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Chapter 1. Methodological foundations of business planning

1. Business plan, structure, purpose

1. Types of international business planning standards

1. Differences in business planning standards

Chapter 2. Analytical part

2. Differences in international business planning standards

2. Brief description of the business plan drawn up in accordance with the UNIDO2 standard

List of sources used

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The world market and the global economy is not just a buzz of words. We buy and sell goods across international borders with wild rejection. Import and export businesses are everywhere, sometimes in wholesaling and sometimes as independent buyers and retailers, buying goods in one country and selling them in another. Here is a set of resources, products and services to help you develop a new business importing and exporting products.

Import Export Sample Business Plans

Looking for inspiration? Check out our business plans for import export companies. See how others like you got started and turned their business idea into reality. These plans can be read in full online.

Coffee Export Business Plan (Full Plan Online) In this example, the Silvera & Sons Business Plan prepares Arabica green coffee beans grown in Brazil for export to American bagels and sells to wholesalers in the Brazilian market.

Artificial Flower Import Business Plan (Full Plan Online) Sample Business Plan Fantastic Florals, Inc. imports exclusively handmade from artisans from Indonesia. The firm is headquartered in Anytown and has a customs broker who handles customs-related matters.

Manufacturer's Export Business Plan (Full Plan Online) Grutzen Watches Business Plan Sample describes how this manufacturing and distribution company plans to become the number one selling European-made watch in the western United States.

Print store website business plan (full plan online) PrintingSolutions. om is designed as a global online printing service and printing company focused on reducing the overall price structure of printing. PrintingSolutions. om intends to set up and operate an online print shop with offices and online services headquartered in that country and offshore-built print media and import finished products from customers.

Export Export Marketing Plan

See how Silvera and Sons put together a marketing plan to increase exports of Brazilian coffee beans to roasters in the United States. They inform current and potential customers through a targeted effort, their position as a differentiated supplier of high quality Arabica beans.

Business Resource Kit Launch

What is better for business planning?

As soon as an idea for a business appears in my head, I immediately want to fight. At the same time, the voice of reason does not give rest, which whispers: "We ought to calculate everything!" And this is correct, because without planning it will not be possible to find out whether it is worth investing money and time in a project, how profitable it will be, when and under what conditions it will pay off.

There are two types of planning: business plan and financial model.

What is a business plan

Business plan - a document that describes the strategy and tactics for the implementation of a new project. In fact, this is the trajectory of the entrepreneur from point A to the desired result

Globally, it has two goals:

Raise funding or partnerships. The investor looks at the business plan to understand whether the business will be profitable and how much money can be expected.

Be a guide to action for the entrepreneur himself. With a business plan, the next step for a business owner is clear at any moment.

This business plan is a voluminous document that describes the future business. It contains many sections, here are just a few of them:

  • general description of the project,
  • goods and services,
  • marketing plan and market analysis
  • production plan ,
  • governance structure,
  • risk analysis,
  • financial plan.

In general, to write a business plan, you will have to work hard - conduct research and solve a number of difficult organizational problems.

What is a financial model

Finmodel - a large table with indicators and their relationships, represents the structure of the business in numbers.

Entrepreneurship gives a person a lot of prospects. However, without knowledge of the market and the chosen niche, assessment of future costs and financial parameters, you can not only fail to reach the level of planned profit, but also lose everything that was invested. The development of a business plan for a future project will help to avoid this. This is a crucial moment, having given enough time to it, a person will be able to enter the market with the necessary knowledge base.

What is a business plan

A business plan is a document that displays a complete program of what needs to be done to implement a new project. It necessarily justifies the project itself, assesses the implementation environment. In the course of drawing up a business plan, an entrepreneur chooses effective methods of managing his own business, which should help him achieve the intended financial and production results.

Working in a specific niche requires special knowledge and skills from a businessman. The development strategy also depends on the level of competition and the format of the enterprise. All this is reflected in the business plan. By working through each of his steps, the entrepreneur creates a competitive and profitable model of behavior.

Any business plan is based on a certain idea, be it opening your own restaurant or selling products, providing travel services. And how clearly the business plan is drawn up will depend on the understanding of 3 things:

  • What is there now? A person who has never worked in a business or a specific niche has much less knowledge than an experienced entrepreneur. Such people should clearly understand what knowledge they lack, what size of start-up capital they have. It will not be superfluous to analyze whether there is equipment available for the implementation of the idea, a room (for example, a garage can be used as a warehouse, you can plant seedlings on your own plot for growing vegetables and fruits).
  • What will be the end result? It will not be an abstract idea of ​​wealth, real estate and apartments. It is important to set a specific goal: for how long and for what volumes of production / services you need to go, what should be the profit. You can also strive for a specific position in a niche, brand awareness.
  • What needs to be done to get from what is now to the final result? Ideally, this should be a clear plan of action. A person must assess the size of the required investments, understand what difficulties may arise on his way. This also includes the definition of a marketing strategy, drawing up a production plan. Be sure to pay attention to the specifics of doing business (do you need licenses, certificates, permits, are there any subsidies and grants from the state).

Knowing the answers to all questions, a person will be able to draw up a business plan from scratch, reflecting the realities of the chosen case.

What is it for

A person who has been working in a certain field for many years can often assess his capabilities without a business plan. For a beginner, starting a business without a clear sequence of actions is most likely to mean the collapse of the idea.

Drawing up a business plan allows a future entrepreneur not only to understand the specifics of work, but also to assess the situation on the market, and develop a strategy for further promotion. The relevance of information is one of the most important planning principles. If the data is outdated, its use will not lead a person to success.

Sometimes experienced entrepreneurs also resort to drawing up a business plan. In this case, they use it to attract investments, receive financing from banks.

Depending on the purposes of drawing up a business plan, it is divided into two types:

  • Internal. Developed for an entrepreneur or company employees. It is usually the businessman himself who compiles it. A ready-made plan is used to develop a strategy, management decisions, and risk avoidance. In the long term, it allows you to think about the possibilities for further development. For example, if an entrepreneur opens his own restaurant, he can immediately decide how successful the idea of ​​his own delivery service, celebrating holidays, opening a barbecue or bakery based on an existing establishment will be.
  • External. Its main task is to convince investors to invest in the project. Here, much attention is paid to the financial component of the idea: how much you need to invest, when the funds will be returned, how much you can earn from it. Sometimes a business plan is drawn up before the sale of your enterprise in order to highlight all its positive aspects and financial benefits to buyers.

A business plan (business planning) is a structured description of the main directions of the company's activities and development that correspond to its strategy. Such a description is understood as a generally accepted in world practice methodology for the development and form of presentation of specific prospects, tasks (see Objectives of strategic management) and goals (see Goal setting) of activities and means of achieving them. A business plan usually contains detailed information about the mission (see Mission), production, household and financial work of the company, an assessment of the prospects, conditions and forms of cooperation based on the balance of its own economic interest and the interests of partners, investors, consumers and competitors.

A business plan is a roadmap that guides you to your planned business goal, outlines routes to follow, indicates milestones and, most importantly, shows you what you will achieve when you reach your destination.

English term - business plan


Why do you need a business plan?

Preparing a business plan is essential because it:

1. It will help you to more clearly define the motives and goals of your work business. Without knowing why and why you are going to do it, you will not be able to deliver

2. Helps to formulate the concept of your company. Based on a clear, concise, well-thought-out concept, you will make all decisions, starting with what color to paint the walls.

3. It will help to form an idea of ​​the opportunities and limitations of the market and answer the questions: which direction is the most promising? Who are your rivals? How are you going to compete with them?

4. It will help to form a clearer idea of ​​the target consumer audience that you intend to serve. Without a clear understanding of potential customers, you will not be able to meet their needs and therefore will not be successful in business. Knowing the target audience is essential for marketing and realizing a business concept;

5. Helps determine what products should be offered to customers. Knowing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the target audience (see SWOT analysis and PEST analysis) of consumers will help them decide which products will be of interest to them;

6. It will help you determine what services you will offer your customers: whether it will be home delivery, 24/7 ordering service or wholesale;

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