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A business plan is the first document that an investor sees when getting to know your company or your business idea. The types of business plans can be different in their scale, and in the field of the analyzed activity, and in the state of the market economy and other characteristics.

The types of business plans can be classified according to different reasons:

  • an investment business plan, the purpose of which is to attract funds from third-party creditors and investors;
  • a company's business plan is a document that defines the main strategic line of development of an enterprise or organization ... The types of such a business plan also include planning the activities of groups of companies (corporations, holdings, etc.) and structural divisions (units) of the company.

  • a costly business plan, the development of which is aimed at obtaining external funding. Today, many lenders do not disburse funds until they have verified the feasibility and profitability of the investment with the help of a business plan;
  • a strategic business plan aimed at developing an organization's development strategy;
  • the current business a plan representing the development opportunities of the enterprise in the current market situation.

3. By the methods used:

  • developed on the basis of UNIDO - an international methodology, which is the most common in the business practice of many countries;
  • developed on the basis of domestic methods (methodology "Pro-Invest -Consult ", methods of the Federal Fund supporting small businesses, etc.);
  • developed on the basis of other methods (including those that are followed by many companies offering business plan services).

  • aimed at creating a company, a new product, innovative technology. These types of business plans help to study promising markets for products, calculate the volume of their sales, estimate production costs, etc.;
  • aimed at financial recovery or development of the company. Such business plans allow an already existing enterprise to identify its weaknesses and eliminate the reasons for unprofitability, low profits, low sales volumes, etc.

The types of business plans can be different, but high quality and professional approach to each of them is the factor that unites them. Our company can offer its clients an individual approach to the preparation of any business plan.

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Business plan types

Any businessman opening his own business should think over all prospects in advance and calculate its profitability. If there is no clear plan for the required amount of financial injections, volumes of labor and intellectual resources, then it will be difficult to achieve success and find your niche among a large number of competitors. To create a stable and successful business, it is necessary not only to constantly collect information about the state of the market and the target audience today, but also to use it effectively.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, any investment project must be supported by a business plan, which is drawn up using preliminary data for a technical and economic justification of its effectiveness. The document must necessarily contain data that reveal the goals of the project, its scale, investment volumes and other specific actions that will be carried out for the development of the project. The business plan contains information that supports the concept of project implementation by referring to economic and technical characteristics and financial calculations.

Business plans of the following type are widely used.

To attract investors

To achieve this goal, extended marketing research data and detailed characteristics must be submitted with the project. It is also assumed that there is a detailed description of the goals and objectives. The fullness of the document is determined from its objective function. If an investment project is to be considered by future shareholders, banks or venture capital firms, then each item of the business plan and its scope must be tailored to the requirements of the addressees.

Business plan for the enterprise

The most frequently used type of this type of documents, which is also called an internal business plan. Its structure will help to correctly organize work not only for a businessman at a large enterprise, but will become an indispensable document for medium and small entrepreneurs in organizing successful activities. The document reveals the main directions of the company's activity, all the positive and negative aspects in the process of business development, and when identifying problem areas, the business plan should outline possible ways to solve them.

This internal document is a working document, so any changes that occur internally or externally that affect operational efficiency may trigger adjustments to the business plan.

The main types of a business plan help an entrepreneur analyze his ideas, choose the most correct solution for the effective development of his business, having studied possible shortcomings and his competitors. The document will become a necessity when attracting investors and other necessary people to the business. Pay special attention to the first section. It is recommended to draw up a resume in such a way that when reading it, investors will have a desire to invest their money in the development of the project.

The idea, objectives and opportunities for generating income as a result of the implementation of the project should be clearly and clearly stated in the resume. If the proof of the novelty of the idea and its prospects seem sufficient to the investor, he will decide on cooperation. Project participants must understand their benefits from participating in the project and the possible risks.

Business plan for lenders

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4. ... Internal business plan of the company 14

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