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Each type of business has its own risks, opening a new establishment, there is a possibility that the business will not pay off within the expected time frame. To avoid this, an entrepreneur who plans to open a cafe or restaurant prescribes a business plan with cost figures, a development strategy and payback plans. In this article, we will tell you how to correctly draw up a business plan for opening a cafe.

Purpose of creating a business plan

The purpose of a business plan is to describe the idea and concept of the establishment. A correctly drawn up business plan will help you calculate the payback period of the establishment, as well as take into account all costs.

To open an establishment, you need to calculate not only the planned profit, but also draw up a marketing strategy, evaluate competitors and write a list of equipment. All this will be combined in a clearly structured business plan.

How to write a business plan for a cafe

In order for the document to include only important information and help develop a strategy, the general structure of the cafe's business plan is used, where each item helps to see a complete picture of the establishment and to really assess the prospects for the return on investment of the establishment.


Briefly describe the information for each section of the business plan: calculations, advertising plans, analytics, development strategy. A summary of a cafe business plan is usually placed at the beginning of the document, but written after all sections are ready. The purpose of a resume is to interest a partner, investor or credit committee.

It is important to write your resume very carefully, using marketing tools to increase the readability and appeal of the text. The text itself needs to be written simply and usefully.

Description of the concept of a cafe or restaurant.

A brief description of the staff that will be required.

Summer cafe financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

In the summer time, one of the most popular places are parks, central streets of the city, embankments and other places of recreation. Many people do not want to sit in stuffy restaurants and cafes, but prefer to spend time on the verandas under the open sky.

Therefore, in summer, most cafes and restaurants open summer verandas next to the institution. For aspiring entrepreneurs there is also an opportunity to make money on a seasonal business - to open a summer cafe. Its payback period is 5 months.

Initially, to open a summer cafe, you will need to resolve the issue of its location. Mainly land plots of municipal ownership will be considered for lease, with the rare exception of land from private owners. The required area is 30 m2. For normal activities, you will also need to hire 6 people.

The cafe will be open from April to October. Soft drinks, snacks, kebabs and ready-made cookery will be offered for sale. The average markup is 200%. About 1500 liters of drinks and 1700 names of finished products will be sold per month. As a result, the project indicators will be as follows:

Initial investment amount - 380 400 rubles

Monthly costs - 259 975 rubles

Monthly profit - 125 522 rubles

Payback period - 5 months

Description of business, product or service

It is best to start preparing for the opening of a summer cafe at the end of winter, since the optimal month for opening is mid-April. Already at this time, it becomes warm and comfortable outside.

The reasons may vary. These are both low-quality services and improper management. Therefore, it is important to draw up a business plan at the planning stage, to take a responsible approach to this matter. We will draw up a financial plan, but first we will analyze the features inherent in this document.

Project Description

  • type of cafe, its location, address;
  • area of ​​the room, number of seats;
  • a complete list of equipment and inventory is determined, which need to be purchased;
  • personnel. When carrying out activities in 1 shift, you will need: an administrator, a cook, a waiter, a cleaner. With a shift, the number of personnel units will be doubled.

If a business plan is drawn up to receive a grant, it is necessary to take into account the relevance and benefits of the population, socio-economic indicators, the possibility of organizing new jobs.

When drawing up a plan for investors, it is important to make accurate estimated cost, income, profitability and payback time estimates for the project. Private investors are primarily interested in these components.

Market analysis and selection of the type of cafe

In preparation for the opening, you need to analyze the market and competition. It will help determine what type of cafe will be in demand in a particular city or area.

This defines:

  • the standard of living and income of the population;
  • the number of residents (the ratio of young people, the working-age population and the elderly);
  • the division of cafes into categories;
  • location of such establishments;
  • demand for services of this kind.

The next step is to analyze the activities of competitors. Having identified mistakes in the activities of competitors, the main thing is not to allow them to appear at home. It is important to add a "zest".

  • children's cafes;
  • Internet cafes;
  • anti cafes;
  • sushi bars;
  • pancakes.

Features of different types of cafes and examples of their opening are discussed in the following video:

A mini-cafe business plan will help a budding entrepreneur with a perfect start. The main questions before starting: how to draw up a business plan, open a mini-cafe from scratch, how much money is needed for the first year of work.

A ready-made example of a mini-cafe business plan with calculations of the initial capital, profitability, required personnel, risks, market analysis also contains ideas in what formats a small cafe can be opened.

Download a ready-made business plan for a mini-cafe

To prepare a business plan for a mini-cafe, an entrepreneur can contact specialists or draw it up on his own.

Download a free sample of a ready-made business plan for a mini-cafe

Sample Mini Cafe Business Plan

The 2GIS aggregator compiled statistics of changes that affected catering establishments at the end of 2021. Cities with a population of one million were evaluated. The total increase in the number of establishments was 15.7%. For comparison, in 2021 this figure was 5.5%.

Growth in three sectors:

  • Points for the sale of drinks (coffee, tea, fresh juice). Their number has increased by 57% compared to 2021.
  • Cooking. The growth was 43%.
  • Coffee shops, cafes-pastry shops. Their number increased by 28%.

Among the leading regions are: Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Moscow, Kazan, Ufa.

To open a mini café, a business plan takes into account the amount of competition. The advantages that will distinguish the new cafe against the background of similar establishments are determined. A reserve fund is being formed.

Modern infrastructure is constantly developing: business centers are being built, new trading platforms are being built. All this entails an increase in the number of workers and employees, for whom, as they say, war is war, and lunch is on schedule.

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Setting up food service outlets is a pretty lucrative business, especially if done in a good location. But the very first step should be a ready-made business plan for the cafe, the correct creation of which will ensure stable and high income in the future.

Cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and coffee houses are in active demand not only among employees on weekdays. Here people spend their time productively, chatting with friends, holding business meetings and going on dates. All this once again points to an example of the fact that you can and should think about opening your own cafe.

Facility category and geographic aspect

First of all, you should understand what target audience your business will target and take this into account in the plan. As an example, your future establishment can be:

  • a café focused on the middle social segment;
  • an elite level café;
  • an evening café, etc.

In order to reach the maximum target audience, it is the average social level that should be considered. The location of such establishments often does not matter much: such cafes can be located both in the city center and in its sleeping areas.

However, it is desirable that there is at least some kind of perspective nearby in the form of office buildings, shopping centers, etc.

Great attention should be paid in terms of the plan, transport interchange and the convenience of access to your future cafe. On the other hand, if it will stand somewhere along the road, it is important to understand that many people will prefer a quieter and slightly farther place to the noise and bustle.

Competitor Research and Bug Analysis

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