Car service business plan; ready example

Every year, car service services are becoming more and more popular, this is due to the systematic increase in the number of cars produced. Every day you can see a queue of 2-4 cars near the car service. This confirms the fact that the niche is not overloaded and you can safely open your own car repair business.

In this review, together we will prepare a business plan for a car service "from A to Z".

Types of car services

It is necessary to look through the eyes of clients. See what can be improved as a client. If you see that there are a lot of moments, then you just have to take it and do it. There is no point in inventing a new market. Because the old markets are simply not fully saturated, not developed. Let's say a good car service. They have an appointment for a month in advance. But they work until 6 pm, and do not work on Saturday and Sunday. Why?

Fedor Ovchinnikov, well-known retail entrepreneur:

Nowadays, the car has become an integral part of society. The number of automated equipment and cars is increasing exponentially from year to year, so the need for specialized maintenance services is increasing.

First of all, be sure to watch the video in which the real owner of a car service tells about the business device from the inside

Opening a car service is a promising start for a businessman. But for business development, you will need a detailed business plan, which this article will acquaint you with.

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  • car services that specialize in only one brand;
  • single services;
  • small car services;
  • network services.

It should be noted that the first option is considered the most prestigious and profitable, but it requires a certain amount of experience and money for successful business.

Financial model of the car dealership

Brief Investment Memorandum

Starting your own car sales business (car dealership) can bring good profits if properly managed. A number of factors correspond to this. First, despite the declining economic growth and the decline in the population's ability to pay, people always buy new cars. Secondly, most car dealerships are currently closing after the past crisis in 2021-2021. This opens up a large market share that new players and dealers can take. These factors are reflected in the payback period of the project, which is 19 months, the break-even point falls on the 2nd month of the car dealership.

To implement this project, you will initially need to acquire your own land plot and build a building. It is necessary to search for a land plot along major city highways and on streets with high car traffic capacity. Thus, the area of ​​the land plot, taking into account the warehouse for cars, is 100 acres, the area of ​​the car salon is 700 m2. In addition to the construction of the building, it is necessary to hire 24 specialists on the staff.

The car dealership will sell economy class cars. Also, the car dealership will provide maintenance services, a car parts store and a tire fitting department.

Initial investment amount - 17,932,000 rubles

Monthly profit - 920,000 rubles

Payback period - 19 months

Break-even point - 2 months

Return on sales - 9%

Description of business, product or service

After the past crisis in 2021-2021, the demand for cars is gradually increasing. This is due to the growing demand for cars, as well as the availability of car loans. These factors open up great prospects for opening your own car showroom.

The main activity of the car dealership will be the sale of cars. You can start a business with inexpensive cars of the "economy" segment and, as the business or the network of car dealerships develop, switch to "premium" brands.

Most Russian families have their own car. This applies to both rural residents and urban residents.

A private car provides citizens with a lot of amenities:

  • feeling of independence and freedom;
  • lack of attachment to working hours and public transport routes;
  • mobility;
  • saving time.

For family people, a private car is also an opportunity to actively travel, comfortably get to the dacha or visit, take children to circles and other institutions.

A large number of cars are used in business. For example, as a taxi or cargo transportation. Small and medium-sized businesses are trying to purchase their own trucks and cars to optimize transport costs.

All this amount of equipment needs regular maintenance by qualified craftsmen using special equipment.

Project Description

Relevance of auto repair business

Vehicle repair and maintenance is a big problem for car enthusiasts and professional drivers. And if some are still able to do such simple operations as changing the oil, then only specialists are able to sort out the engine or carry out the tin work of the body.

Considering the huge car park in our country, which is only growing every year, we can safely conclude that the relevance of opening new service stations will not pass soon.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Road transportation makes a significant contribution to the development of the economy of any country. Tons of various cargo are transported on the roads every day. Transportation is carried out by both companies and individuals. Today in Russia there are several large enterprises in this market, as well as many medium, small and private individuals with one piece of equipment.

Despite the fact that there is high competition, a high demand for transport services remains, therefore, the opening of a transport company remains relevant. In addition, today large companies offer their services at inflated prices, and small and private individuals cannot always provide high-quality service - old cars, delivery delays, unskilled drivers. In this regard, it is possible to open a small company that will operate at average market prices, but the quality of services will be higher.

Transport companies today can carry out the transportation of passengers and goods. In this business plan, we will consider the transportation of oversized and small-sized cargo.

Payback period is 19 months

Initial investment will be equal to 8,120,000 rubles

The breakeven point is reached for 2 months

Average monthly profit 395,000 rubles

Description of business, product or service

To organize a transport company, a garage space of about 200 m2 is required. It should be divided for a parking lot, as well as an office space for company employees and customers. The office area may not exceed 40 m2, but it must be equipped with furniture and all the necessary equipment.

The transport company will have two trucks and three Gazelles on its balance sheet for transportation.

Investments Profit Payback 11. 05.00400. 00 per month30 month

I don't know if my experience in opening a car dealership can be called successful or unsuccessful, but in the end I have a stable income. Therefore, I consider this story to be successful.

I had an idea to open a car dealership of one of the manufacturers (I will not name the brand). There weren't many car dealerships in town selling this brand, so I thought it was a great idea. After drawing up a business plan, I calculated that the costs would amount to about 15-20 million rubles. The net profit should have been somewhere around 700.00 rubles, and the full return on investment in 22 months. So I have never been wrong ...

Then everything went according to the standard plan. I rented a room, made expensive repairs there, bought equipment, went to a manufacturer, hired staff, and so on.

The surprises came after the opening. They simply did not want to buy cars of this brand. There were few sales, and it was not possible to attract buyers. I hired analysts, marketers, but there was literally zero sense from them. They told me to try and start selling a different brand of car. This is a great idea, but where do I go with a full showroom of goods that no one buys?

At the same time, I noticed that there is a lot of suspicious interest in car service and car wash. Initially, I planned to serve only my clients there, but since the profit was minimal, I decided that this was a great way to somehow stay afloat. Then advertising campaigns began to attract customers not to buy a new car, but to drive their cars to a car service or to a car wash. The profit began to increase, and I added a new service to the car dealership - an auto parts store. Yes, we had to expand the premises, hire personnel, make repairs, but these were forced measures.

As a result, I gradually converted the entire area into a shop, service and car wash. I was wrong with the choice of the brand, but I managed to change the vector in time.

In 2021, there was money and an idea to open some kind of business. Leafing through Avito came across a car dealership worth more than 300 million rubles. Then I thought that I was far from this level, but I could well do something similar, but less.

The budget was extremely limited, so I decided that I needed to choose cheaper and more efficient cars: Vaz, Kia Rio and something like that. More expensive brands, I would not have pulled.

I'm very lucky with the place. I was able to find a newly built room next to the highway. The rental price was 200. 00 rubles per month. After equipping the premises and hiring staff, I waited for the cars to be delivered to me. To prevent passing customers from thinking that we have an empty car dealership in which nothing is sold, I myself forced my employees to park their cars inside. As if they were for sale. Potential buyers were really there, but we said that the car had already been sold and was waiting for it to be picked up.

I devoted a special moment to additional services: loans, insurance, washing, repairs, spare parts, and so on. They bring a very large part of the profit, so you need to monitor the quality of the services provided.

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