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We are already coming to an end in the business planning process. In our business plan, we practically paved the way for success for your business. It remains to add the last section - Appendices to the business plan.

Attachment to the business plan

In this section of the business plan, we will simply document everything that has been done. We have already done all the analyzes, tables, calculations, forecasts. If all this was done in one MS Excel document with several pages, then there are already all the necessary tables that will need to be entered in the attachment to the business plan.

Simply put, here we should simply place the information that we received in the planning process in a convenient form.

Attachments to the business plan: what should be placed?

Place each table or any of the above subsections on a separate page for clarity. If in the previous sections of the business plan you talked about these tables, then immediately ask the reader to look at the appendix, where the representation of the same element is more complete.

Something is required!

And at the end I would like to add something really optional, but very useful not only for you as an entrepreneur, but also for all operational employees involved in the operation of the business according to the plan. This is what I call commitment to the business plan.

You don't have to achieve 100% of everything that is described in the plan (in practice, this is most often the case). But be sure to have a tool that will make you follow what you yourself have planned.

Nobody makes bad plans for their business, even if mathematically, there are bad indicators in the planning process. Therefore, we are talking about the planning process, here you can still change, adjust. Thus, your plan cannot be bad at all. Work on it, bring your plan to a really working one. All that remains is to fulfill it. If you are not going to follow it, then don't write it :-).

Don't rush

If you have an idea - be prepared for the fact that the same idea has recently been born in the head of another person. Not every idea leads to success, and even more so, there is no need to rush to develop a mobile application right away (this advice can be especially given to programmers). In every project, development should be preceded by a planning stage consisting of at least two stages:

  • Business analysis - analyzing the needs of the target audience, collecting application requirements, formulating project goals. This step should give you the answer to the question, DO users NEED the product.
  • Business plan - an estimate of the cost of development and commissioning, the formulation of a monetization strategy, an estimate of the return on investment in the project. This stage provides an answer to the question, IS IT PROFITABLE to produce a product.

What is included in business analysis?

Gather information about your competitors and peers. The mobile app market is very saturated right now. For example, as of the beginning of 2021, the number of iOS applications exceeded 2 million, and the number of Android applications exceeded 3 million at all. You do not need to analyze all applications on your topic, you just need to select three or four market leaders for analysis.

After the information about the market leaders has been collected - answer the question:

Write down how your product will outperform the market leaders and what target audience it is designed for. Prepare a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your users. Keep in mind that, inspired by your idea, you will most likely be biased in your assessments, so be sure to let other people read your business plan and carefully consider their comments.

What features will the app include?

When choosing functions, follow a simple rule:

It is better for an application to perform one task perfectly than if it mediocrely performs all the tasks the user needs.

Mobile applications are already a part of our life, we use them every day not even once, but dozens of times a day.

This includes software for smartphones - maps, games, traffic jams, programs to quit smoking and so on. But not many of us thought that you can also make money on this. Consider a business plan for creating mobile applications.

Earnings on mobile apps for Android and IOS

In the modern world, it is difficult to find a person who has never held a smartphone, Iphone, or tablet in his hands.

This article will discuss the types of applications, as well as the nuances of adding them to the Google Play (Android Market) and Apple Store stores, give illustrative examples and cost calculations, talk about profitability and ROI.

Most Popular Apps

And so let's consider an action movie. The very first thing we need is to find a developer (preferably to be able to write under IOS) if you know how to write it yourself.

But, it is best to create informational or applications for everyday use, since games can quickly get bored and people will no longer return to this game, and the information application is suitable for both older people and minors, and the statistics of downloads will only grow and grow.

Creating an Android application

Let's start with Android. It is much easier to find a developer for it than for IOS, and so you have already decided on the genre of your application.

Today there are many types of small, large businesses. And it's worth considering how many reports will need to be kept. In this article, I will try to help entrepreneurs who would like to automate the process of writing a business plan. I will tell you about a program that will help you draw up a business plan correctly and reduce time and labor costs.

Why maintain a business plan? Even a small business requires a well-written business plan. A business plan is an economic dictionary that contains answers to many questions that solve many business problems. Without such a plan, it is not worth starting a commercial activity, otherwise the chance of burnout increases several times.

Such a program is specially developed for entrepreneurs, operating companies who want to launch new projects, the programs allow simulating market behavior.

On the Internet today there are many special programs that are specially designed for drawing up a business plan. Each program has its own pros and cons, but it is Project Expert that has features that its closest competitors do not have. This program is recommended for people who do not have extensive business knowledge and for maintaining reports on existing projects in progress.

Project Expert

This is a program that allows you to develop a business plan and even assess a future investment project. Most often, in a small business, 1C programs are used for such purposes, but they are too expensive and you will have to hire programmers to work with such software. The version of the Project Expert program itself, which allows you to write a business plan, is free, but you will have to pay to get the function of evaluating investment projects. This program is distributed in all countries, translated into many languages, which will greatly simplify the work in it. The program will help you provide different forms of reporting for future depositors, creditors, and give them the opportunity to understand and evaluate your business.

Who is this program for

Destination utility for small and large businesses. It can apply a financial model, develop your business plans, and it is also capable of providing services in various areas of business, which makes it an excellent assistant in business.

Options when using this program

Business plan and its development

Modeling your firm's business plan, assessing possible ways to improve your organization, assessing the prospects for moving to another market - all this is necessary to create a financial plan.

  • Financial statements: data on the waste of assets, find out the balance sheet, statement of profit or loss.
  • Create a table with projected financial performance.
  • The total cost of your business plan.
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Financial statements

Currently, the service sector is developing at an ever faster pace in the Russian market. As a necessary component in any field of activity, services as a business object are attracting an increasing number of entrepreneurs.

Software Service


Any production, from the production of diapers to the construction of spaceships, needs a certain set of services. Thus, our company operates in the most dynamic field - the service sector.

We plan to provide a wide range of services, such as:

• intermediary activity in the sale of consumer goods, electronic and other equipment, souvenirs;

• marketing and sale of products, goods and services of Russian and foreign companies;

• consulting activities and provision of consulting and information services;

• organization and holding of exhibitions, fairs, auctions;

• implementation of complex services related to the organization and operation of offices;

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