of Novosibirsk.

Objectives: opening a private security company, targeting both individuals with average and above-average incomes, as well as shopping centers and institutions.

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is an entrepreneur with an active business, starting a business in another area to stabilize the situation. The decision to open your own private security company is associated with a large amount of demand in this area. The ratio of the optimal price and quality of the services provided will ensure a constant influx of customers.

Investment costs

The amount of investment costs is 2,200,000 rubles, which will be invested gradually, as needed. The money will be taken from the bank at 18% per annum. To secure the loan, the initiator's real estate will be registered as collateral: an apartment and a country house with land.

Investment costs include:

  • Registration of a limited liability company - 15 thousand rubles;
  • Conclusion of a lease agreement and payment of a security deposit - 50 thousand rubles;
  • Finishing premises - 20 thousand rubles;
  • Registration of the entrance - 22 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of equipment and technology, delivery, assembly and installation - 1 245 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of protective equipment - 40 thousand rubles;
  • Creation of an advertising site - 21 thousand rubles.

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