Business plan to the bank for a loan application

Banking brings a lot of profit, but few can engage in entrepreneurship in this segment. You need to have big investments and good work experience. Taking into account the peculiarities of Russian legislation, today it is easier to buy a ready-made bank than to open a new one. But even in this case, you need to have a business plan of a commercial bank and know the internal processes well.

Open a bank in the Russian Federation

Sometimes opening a bank is necessary to serve the main enterprise. Then the shareholders have to look for large investors in order to form the capital of a commercial bank, develop a detailed business plan and collect a package of documents for registration. Is it worth it?

The market is highly competitive. Russians are more likely to experience an oversupply of credit institutions. At the same time, there are several types of banks. Investment financial institutions work only with entrepreneurs, and universal commercial banks cooperate with individuals. The services offered by the bank also largely depend on the chosen development strategy. Investment banks offer interesting rates for servicing deposits, but charge a large commission for cash settlement services. Universal financial institutions provide a full range of services at reasonable rates.

The central link of the system is the Bank of Russia, which regulates the activities of commercial banks. The latter are conventionally divided into two categories. Universal banks work in all directions, while investment banks are engaged in investing in promising securities.

Formation of a commercial bank

To carry out activities in this segment, you need to obtain a license. It contains a list of permitted operations. The document is valid for two years. This time is enough to choose a specific direction of work in the market.

First you need to register a legal entity. Banks usually open in the form of JSC. Next, you need to send information about the financial institution to the territorial office of the regulator. At this stage, the shareholders should already have formed capital. GTU will check the availability of a minimum amount for registering a bank, the financial history of the organization and all shareholders. If some of the information is hidden, then you can no longer count on obtaining a license.

At the next stages, documents are checked by the Bank of Russia and by the Supervision Committee. If a positive decision is made, then the data on the new bank is transferred to the Federal Tax Service. From now on, founders have 30 days to deposit capital into the account.


To register a bank, you need to provide:

  • Application.
  • Business plan of a commercial bank.
  • Minutes of the meeting of shareholders.
  • Receipt for payment of state duty.
  • Questionnaires of persons who will hold the positions of manager, accountant and deputies.
  • Conclusion of auditors on the reliability of reporting (for entrepreneurs); proof of sources of origin of funds (for individuals).
  • Documents confirming the bank's compliance with the requirements for conducting cash transactions.
  • A copy of the permission from the federal antimonopoly authority to consent to the creation of a financial institution.
  • A package of documents for the initial issue of securities, if the bank is created in the form of JSC.
  • Complete list of shareholders.

An example of a business plan of a commercial bank

In the article, we have collected expert recommendations on drawing up a business plan for obtaining a bank loan for business development and starting from scratch. Also in the article there are 5 examples of business plans.

What is a business plan

To get a bank loan for the needs of a company, you need to draw up a competent and economically sound project on paper.

A business plan for obtaining a loan is a type of document in which all opportunities to start or expand your business are analyzed and described.

In the plan, you should describe how you intend to use the funds received.

Differences from a regular business plan

There are a number of differences:

  • In a business plan for a loan, you justify your need for financing, in a specific time period;
  • you need to prove that borrowed funds are needed specifically for business development;
  • the developed document must confirm that its owner is solvent and will be able to make payments on the loan in due time.

The plan should demonstrate to the bank's specialists that it is safe to lend money to you. For this, it will be analyzed and evaluated.

When a business plan is needed by a lending institution

The document will be requested from the credit institution if:

  • you are an individual entrepreneur;
  • loan funds are needed for a substantial period (more than 3 years);
  • there is no sufficient collateral ;
  • the company has been operating for less than six months;
  • you are applying for preferential credit terms.

Sample business plans for a bank loan

Banking is very profitable, but few can do business in this segment. You need to have big investments and good work experience. Taking into account the peculiarities of Russian legislation, today it is easier to buy a ready-made bank than to open a new one.

Banking business is a profitable, but very difficult direction. And people with extensive experience, the necessary knowledge and the ability to make serious investments are capable of doing this type of business. But if the desire to open a financial institution is great, but there are not enough opportunities, you can open credit organizations. It will take less money to open them.

Usually experienced entrepreneurs go to open a bank. They need their own bank to service the parent company. There are many banks in Russia, including both large and small ones. Big competition. But on the other hand, more and more people use the services of banks, which means that you have the opportunity to establish a successful business. Opening a private bank in Russia is not easy. But in the presence of a well-designed business plan, subject to all the rules and regulations, the business will become successful.

A business plan is essential. It will help you not to miss a single detail and nuance, so that nothing interferes with the work of the bank.

Private bank business plan

Both large and small banks carry out regular medium-term planning of their activities to strengthen their positions. It is for this that a business plan is developed, which is based on analysis and planning.

Detailed planning will allow you to choose the right main strategy for your development, get advantages over competitors. For example, the experience of many banks shows that medium and small banks should work in a specific direction. Only a large bank can be universal. And this area of ​​work should be recorded in the business plan.

Business plan development should be based on development analysis. Analytical developments are carried out in several directions. The legislative environment and the external market, sales and customer base, the position of the bank in the financial market and the assessment of competitors are analyzed. In this case, you can make a forecast for the next five years.

Planning the bank's development strategy will help expand the resource base, increase income growth, and help draw up the main development goals for the next five years. For example, gain a positive reputation and maintain it constantly; expand the range of services; expand the customer base; attract new investments; create a flexible interest rate policy; etc.

Kind of banks

For a beginner entrepreneur, you need to know the existing types of banks in order to choose the direction that most fully can reflect his aspirations. Financial institutions are divided into five types:

In this article, we will learn how to get a loan for a business plan from scratch. Consider the conditions of banks, requirements for borrowers and a list of required documents. We will figure out how to draw up a business plan and what steps you need to go through to apply for a loan.

Banks providing loans against a business plan

Bank name Interest rate Loan amount TermSberbank, "Business Project" from 11.8% to 200,000,000 rubles up to 120 months. osbank, "Investment loan" from 11.81% to 100,000,000 rubles up to 84 months. to Bars Bank, "Development of SMEs" from 10% to 150,000,000 rubles up to 96 months. apsibcombank, "Program 6.5" from 9.6% to 1,000,000,000 rubles up to 36 months

Let's consider in more detail the conditions for obtaining a loan for a business plan for legal entities in Sberbank.

The Bank provides businessmen with an amount of 200,000,000 rubles. The maximum loan term can be up to 10 years. In this case, the client must have his own start-up capital in the amount of at least 10% of the total project cost.

The loan is issued against the security of an individual or legal entity or on the security of existing or acquired property. In this case, the property must be insured.

Early repayment of debt is possible without restrictions. No commission is charged for servicing the loan. However, if the borrower is late in payment, he will have to pay 0.1% of the overdue amount daily. The bank provides for a deferral of payment of the principal debt for a period of up to one year.

What is a business plan

Simply put, a business plan is a detailed description of your business, instructions on how to get the result of your activity. First of all, the entrepreneur himself needs the document in order to assess the prospects of the business and not go astray. In addition, the business plan is a visual confirmation of the profitability of the business for investors. Without it, it will not be possible to take out a loan for the development of the company.

The structure of the document looks like this:

  • Title page. This is a required element of a business plan. It indicates the name of the project, the name of the organization, its location, the date of the document, the contact details of the author of the document.
  • Summary - a summary of the business plan. The resume must indicate the main goals and objectives, ways to achieve them. And also the results of calculations of the economic efficiency of the project and the amount of necessary investments should be presented. It is important to justify the need to invest in the project by the bank and to prove the possibility of returning borrowed funds from future profits.
  • Detailed description of the project, area of ​​activity, industry. Here it is necessary to designate the purpose of the organization's functioning, the specifics of its activities, the product produced. It is important to reflect the uniqueness of the product offer, to pay attention to the consumer value that the product will carry. In the same section, the results of the market analysis should be presented, showing the viability of the project.
  • Marketing plan. The most important thing in this part of the plan is to demonstrate to the bank that the product will be successful in the market and make a profit.
  • Production plan. One of the most important elements of the plan for the bank, as it indicates the costs of the project. Here you need to indicate the volume of production, which will cover the costs. This is another proof of the viability of your business for the bank.
  • The financial plan is also important for the bank. In this part, the costs for each stage of the development of the project are written, the amount of funds raised is indicated. It is very important to display what exactly the funds are spent on. The expected profit of the enterprise for each period is also indicated here.
  • Project risks. With the help of this section, you must convince the bank that even in case of failure, you can return the borrowed funds.
  • Application. Contains the documents on the basis of which the business plan was drawn up. It also includes the statutory documents of the company.

Why does the bank need a business plan

In order to draw up the correct business plan for the bank, you need to know why it needs it: in order to make sure that the funds issued to you are repaid. If the bank considers your project too risky, then the loan will be refused. In this case, we advise you to resort to the help of guarantors, who will become the guarantor of your solvency.

Preliminary analysis and the need for a plan are often underestimated by entrepreneurs. But it is the business plan to the bank for applying for a loan that makes it possible to understand the possibilities and feasibility of creating a new business or developing an existing one. Planning allows you to understand (both the owners of the company and the lenders) the essence of the project, but most importantly - the expected benefits.

Why and who needs a business plan for a loan application?

Credit resources are the most common tool that allows you to create and develop your own business, to increase working capital and production volumes. But to get them for creating or developing a business, you need a well-written business plan. It is necessary both for a loan for a business from scratch and for a long-running enterprise. This is due to the fact that it is more convenient for the bank to assess its risks and the applicant's solvency. It is from a correctly drawn up business plan for a bank loan that in most cases a positive decision on a loan application depends.

There are many nuances. The main thing is that it is necessary, on the one hand, to simply and clearly convey to the lender the basic information on the project, on the other hand, the document must contain sufficient information on the payback period and the applicant's solvency.

What happens if you don't make a business loan plan?

If for obtaining a consumer loan the main document is just a certificate of your income, then to receive money for creating or developing a business, it is necessary to provide a business plan. Without this document, most likely, you will be denied a loan for a business, since it will be difficult for the bank to assess the solvency and all the risks associated with your project.

You can draw up a business plan for a loan either on your own based on available examples, or by contacting professionals in this field.

How to draw up a business plan for a bank loan

The first thing to do is to create a clear structure that would allow you to quickly understand the essence of the project. A sample business plan for obtaining a loan and the sections that it should contain can be found on the websites of specialized organizations directly involved in this activity. If you are new to this business, but do not want to use the services of professionals, then at least you should contact such an organization for advice on certain sections.

Example of a business plan structure

General information:

  • Purpose of the enterprise
  • Description of the main idea / activity
  • Required investments
  • Share of required borrowed resources
  • Description of competitive advantages
  • Calculation of payback periods and the procedure for repayment of credit resources
  • Brief overview of financial and performance indicators
  • Legal details, license numbers and other guarantees confirming the stability of the borrower

Description of the enterprise:

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