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Currently, the business related to the rental of real estate is gaining momentum. And this is not surprising, because this activity does not require special skills, large investments, etc. However, a business plan for renting real estate in such an undertaking is necessary, because despite the seeming simplicity in this type of business, there are a number of problems, for example, legal registration, the choice of the type of lease and many other nuances, which are important to take into account at the planning stage.

Renting out apartments or commercial premises is a promising and very profitable business. Due to the difficult economic situation, a huge number of people prefer renting rather than buying a home or, say, an office space. And if we are talking about tourists, business travelers, then the price advantage, and often the location of the apartment, a different level of comfort ("like home") for them, again, in most cases, on the side of rented temporary housing.

Real estate rental business planning

To build a business plan for leasing premises, it is important to determine the residential or non-residential premises you plan to lease, as well as the lease term. And if the first question is easy to solve: you must proceed from the type of your property, then you have to think about the second question. Both daily and long-term rentals have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should proceed from your preferences, but the statistics inexorably insist that the business of daily renting apartments is much more profitable.

We will analyze the features of building a business plan for daily rent of apartments in detail.

Example of a business plan for daily rent of real estate


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Organization of real estate rental business

With all the advantages of the presented business, the main question remains: where to get a free apartment. The answer is simple, if you have one. But even if vacant housing is not on the list of your property, then this is not an obstacle at all. The correct drawing up of a business plan for daily rent of apartments directly depends on whether you plan to rent out your property.

There are several options for starting a rental business:

Renting out apartments for daily rent is considered a fairly profitable business. The main advantage is earning from scratch without much investment in the event that at least one apartment for rent is available. It can be inherited or previously acquired through a mortgage. In this article, we will consider a business plan for daily rent of apartments by the owner.

Project Summary

An example of a business plan will be presented based on the daily rent of apartments in a large city. This business has good prospects in a big city, where the target audience is wide enough. However, this business is no less profitable in a small tourist town. The essence of the business is the delivery of 3 apartments, the owner of which rents out living space for daily rent in different parts of the city: two in the central area and one in a residential area. Accordingly, customers will be both middle and high class and below average.

General characteristics of apartments:

  • 1-room studio apartment on the 3rd floor with a total area of ​​30 sq. m in the central area.
  • 2-room apartment on the 5th floor with a total area of ​​45 sq. m next to the metro.
  • Apartment in a residential area 1-room with a total area of ​​30 sq. m on the 2nd floor.

It should be noted that both prospects and competitors will be many. However, the demand for this type of service allows you to take your place in the niche and develop your business, receiving passive income. Competitors - individuals who rent out a similar living space, and real estate agencies. The main criteria that will allow us to compete with competitors are an individual approach to the client, a high level of service for apartments in the city center, and an affordable price for an apartment on the outskirts of the city.

To start implementing an idea, you need to purchase furniture and appliances. Also, at the initial stage, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for daily rent of apartments with calculations. In order to have investments in a more promising project, it is recommended to rent one of the apartments for rent for at least six months with minimal investment in consumables (bed linen and utilities). In this case, it will be possible to pay off the start-up costs for middle and VIP-class apartments.

First, you should study the risks that are a stumbling block for acquiring a stable income:

  • Unstable demand.
  • Unscrupulous tenants (theft of small equipment, interior elements, damage to property).
  • Decrease in the solvency of potential tenants due to the decline in the economic situation in the country.
  • Aggressive competitors.
  • Unsuccessful neighborhood, which can worsen the service and quiet living of residents.

It is difficult to predict the number of tenants per month in advance, but success largely depends on active search and correct communication with potential tenants. They need to be offered what they want to get: complete information about the apartment, advantageous aspects (proximity to the metro, no lower than the 2nd floor and no higher than the 10th, the presence of everything you need in the apartment, a balcony, a good view).

For the correct search for clients, the entrepreneur himself must analyze the volume of competitors and understand who will be the key client for him and to whom to direct maximum efforts. For apartments in the city center, you should look for residents of the following categories: couples, business travelers, tourists. It is best to search for them on popular Internet resources where these people are looking for apartments. The target audience for apartments on the outskirts of the city is young companies, tourists and business travelers with a lower income level.

Activity Registration

The article tells about the basics and features of drawing up a business plan for rent and car rental. Despite the fact that this type of service is widespread in other countries, the practice of car rental in Russia is just beginning to develop. Competition in such a market is not yet high, so there is an opportunity to take your own niche and make a profit.

The many nuances in running such a business necessitate a responsible approach to the planning stage. You will need to create a business plan and make calculations. A car rental business plan will not only make it possible to draw up a guide to action to implement the idea, but also provide an opportunity to get a loan from a bank or attract investments.

Features of a car rental business plan

Before proceeding with a detailed description of the concept of a car rental project in a business plan, it is necessary to analyze the following:

  • Main competitors, their features;
  • Target audience and their preferences;
  • Factors influencing the market;
  • Pricing policy and pricing procedure;
  • Management technologies.

In addition, it is important to carry out calculations and make forecasts of profits, revenues and costs to form the financial model of car rental in the business plan.

An example of a business plan for rental and car rental


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Car rental is especially popular in large cities-megalopolises or tourist, resort places. This fact must be taken into account in the business plan. In both cases, customers use this service for the following purposes:

  • Possibility to visit the desired places;
  • To save money on taxi or public transport;
  • Try to drive a car of a different brand, class, etc. ...

Real estate will always be a profitable business because people need to live somewhere. Even in the worst of times, there are people looking for properties to buy or rent, as there are people looking to sell or rent.

One of the most reliable and stable business at all times is the business of renting an apartment or room. In this article, we will not analyze in detail how to get an apartment (mortgage, purchase, inheritance), but we will talk in detail about the risks of this business, which property is more suitable, the correct execution of contracts, we will suggest the most effective business plans and tell the main secrets.

Renting an apartment: daily or long term?

The difference between daily (hourly) and long-term rentals is significant. In the first case, it is necessary to constantly pay attention to a full-fledged business: advertising, searching for customers, meeting them, and subsequent cleaning. And so every day, because if you take a day off, then that day you will not earn anything.

A short-term lease brings many times more money, but costs of time and money increase (washing and cleaning cannot be free), there are risks of downtime and unscrupulous clients who strive to take anything of value with them.

But we will not dissuade from such an approach to business, as it takes place. You just need to clearly understand that this type of investment, and then doing business, is a little different than a long-term lease.

It is likely that the business with daily rentals will only gain momentum in the future, since many cannot afford hotels, and cheap hostels do not provide the comfort that can be provided in a separate apartment.

Please note that we will consider this option of doing business in the coming articles.

Let's go back to long-term renting of an apartment. It is profitable, first of all, with the minimum expenditure of time and money. Once a month it is necessary to collect the rent, pay utility bills and, possibly, solve some of the household problems of the tenants.

Of course, no one is immune from all sorts of misunderstandings: broken furniture, leaking pipes, complaints from neighbors, but you can insure yourself against all this simply by drawing up the correct contract.

Car rental is a highly competitive industry, but with the right planning and forward thinking, you can significantly reduce your risk. The old mantra “if you don’t prepare, then you are ready for failure” could not be more relevant. Therefore, you will need to draw up and write a car rental business plan yourself. This article provides information on what is usually included in a car rental business plan and how it is structured.


There are many things to consider if you are starting a car rental business that qualified investors will consider before funding your company. For example, the exact location of rental stores can play a big role in your success.

The models and styles of cars you own can also play a role, along with the opportunities and marketing strategy that follow. The budget you have to manage is relative to the expected income. Each unique factor comes together to create a car rental business plan and predict profitability.


The location of the car rental company in Russia and is not only based on several factors, including not only the demographic data about the proximity, but also the specific area within it. An airport car rental location is very different from a location located a few kilometers from the city center in a residential area.

It is not necessary that the location of car rental be in a densely populated area, the main thing is to adjust the work accordingly.


There are several elements that cover aspects of a company's operations that need to be included in a car rental business plan. Most of the top franchises have already met the requirements for dealing with everything from car brands to legal paperwork and insurance. Therefore, if you are not starting a franchise, it is important to have an operations structure in which you describe each element related to the operations of the facility. This will be discussed later.

Cost of services

The cost of car rental will be influenced by such factors as the class of the car, technical characteristics and the type of transmission.

The price and price of car rental will be as follows:

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