Car service business plan

Opening your own car service is the dream of many car owners who want to combine "business with pleasure" - to earn money, and, if possible, do it by doing what they love. Often only one thing is missing - a detailed guide to how to open a car service. This business plan of a car service with calculations does not pretend to be in detail, but is intended to show readers an approximate algorithm of actions when organizing car repair and maintenance services. A ready-made car service plan is designed to facilitate your work when implementing the idea of ​​opening your own workshop.


This car service business plan is a description of the project for the organization of a car service (hereinafter - Auto Service) with a payback period of 2 years.

Objectives of the proposed project:

  • Organization of a highly profitable enterprise
  • Receiving stable profits
  • Filling the consumer market with repair and maintenance services for various vehicles

Sources of project financing: own funds or bank loan

Form of doing business: individual entrepreneur

Optimal tax regime: STS

Payback period: 2 years

Loan and interest payments will start from the first month of the project to contents ↑

Main stages of the project development and terms of their implementation

The implementation of this project will begin immediately after the Customer accepts the business plan, or after receiving the loan. The main stages of the organization and development of the project and the timing of their implementation are presented in Table 1: Stages of the project Implementation deadlines Conclusion of the investment agreement 1 month Obtaining borrowed funds 1 month Entry into the state register, registration with administrative and tax authorities 1 month Selection of location and paperwork1-6 months Purchase and installation of equipment 1 month Selection staff1 monthConducting a marketing campaign1-24 months back to contents ↑

General description of the project

Car services are a fairly frequent choice of start-up entrepreneurs who want not only to quickly reach payback, but also to earn a lot of money.

Almost all cars require repair sooner or later. In most cases, drivers go to a car service, where experienced workers will quickly put the vehicle in order.

Infographic: Car Service Business Plan

Business description, successful development strategy

Opening a car service is a simple procedure. Such an enterprise allows you to quickly make money on the need for motorists in a stable working vehicle.

Yes, there are quite a lot of competitors in the market in this area, each of which is trying to stay afloat.

The larger the car fleet in Russia, the greater the demand for repair services in the service station.

It should be noted that everyone will be able to open a car service, but not everyone will be able to keep from bankruptcy. Experience in a car service or the support of experts in this field is what is important in the field of car rental.

Risk Factors and Car Service Success

When opening a car service, every entrepreneur may face certain risks that can negatively affect the business:

A car service business plan is a prerequisite for the correct start and development of your company. It is almost impossible to open from scratch and without preparation, a business that is quite complex in an organizational sense, associated with technical nuances, so a car service business plan will be a reliable guideline for you.

The streets of our cities are full of cars, almost every family has their own vehicles or even several. But the technique cannot work forever, and sooner or later there is a need for repair or replacement of some parts. It can be concluded that car services for cars or trucks are in great demand by the population today, so there is no doubt that it is necessary to create and implement a business plan on this topic right now.

Analysis of the idea of ​​opening a car service

Before organizing a business, and even more so if it is financially costly, it is important to evaluate this idea from all sides, to weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

So, our business plan will also consider the idea of ​​opening a car service from a pros and cons. The undoubted advantages of this enterprise are a stable and high demand for services, as well as the profitability of the business (the average check of a car service is about 8 thousand rubles).

Analyzing the possible risks associated with the work of a car service, the business plan must carefully assess them. Inappropriate allocation of funds, insufficient market analysis and other planning errors can lead to financial risks. Changes in the socio-economic and political state of the country can also negatively affect the well-being of the auto repair service.

An example of a car service business plan with calculations


Table of Contents


Features of the car maintenance service

A beginner entrepreneur should have a clear idea of ​​what his planned activity will actually be.

So, in a business plan, you can specify the following definition of a car service: a set of activities for maintenance, current or overhaul of road transport, as well as services for the installation of additional equipment. From here we can highlight not only the areas of work of the car service, but also the need to establish partnerships with suppliers, for example, spare parts. This means that in the business plan for opening a car service, it is necessary to analyze not only technical and economic nuances, but also legal details.

Traveling by private transport is much more convenient and faster than walking. The car owner does not depend on the bus schedule, he does not need to call a taxi or pay for the metro fare. However, technology is technology - sooner or later the car breaks down and requires repair. While there are cars in the world, the services of auto repair shops have been and remain in demand. Even small towns have dozens of service stations. Despite the abundance of service stations, car service as a business is growing and flourishing. Indeed, even among a huge number of workshops, it is not easy to find really good specialists. How to open your own car service and make it a profitable business, and where to buy equipment, the website www. opmaster-shop. u? Here's a ready-made step-by-step guide - take it and use it.

What should be the starting capital?

The number of cars in our country continues to grow, and this trend will continue in the coming decades. With the right approach, the income from car repair will only increase. In addition, you do not have to worry about licensing - garages do not need such a procedure. Registration of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity will be sufficient.

Now for some math:

  • Living in a big city and providing a wide range of auto repair services, the owner of a car service has the right to count on a net profit of $ 4,000 per month.
  • By doing tire fitting, you can earn $ 700 per month.

It is impossible to imagine opening a successful car service without writing a detailed business plan. It is he who reflects not only the idea itself and the ways of its implementation, but also the planned costs. It is necessary to indicate in detail all expenses, from the purchase of equipment to the salaries of employees. The document will provide clear planning and control of funds.

Seat selection

The idea is ready - let's start looking for a good place. In many ways, it is the location of the car service that dictates how many customers will use the services of the service station. Even the best equipment in the world and attractive prices will not save a business if a car repair shop was built in the middle of a bare field, far from cars and the benefits of civilization.

Here are some tips to help you choose a location:

In accordance with sanitary standards, it is prohibited to open a car repair shop near residential buildings. The recommended distance between them is from 50 meters.

Equipment purchase

Business Relevance

Car service is considered a promising business. The number of cars on the roads is growing every year. These machines need maintenance and repair. Most car enthusiasts prefer to use third-party services. At the same time, they rarely turn to official dealers because of the high cost of service.

When a car's warranty expires, car owners go to private workshops. They are also attracted by the lower cost and faster breakdown repair.

Description of the car service project

You can really make money at a car service. Despite the high competition in the market, the demand for auto repair services remains high and continues to grow along with the growth of the car fleet in Russia.

You can get started in different formats; This car service business plan considers the idea of ​​opening a multifunctional car service center, which will offer a wide range of services, from repairs to washing. This will allow us to reach as many clients as possible and increase revenue.

It is necessary to warn that it is better to open this business for a person with experience in car services or with the support of such an expert.

The case will require rather large investments, more than 10 million rubles. You can implement a project by your own efforts or with the help of franchisors.

Benefits of opening

It is not by chance that this type of business seems so attractive. It does have many benefits that even aspiring entrepreneurs are aware of.

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