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Good business plan, well described. It is clear where to start and how to proceed. Thanks for the info.

The main thing about the business plan of a car wash in the year

Creating a car wash - which type is more profitable

How to make a car wash yourself, what documents are needed to open a car wash - these are the questions most often asked by a novice businessman who decided to make money on this popular type of business. Meanwhile, one should start with something else: with the choice of the type of car wash, since the estimated costs, and the payback period, and even the amount of profit depend on this.

The most popular today are open-type hand washers with recycled water supply. Entrepreneurs are much less attracted to fully automated car washes, as well as car washes without water, as a business where a person is almost completely replaced by automation. Self-service car washes and transportable car washes are present on the domestic market in very small numbers. Although, as shown by numerous polls, it is automatic car washes that attract car owners most of all.

If you are not too tight-lipped, then the most profitable option would be to open fully automatic car washes, this business will allow you to occupy an almost empty niche, and at least not worry about competition at first ...

The organization of work when starting a business - a car wash - should be built depending on what type of car wash you decide to give preference to. Where to start your car wash? First of all, with an analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of various washing complexes for cars. What is a conventional hand wash? Dirt from cars is washed in it with a powerful jet of water supplied through a hose. A sump for dirty water at a car wash can be made with your own hands, but its presence is required, and it can be both above ground and underground. The pay for this type of car wash is usually not very high.

If you are interested in building a sink quickly at low cost - this option is for you. But keep in mind that high competition will make it difficult to attract customers. The payback period for a closed car wash is usually two to two and a half years, but there are good opportunities to optimize the profit of a car wash. The equipment of such a car wash is expensive, but the quality of service is significantly improved.

The income of a car wash will depend on the number of customers and the level of competition in the city, so it is better to choose the type of car wash that is most in demand. It can be car washes with girls, box car wash or autonomous mobile car washes, examples of installations of which have already proven their effectiveness. Experience in the production of mini-washes has demonstrated the popularity of battery-powered car washes made in China. As they say, cheap and cheerful, which will be appreciated by entrepreneurs who do not have a large start-up capital.

Car wash organization is impossible without competent planning. A professional example of a business plan for opening a car wash from scratch with ready-made calculations contains a detailed description of the stages of a car wash, including many important calculations, for example, the operating costs of a car wash. You will learn how to open car washes for trucks, everything about prices, rent, income, project payback, figure out what the administrator of a car wash needs to know. This wealth of knowledge will allow you to avoid problems when creating a business and withstand even the most intense competition.

This article is devoted to the issue of drawing up a business plan for a car wash. Here we tried to take into account the main points of the car wash business. If you have something to add - please share information in the comments.

There are many ideas for business, but how to choose a truly profitable idea that would fit the specifics of your city, have a quick payback and bring good income in the future? Consider one of the most profitable options - opening a car wash.

Modern cars can no longer be washed just with water and a rag as it was before, since their service involves only washing in a professional car wash, using special means, by qualified employees who know how to make the car look like as fresh from the salon.

Determining the type of car wash to open

Before drawing up a business plan of the project, you need to decide which car wash you will open: - where manual and automated labor is used; - stationary; - mobile; - tunnel (where the car will move along a conveyor with an installed equipment), or gantry (the car will stand still, and the equipment will move around it).

The most budget-friendly option for a car wash (you need to spend about 6-8 thousand dollars on it)

Goals and objectives of the project

The main goal of the project is to create a modern car wash that would provide customers with quality services at an affordable cost. Receiving a permanent stable income for both founders and staff. Formation of a stable base of loyal customers thanks to high-quality service and quality services provided.

It is also worth deciding which cars your car wash will serve:

Car owners like to wash cars with modern technological methods, because the quality of such services is at a high level, which means their cost will also be rather big.

What services can the new car wash offer

Stages of project implementation

If the car wash is opened not with its own funds, but with borrowed funds, the project will start working from the moment the business plan is approved by the customer or funds for its implementation are received.

Such an enterprise as a car wash provides the population with services for washing cars, polishing them, chemical cleaning of the passenger compartment and washing the engine. There are several types of car washes - somewhere the services provided are performed by people, somewhere exclusively automatic equipment is used. Consider a car wash business plan with calculations, as well as the main factors that you need to know in order to engage in such a business activity.

Market and Competitive Enterprise Analysis

The best option for doing business related to car washing is present if the entrepreneur has a premise for the presented activity or there is an opportunity to implement its construction. This significantly increases the level of profitability.

The need to rent premises is not only a significant reduction in costs. It is often problematic to find a room for your needs, which will fully meet the requirements of the enterprise. However, this type of business demonstrates high profitability and quick payback, primarily due to the high level of demand for services - the number of cars is increasing every day.

An important point that is necessary before considering a business plan for opening a car wash is to study the main competitors and methods of dealing with them.

  • The main layer of competitive enterprises is large firms, known throughout the city, chain car washes. As a rule, there are not very many of them and they are not market monopolists, however, between a known and an unknown car wash, the motorist will make a choice in favor of the first one.

How to compete with similar businesses? The best option is control over the quality of services provided, the best service, attractive offers for clients, as well as a competent pricing policy. High-quality advertising and marketing policy will also be a very important factor. Your business should not be inferior to large car washes.

  • Small car washes can have a significant impact only on the scale of one district. If they are located on the other side of the city, you will not feel the results of their activities. The rivalry will take place with those companies that are in close proximity to you - within 1-5 kilometers.

Outdoor advertising will be an important factor in the fight against local businesses. The services of car washes on the scale of the district are used by its residents, or residents of other areas, getting into the territory of the car wash. It is necessary to work to attract customers - take care of a bright, attractive signboard, banners with information, posters, signs. It is recommended to place information on ongoing promotions, discounts and prices for services on outdoor advertising media.

The next step is to conduct an assessment of potential buyers. A typical user of car wash services is a person of average and high income from 20 to 55 years old, if we are talking about men and from 20 to 45 years old - a woman. Low-income motorists prefer to wash their cars in-house. It is recommended to consider the needs of both customer segments:

  • men give preference to establishments where the quality of services is at a high level. In second place is the cost and speed of the work provided. Interior decoration, additional service does not matter to them;
  • women often pay attention to secondary factors that are sometimes important to them. These are the appearance and neatness of employees, the presence of uniforms, the neatness and cleanliness of the institution, the level of service.

There are a number of important points you need to be aware of before opening a car wash. First of all, this is a seasonal business - the level of demand will directly depend on the state of the environment. Another important factor is that the car wash service is not an essential service. In most cases, when a person's income decreases, he prefers to refuse to wash the car and this must be understood.

Car wash SWOT analysis

In order to open your own business, you need to draw up a car wash business plan. Market competitiveness analysis will allow you to identify not only the general customer base, but also the most popular car wash chains. This is necessary for a deeper study of the competitor's marketing strategy, its services and other reasons for popularity with customers. The more cars in your area, the more potential customers. This information can be obtained on the website of the Federal Service of the State Statistics Service.

Consider not only the number of cars, but also the number of functioning car washes. To do this, it is enough to personally go around 4-5 car washes, if there are no queues, perhaps this service is not very much in demand. But this does not mean that it is worth giving up such a business. As a rule, the popularity of sinks is seasonal.

Collecting documents to create a car wash

Given the need for state registration of a car wash as an economic entity, you will need to collect a number of documents. Let's start by choosing an organizational form. The most popular and simplest option is individual entrepreneurship. A simplified accounting scheme and lower tax rates are the main advantages of an individual entrepreneur.

But it should be noted that an economic entity bears full responsibility for its actions, and in the case of an individual entrepreneur, you will be responsible even with personal property.

For a simple business, for example, when opening a car wash, the best option for an organizational structure is a limited liability company. The head of the LLC is not liable for personal property, and in case of unsatisfactory results, the damage is compensated exclusively in the amount of the authorized capital of the organization. We will not consider more complex organizational forms, since LLC can cooperate with both individuals and legal entities without any difficulties.

To register a car wash, collect the following documents:

  • Application
  • Constituent documents with a copy of the charter and constituent agreement, certificate of registration of individual entrepreneur (LLC), organization passport and its details
  • Obligatory certificate of registration with the NI
  • Attach a copy of the Goskomstat letter
  • Card of registration of cash register
  • Agreement on lease or purchase of premises
  • Agreed with the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision list of services provided
  • Permission of the fire safety service
  • Agreement on the provision of utilities
  • BTI passport
  • Permits for the use of outdoor advertising <

Choosing a room for a car wash

Since a ready-made business plan for opening a car wash should contain information about the premises, it's time to think about choosing a place to start a business. Since the car wash is intended exclusively for cars and trucks, you need to focus on accessibility. The city center is not always convenient due to the large congestion of cars and the almost complete lack of parking spaces. At the same time, there should be a parking lot near the car wash where customers could wait for their turn.

It is best to open the car wash not in the center, but not on the outskirts of the city either. Although leaving / entering the city on a busy highway would be a great place to wash. Judge for yourself - cars that enter the city from the highway after a long journey are probably dirty, and the owners will decide to wash them. Many people like to hit the road in a clean car, and this is a reason to look at the car wash. To open the sink, you will need at least one spacious (high hangar). The requirements for its equipment are minimal - good hydro and thermal insulation, powerful lighting.

Remember that the car wash uses high pressure water and its consumption will be significant. It is necessary to organize a good discharge of wastewater, preferably into a central water supply. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is necessary to develop your own sewage pit, which entails additional expenses, and on a large scale. Equipping a convenient parking lot and a restroom for customers is a significant advantage, which should also be borne in mind.

Dear site visitors, below is an example of a car wash business plan with payback calculations, which can be used as an example for writing other business plans, handing over to students, submitting it for subsidies and other options for assistance from the state, for obtaining a loan from the bank.

This document was prepared by business planners following a standard document writing structure. For the calculations, Excel tables were used, which make it easy to carry out calculations and adapt them to different planning conditions.


The goal is to open a car wash in the industrial zone of the city of Kirov to wash cars by the company's employees.

The car wash is opening in an already built room, which will allow to allocate two posts for washing and wiping the car. In this case, the cars will be doused and wiped in the same place.

To minimize investment costs, the premises for a car wash will be obtained under a lease agreement. The rent for the premises is 30 thousand rubles. per month.

To prepare the premises for a car wash, additional work will be done and additional equipment purchased, the investment cost will be 810 thousand rubles. It is planned that all investments will be made at their own expense.

The car wash will not be located in the city center and will have a minimum set of services

V N I M A N I E.

Practice shows that by ordering a business plan from specialists you will save time, increase the quality of the finished document by 4-5 times and increase the chances of receiving investments by 3 times.

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