Business plan: Opening a car service

The opportunity to create your own business attracts many. A successful business provides an opportunity not to work for hire and at the same time have a good income, confidence in the future, etc. This raises a reasonable question, on the solution of which further success depends. What kind of business to start? After all, everyone has different starting amounts. Someone has free money for experiments, and someone is so confident in the success of the upcoming business that they are ready to use borrowed funds. Let's take a closer look at the business plan of the service center and other important features. Novice investors will be able to decide for themselves whether it is profitable to do this business or not.

A sample of a successful service center business plan

Everyone wants ready-made solutions. However, you need to understand that the information below should be considered approximate, and not taken as a ready-made guide that must be followed step by step. The business plan of the service center should be developed by specialists taking into account the specifics of the region, starting conditions and other factors. Indeed, here, as in many other areas, there are no universal solutions for everyone.

So, it's worth starting with the relevance of the idea. The service center can be considered a potentially successful business. After all, every modern person possesses and uses technical means. That is why periodically there is a need for maintenance or repair of an electronic device. Timely modernization and correct settings keep the equipment in working order.

So, the business plan of the service center should begin with the formation of the goals that the future enterprise sets for itself. The main one is making a profit through the creation of an efficiently functioning organization. The secondary goal is to meet the needs of customers related to servicing computer and mobile technology.

The business plan of the telephone repair service center will include many more points. Let's dwell on each of them in more detail.


Every potential businessman faces difficulties. It is best to be aware of the potential risks in advance. And if you also prepare for them, then there is a high probability that the business plan of the Apple service center will be successful.

So, it's worth mentioning the main risks.

  • High competition.
  • Lack of qualified personnel.
  • Constant updating of technical devices by manufacturers. This leads to the fact that spare parts quickly become obsolete and become unclaimed. That is why the owners of service centers prefer to order them as needed, rather than purchase in bulk. Although, it would seem, the second option allows you to save money. But this is irrelevant if you are developing a business plan for a phone repair service center.


This is an urgent problem for all managers. And especially for a novice businessman. After all, at the start, he does not make a lot of profit, so he cannot offer a decent reward and hire qualified employees. You have to pay low and choose from candidates willing to work for a penny. However, among them there are rarely conscientious and highly qualified craftsmen.

Service center business plan: an example of a successful business plan, tips and tricks

Business idea: Own car service

The current state of the car market in Russia inevitably tends to the common European indicators. Over the previous year, according to statistics, over 1.4 million passenger cars were sold in Russia. Among all European countries, Russia occupies the fifth position (among the first: Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy).

However, at the same time, the Russian car market is characterized by the following features: the indicator of the number of passenger cars per thousand people of the adult population is about 40% less than in Western Europe - this figure is 350 cars per 1000 people; the passenger car fleet is represented by vehicles with an average age of about 12 years - the age of domestic cars is on average 16 years, and foreign cars - less than 10 years; the main market segment is occupied by cars of domestic production and foreign models made in Russia.

The rise in prices for passenger cars over the previous 3 years was about 40%, respectively, there was a drop in sales. However, analysts predict that the market will recover in the near future due to the stabilization of the ruble exchange rate, changes in oil prices and effective government support measures. Based on these indicators, it follows that the automotive market in Russia is actively developing, and its development requires the creation of a developed network of services.

Sample Business Plan

It is almost impossible to create an absolutely correct version of a business plan for opening a car service and service station. The fact is that the cost of service varies in different regions of Russia. In some regions, residents have a high standard of living, which undoubtedly entails high costs for service personnel. Also, in different parts of the same territory, the rental price differs. Accordingly, the profitability from one object may be different.

An approximate average option for opening a car service will have the following requirements:

  • territory and building

The priority is a modular building. It is notable for its low cost and ease of construction. The complex is a combination of three modules: car wash, service station, administrative premises. The area is 250 sq. ... The approximate cost of construction will be about 5 thousand rubles per sq. ...

For car washes: devices for cold and hot washing, cleaning systems, compressor, small utility equipment. The approximate cost is about 200 thousand rubles. It will vary from the quality and brand of the purchased equipment, production capacity and the breadth of service.

For service stations: oil change equipment (available on lease), diagnostic stand (180 thousand rubles), lift (400 thousand rubles), tire fitting equipment (120 thousand rubles) and much more, depending on car service specialization.

All indicated prices are approximate, since the equipment may cost a different amount depending on exchange rates, the breadth or narrowness of the specialization of the car service and a number of other parameters will have a huge impact. Also, do not forget about the costs of service personnel, utilities (electricity, sewerage, water supply), advertising and promotion, seasonality, etc.

The average profitability of a car service in Russia can be in the region of 400-500 thousand rubles per month. If we assume that all the work will be carried out by 5 employees with an average salary of 20 thousand rubles, then the net profit will be approximately 350 thousand rubles, excluding lease of premises, utilities and other fixed costs. On average, the payback of this project under relatively favorable conditions can be about 2 years, further work will bring significant amounts of profit.

The opportunity to start your own business attracts many. A successful business provides an opportunity not to work for hire and at the same time have a good income, confidence in the future, etc. This raises a reasonable question, on the solution of which further success depends. What kind of business to start? After all, everyone has different starting amounts. Someone has free money for experiments, and someone is so confident in the success of the upcoming business that they are ready to use borrowed funds.

Reviews for the business plan of computer service ()

The main thing about the business plan of computer service in the year

Secrets of organizing computer service

Today, when every family has at least one computer, the demand for computer services has grown to the maximum. The organization of service activities does not require significant investments from a businessman, and therefore any novice entrepreneur can enter this business. Large players are not interested in the computer service business, which excludes the presence of serious monopolists in this market segment.

The habit of trusting the setting up of the modem, reinstalling the operating system and eliminating the consequences of accidents on the hard drive is gradually becoming a thing of the past to acquaintances who are more "smart" in terms of computer literacy. Home craftsmen are not always able to cope with any problems, while computer service specialists are ready to provide professional services at any time.

But, despite the relatively low threshold for entering a business such as a service center, an entrepreneur should prepare for certain problems. And the success of the entire project depends on how competent the organization of the computer assistance service will be.

The main enemy of a businessman planning to organize his own business - a computer service, often becomes high competition. And not so much on the part of large players as on the part of private traders, often acting semi-legally. For this reason, companies wishing to stay afloat are forced to improve the quality of their work, expand the range of services provided in order to attract new customers and retain old ones.

As the experience of opening a computer service shows, the most important criteria that most clients are guided by are the quality and speed of work. The organization of the service center should be built in such a way that it would be beneficial for the client to contact you. You can keep a client with a flexible pricing policy, discounts, additional services. The qualifications of the craftsmen are of great importance. Therefore, planning to open his own computer service, a businessman needs to take a responsible approach to the selection of personnel. It is necessary to clearly debug the system for accepting applications for repairs, to provide the client with the opportunity for free consultations.

Reaching a certain level and gaining a foothold in it is the number one task for a novice entrepreneur. A professional business plan for a computer service will help you cope with it. Relying on it in the process of opening a computer service center, you will save yourself a lot of problems and will be able to stand out favorably against the background of numerous competitors.

A ready-made business plan for a computer service from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

Despite the abundance of car repair shops and craftsmen in every city, none of them is out of work: the domestic demand for car repair services remains open. The number of machines is growing, both new and serviced, and they all require technical support.

In such conditions, opening a service station seems to be a profitable direction for investment. In this material, we will give a detailed business plan for a car service center from scratch, tell you about the stages of development and give an approximate calculation of payback.

Description of the car service project

You can really make money at a car service. Despite the high competition in the market, the demand for auto repair services remains high and continues to grow along with the growth of the car fleet in Russia.

You can get started in different formats; This car service business plan considers the idea of ​​opening a multifunctional car service center, which will offer a wide range of services, from repairs to washing. This will allow you to reach as many clients as possible and increase revenue.

It is necessary to warn that it is better to open this business for a person with experience in car services or with the support of such an expert.

The case will require rather large investments, more than 10 million rubles. You can implement a project by your own efforts or with the help of franchisors.

Relevance of auto repair business

The number of vehicles in Russia is growing every year. As of the beginning of 2021, the fleet of automotive vehicles in the country totaled almost 52 million units, 84% of which were passenger cars.

This directly affects the capacity of the car service market, because every car needs those. service. In value terms, the market capacity is about 600 billion rubles. in year. There is potential for further expansion due to the growth of the vehicle fleet and the deterioration of transport.

The following services are in high demand:

  • car wash ;
  • body repair;
  • tire fitting.

This article provides a ready-made business project for opening a car service. An example of a ready-made business plan for car repair contains all the necessary calculations and information. You can write a business plan yourself, adapt it to an individual project. The car service business plan was developed by professionals in compliance with the rules and regulations, therefore it is applicable for all cities and regions of the country.


The main idea of ​​the car service business plan is to launch a private enterprise, the goal of which is the maintenance of Japanese vehicles.

The launch of private entrepreneurship is planned in the city of Lipetsk. Also, the location of the future business should be close to the industrial area of ​​the city. A positive characteristic of this choice is that it is from this location that sufficiently good visibility is provided. And this, in turn, allows you to attract customers. In addition, these facilities have low rental rates, which will significantly save on car service costs.

Investment plan

The estimated amount of investment, according to the sample car service business plan with calculations, will be about $ 25063.81.

It is also planned that about seventy percent of investments will come through lending. It is also expected to receive a loan for a car service for a period of two or three years with twenty percent per year. The beginning entrepreneur is advised to choose a differentiated loan repayment schedule.

Payback calculation

An example of a business plan for a car service with calculations based on the following payback indicators:

  • The planned payback period for entrepreneurship will be about ten years;
  • The net present value of this project will be approximately $ 52,035.6;
  • The simple payback period for this business will be about four years;
  • The discounted payback period of a business project, which includes inflation and investment returns, can be about five years;
  • The internal rate of return of this the business project will be about fifty-seven percent;
  • The discounted rate will be seventeen percent.

Choosing a suitable location for a car service

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