Children's cafe business plan

The kindergarten business plan involves the provision of services such as the maintenance, upbringing and education of the child. The idea does not require significant start-up investments and can be implemented in almost any city in Russia.

Step-by-step opening instructions

Services provided

Services provided by a private institution:

  • child's daytime in the garden;
  • meals;
  • activities;
  • a walk in the fresh air.

Additionally may be offered:

  • developmental activities;
  • preparation for school;
  • accompanying the child to the section (if it is nearby);
  • overtime or overnight stay in the garden.


The relevance of organizing a private kindergarten (including at home) is due to:

  • the annual increase in the birth rate;
  • the young parents' passion for a career that requires the investment of time resources (against the background of the closure of some federal institutions);
  • moving to a new place of residence (it is necessary to become a state garden after the birth of the baby);
  • the exactingness of the parents in terms of nutrition and other conditions of the child's stay;
  • financial opportunity to provide the child with better nutritional conditions and relationships on the part of the staff;
  • the fashion for the use of modern educational methods in private institutions (Montessori classes);
  • the desire to place the child in a kindergarten with a small number of groups.

Market description and analysis

The kindergarten market in Russia can be characterized as follows:

  • Nursery groups for overexposing children up to 36 months have ceased to exist since 2021. This applies to all government agencies.
  • More than 2 million children are queuing up for state kindergartens.
  • Over the past 20 years, the number of public kindergartens has been cut by half. At the same time, the state policy in the form of assistance to families with children contributes to a rapid increase in the birth rate.
  • The demand for children's stay under the supervision of educators in kindergartens significantly exceeds the supply. 10% of children do not get a place until they start school.
  • In 2021, sanitary standards SANPIN were approved for the organization of the functioning of preschool institutions. This provoked the entry of private entrepreneurs into the market.
  • There are approximately 12,000 registered private gardens in Russia and 46,000 federal ones.
  • Since 2021, kindergartens, organized by large families, began to appear. There are more than 530 of them registered in Moscow. / Li>
  • The officially allowed number of children in the group of the state kindergarten is 25-30 people, private - up to 15.

Financial model of a children's cafe

Brief Investment Memorandum

Recently, more and more people are eating out, however many catering formats are not suitable for visitors with children. Firstly, loud music plays in many establishments, and secondly, there are no comfortable chairs for children, and thirdly, the format of the establishments does not allow children to make noise and run around the hall, since the noise interferes with other visitors who have come to relax in silence and work ... The solution to these problems will be the opening of a children's cafe, where children's recreation and food zones will be separated.

The menu will include both an adult and a children's menu, which may take into account the peculiarities of children's nutrition in cooperation with nutritionists.

A distinctive feature of the children's cafe, in addition to equipped chairs, special food and children's decoration of the cafe, will be a play area. Parents who want to relax can continue to chat at the tables by sending their children to the playroom. The animator will supervise and entertain the children according to the action plan. The cafe may also be closed for private parties. For example, for a birthday, New Year's party, kindergarten graduation. Then the administrators and animators, together with the parents, think over which theme of entertainment to choose, which menu to make, whether adults will participate in the holiday program.

The cafe itself will already be equipped with a play area. There are many types of play areas, the most popular are:

  • trampoline set
  • labyrinth
  • playground with houses
  • dry pool
  • room for master classes (culinary, art), etc.

A large number of toys, whiteboards, pencils, felt-tip pens, coloring books are required to make it interesting for children to spend their time.

Thus, the success of a children's cafe will depend on how comfortable both children and adults will spend their time. Despite the high investment costs, the cafe can be efficient and quickly turn out to be profitable.

The initial investment is 2,613,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached in the third month of operation.

In order for a preschool educational institution to be popular and have positive reviews, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for the kindergarten. Despite the fact that there is a demographic crisis in our country, the lack of places in kindergartens remains an urgent problem. This is an important component for doing such a business.

Summary of Private Kindergarten Business Plan

The business plan for the creation of a children's organization has three main goals:

Opening of a highly profitable preschool institution.

Buy a kindergarten business plan

Satisfying the consumer market in this area.

It is important to estimate not only the payback period of the project, but also the number of one-time investments that will be required for a successful start.

Competition analysis in this area

Any successful business requires an assessment of the performance of competitors. Over the past decade, the government has been creating conditions aimed at increasing the growth of the birth rate. At the same time, the lack of public preschool educational institutions has become even stronger. The statistics outline the following situation:

About 30% of the Russian population needs kindergartens.

There are only 600 places per 1000 children in a preschool institution.

Private kindergartens make up only 6% of the total number of preschool educational institutions.

How to open a children's entertainment center with minimal costs and quick recoupment of costs, what are the conditions and opportunities for such a project?

Choosing a name

First of all, what is the name of the children's entertainment center so that it is popular and always generates income?

1) The name should please both children and parents. 2) Banal names and those that come from the Soviet past, it is advisable to avoid. 3) The use of foreign words attracts a solvent clientele. 4) The name must correspond to the design of the entertainment center. 5) The name should reflect the age of the visitors.

For example, these are the names of children's entertainment and leisure centers in Nizhny Novgorod: Crazy Park, Victoria, Help, Jungle, Kangaroo, Kinderland, Tic-Tac-Toe, Kukozyabra, Madagascar, Milandiya, Fidget Island of Fantasy, Rainbow, Wonderland, Magic Land, Teremok, Chunga-Changa, Mozaika, Eureka. The name of the entertainment centers in Perm is Kapitosha, Sevensvetik, Raisin, City of Childhood, Heaven, Anthill, Play day. Children's leisure entertainment centers in Voronezh - Kingdom-State, Island of Childhood, City-Park Grad, Tvoy Park, Maksimir, Balagan house, Murzilki, Angel, Smeshariki Friends Club. As we can see, in the given names of entertainment centers, all the same principles indicated earlier are used. I would also highlight:

Gaming (tic-tac-toe, magician). Fabulous (teremok, seven-flower) Magic-geographical (fantasy island, magic land), Natural (kangaroo, anthill).

So, I want to open the entertainment center "Planet Ufa".


Name - project of the children's entertainment center "Planet Ufa" 1.. Business form - available sole proprietor. one. .

Planned profitability

The price of visiting the children's entertainment center is 150 rubles. in hour.

Celebrating a birthday - 1. thousand rubles per hour, 2. - two hours

The topic of education and child development has become increasingly popular in recent years. Young parents teach their babies almost from the cradle. Thanks to this demand, more and more studios of various directions are opening in the country.

The business plan of the children's center can be useful for those who have long dreamed of opening an early development children's club. Today, it is a well-paid and popular enterprise.

Types of childcare centers

Among the development centers you can find:

Development and creativity circles.

Buy a business plan for a children's development center

Leisure, entertainment groups.

Such institutions are not full-fledged kindergartens. Their main task is to provide leisure time with a developmental bias. If a child stays in the center for more than 3 hours without parental supervision, the legal regulation allows feeding and sleeping of the child under the supervision of special personnel.

A well-designed business plan of the children's center will help to plan expenses correctly and increase the opportunities for obtaining investments.

Project Summary

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