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Before the crisis, the restaurant business was in the top five most attractive for investors. Over the past year and a half, his rating has dropped slightly. But, apparently, either our compatriots are already used to economic sanctions, or they realized that it is wrong to save on tasty food. In short, the restaurants were visited again in much the same way as before. That is why the topic of today's material is a restaurant business plan. It is almost impossible to find a well-designed business plan of a restaurant with calculations on the Internet. This description of the project is not a sample for writing, but it is quite suitable for use in the implementation of a business idea.


The presented restaurant business plan is a description of a project to create a catering enterprise - a restaurant (hereinafter - Restaurant) with a payback period of two years.

Project implementation objectives:

  • Opening a highly profitable enterprise
  • Getting a stable income
  • Filling the consumer market with catering and leisure services

Source of project financing: own funds, or a commercial loan at a rate of 24% per annum

The total cost of implementing a business plan: 5,500,000 rubles

Payback period: 2 years

Payment of loan funds and loan interest starts from the first month of the project

The conditional life of the project: 2 years until the full payback to the table of contents ↑

The main stages of the project

The implementation of the project for the organization of the Restaurant begins immediately after the receipt of credit funds, or after the acceptance of this business plan by the Customer.

Financial model of a cafe-confectionery

Brief Investment Memorandum

In the cafe-confectionery you can enjoy delicious desserts, drink designer coffee, have a snack during a business lunch and order a cake for a holiday.

This format of establishments combines the confectionery shop and the point of sale in one place. The advantage of this approach is that the products are sold at retail directly to the end consumer. This allows you to establish direct contact with your audience and receive product feedback. However, in contrast to the shop for opening a cafe, additional investment and space will be required.

The high level of service with an attentive attitude to guests' requests will make the café-pastry shop a popular place in the city and will open up prospects for expansion.

The amount of initial investment - 3 353 000 rubles;

Monthly costs - 1,309,461 rubles;

Monthly profit - 195 791 rubles;

Payback period - 21 months;

Break-even point - 5 months;

Return on sales - 16%.

Description of business, product or service

Before opening an establishment, you need to decide how it will differ from competitors. These can be unusual recipes, a new format, or a unique atmosphere.

Restaurant business is an interesting sphere, but very complex and creative. Purposeful people, familiar with the specifics of activities in this industry, should work in it. Often restaurant owners are eminent chefs who develop their own brand.

It makes sense for entrepreneurs who have at least 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 rubles to start working in this area. A successful catering establishment is capable of generating large incomes - the mark-up for ready-made meals is often 100–300%. At the same time, the demand for restaurant services is constantly growing in large cities. Some brands open entire networks, sell franchises. But even with the support of experienced franchisors, a detailed restaurant business plan will be required.


In the last few years, there has been a decrease in the consumption of services in restaurants. The decline is explained by the protracted crisis and changes in legislation (banning smoking in public places, restricting the sale of alcoholic beverages). But already in 2021, there was an increase in the number of restaurant visitors by almost 10%. This is due to the country's gradual recovery from the crisis and stabilization in the industry after the reforms.

During the recession, in many large cities the number of restaurants in the middle price segment has significantly decreased. Therefore, at present, opening your own catering point will allow you to quickly recoup your investments and get a good profit. An entrepreneur only needs to develop a clear business plan for the restaurant, an interesting concept, find qualified personnel and obtain permits.


An aspiring entrepreneur who has never worked in the catering sector does not know how to open a restaurant, what kinds of it exist. At the initial stage, you need to decide on the following criteria:

  • range of products;
  • style of premises;
  • availability of additional services;
  • location of the restaurant.

They will all be closely related. A single, well-thought-out concept will allow you to open a successful and profitable restaurant. Staff with a high level of qualifications, excellent quality of ready meals, unusual idea - all this will make an even greater impression on visitors, make them come to the institution again.


A deliberately significant factor for those who have made the decision to succeed in catering is the client's trust and the level of food culture of the entrepreneur himself, who must be not only an enterprising seeker of significant income, but also an esthete. You can create an infinite number of menus, introduce new technologies, but until a competent cooking business plan is developed, a successful business will remain inaccessible. Therefore, we offer a ready-made version and a sample project, which you can familiarize yourself with below in the article.

Primary costs for starting a business

According to early calculations, the development of a culinary business plan will have to spend about $ 10,000:

  • Purchase of equipment (dishes, work clothes for employees, household materials) - 1000 USD.
  • Purchase of commercial and kitchen equipment - 2021 USD.
  • Loan of funds for renting premises - 1000 dollars.
  • Repairs - 2021 dollars.
  • Purchase of goods and formation of a list of products - 1000 USD.
  • Advertising costs (Internet promotion, outdoor signage, advertising in the media) - 1000 USD
  • Business registration and other expenses - 1000 USD.

Step-by-step opening plan

A novice businessman will start cooking from scratch step by step, with a clear implementation of all points of the business plan:

  • Search for project investments.
  • Search for a room.
  • Business registration, premises leasing.
  • Carrying out minor repairs, coordination with the controlling authorities.
  • Purchase of utensils for cooking, trade equipment, household equipment.
  • Search for employees.
  • Purchase of goods and ingredients.
  • Development of an advertising strategy.
  • Opening an establishment.

Culinary Shop Assortment

According to the example of a business plan, cooking will generate income in 3 main trends:

Assortment of the culinary store and its products:

  • Sausage and meat products baked in dough.
  • Pies, donut, pasties.
  • Belyashi, grease, cheesecakes.
  • Hot and cold food.
  • Snacks.
  • Vegetable dishes.
  • Side dishes.
  • Dishes for banquet events.
  • Hot and cold drinks.
  • Sweet pastries, cakes.
  • Low alcohol drinks and so on.

How much you can earn

The average price of our establishment, according to preliminary calculations, will be $ 2. The average number of customers for retail sales will be 70 buyers, with about 20 more people buying special-order culinary products.

The modern public catering market is a rather complex business area. Today there is a return to Soviet self-service formats. On the one hand, people refuse American-style fast food, and on the other hand, cafes with a higher level of service may not always meet their needs. An intermediate link between these two lines of business is self-service canteens.

This business plan was developed for a cafe-canteen, which is developing on the basis of a former factory canteen. All calculations were made in Microsoft Excel, the data are common for this business area, so they can be easily adapted to the conditions of your business.


Project goal: opening a canteen providing catering services.

Objectives of the business plan: to show the possibility of recoupment and return on investment in the catering sector using the example of a canteen.

Project initiator

An entrepreneur with experience in the catering industry who wants to invest in a catering business (canteen).

Investment costs

Capital investments: 2396.1 thous.

  • documents and registration: 30 thousand ub.
  • lease security fee: 70 thousand ub.
  • preparation of the premises: 656 thousand ub.
  • production equipment and furniture: 1233.1 thous.
  • purchase of raw materials and products for launching production: 120 thous.
  • Advertising: 37 thousand dec.
  • Additional expenses not included in the general list: 250 thousand rubles.

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