Business plan on the example of the company Astroy LLC

Currently, due to the global financial crisis, small business needs to be flexible and promptly solve emerging problems in order to survive in the market. The situation is undoubtedly difficult, but on the other hand, weaker enterprises will be forced to leave the market, that is, from the point of view of a particular enterprise, a number of competitors will be naturally liquidated. If for the country's economy this is undoubtedly a problem, then for the economy of the company, the current situation gives a chance to break out into the leaders, to win a large market share and thereby strengthen its position in a particular market. An important task for the development of small businesses is to attract investments. This requires a well-reasoned, thoroughly substantiated design of proposals requiring capital investments. The document containing all the necessary information is the business plan of the enterprise.

In a market economy, a business plan is a working tool for both existing firms and for the formation of a new business, used in all areas of entrepreneurship.

The purpose of developing a business plan is to plan the company's economic activities for the immediate and long-term periods in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary resources. A business plan helps an entrepreneur to solve the following main tasks:

  • - to determine the specific directions of the firm's activities, target markets and the firm's place in these markets;
  • - to formulate the long-term and short-term goals of the firm, the strategy and tactics for achieving them. Determine the persons responsible for the implementation of the strategy;
  • - select the composition and determine the indicators of goods and services that will be offered by the firm to consumers. Evaluate production and trading costs for their creation and implementation;
  • - will identify the compliance of the existing personnel of the company, the conditions for motivating their work with the requirements for achieving the set goals;
  • - to determine the composition of the company's marketing activities for market research, advertising, sales promotion, pricing, distribution channels, etc.;
  • - to assess the financial position of the company and the correspondence of the available financial and material resources to the possibilities of achieving the set goals;
  • - to anticipate difficulties , "Pitfalls" that can interfere with the practical implementation of the business plan.

The main advantage of business planning is that a properly drawn up plan of this kind gives the prospects for the development of the company, i.e. Ultimately, it answers the most important question for a businessman: is it worth investing in this business, whether it will bring income that will pay off all the costs and forces of funds. As a rule, the need for a business plan arises when solving such urgent tasks as:

  • - preparation of applications for existing and newly created firms for a loan;
  • - justification of proposals for the privatization of state-owned enterprises;
  • - opening of a new business, defining the profile of the future company and the main directions of its commercial activities;
  • - re-profiling of the existing company, choosing new types, directions and methods of carrying out commercial operations;
  • - drawing up prospectuses for the issue of securities ( shares, bonds) of privatized and private firms;
  • - entering the foreign market and attracting foreign investment.

Depending on the focus and scope of the business, the scope of work on drawing up a business plan can vary in a fairly wide range, i.e. the degree of detail can be different. In one case, the business plan requires less elaboration, some sections may be missing altogether.

In another, the business plan will have to be developed in full, for this, through labor-intensive and complex marketing research.

A business plan is a promising document and it is recommended to draw it up for at least a number of years in advance. For the first and second years, the main indicators are recommended to be given in a quarterly breakdown, and, if possible, even monthly. Starting from the third year, you can limit yourself to annual indicators.

The main recommendations in preparing a business plan are brevity, i.e. presentation of only the most important for each section of the plan; accessibility in study and understanding, i.e. a business plan should be understandable to a wide range of people, not just specialists and not be replete with technical details. It should also be convincing, concise, and arouse interest in the partner. Only by interested in a potential investor, an entrepreneur can hope for the success of his business.

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Basics of business planning in the company "Astroy"

  • CHAPTER 1. Theoretical aspects of developing a business plan
    • 1. The essence and objectives of the business plan
    • 1. Consistency and development of a business plan
    • 1. The structure and content of the business plan
    • 3. Paragraph 1. Summary
    • 3. Paragraph 2. writing the project
    • 3. Paragraph 3 Description of the company
    • 3. Paragraph 4. Price of the market and competitiveness
    • 3. Paragraph 5. Features of the technology
    • 3. Paragraph 6. Planning of turnover
    • 3. Paragraph 7. Personnel planning
    • 3. Paragraph 8. Financial plan and financing strategy
    • 3. Paragraph 9. Assessing the risks of the business plan
    • 3. 0 Paragraph 10. Analysis of actual financial indicators and their comparison with indicators according to the business plan of OOO Astroy

1) study the theoretical aspects of developing a business plan

2) identify the essence and objectives of business planning;

3) study the classification of business plans;

4) study the structure and content of the business plan;

5) application of methods of scientific knowledge

6) analysis of the business plan of the company "Astroy".

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1 Theoretical aspects of developing a business plan. 6

1. The essence and objectives of business planning. 6

1. Classification of business plans. 8

1. The structure and content of the business plan. 9

2 Development of a business plan for Makin and Company LLC. 14

2. Brief information about the enterprise. 15

2. Project implementation plan. 16

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Currently, in a crisis economy, it is very important to take timely appropriate response measures. And here the planning process will provide invaluable help, because it allows you to analyze the entire range of future business operations. It is on the basis of planning the further behavior of his business that the entrepreneur gets a real opportunity to minimize the internal and part of the external risks of the company, and retains the flexibility of production management.

The current economic situation forces an entrepreneur to pay particular attention to intra-company planning, and it is a business plan that is a progressive form of such planning.

A business plan is a document that justifies a company's success. It consists of the tasks that need to be solved, the timing of these tasks, indicators and other items. Any commercial business involves drawing up a business plan. It is almost impossible to achieve success without it.

What is a business plan for?

The business plan has three main objectives:

First: defining the tasks to be performed by managers.

Second: visibility of the project. If you make a plan, a to-do list, and set deadlines and procedures, the process will be more efficient. You will be able to identify deficiencies at an early stage that will be immediately corrected. And these pitfalls will not lead to loss of money. Without a business plan, all problems will be solved along the way, this does not always lead to success.

A business plan can be compared to a rehearsal. A large percentage of business failure is associated with self-deception. A business plan should not be a fiction, an appearance. Often such documents are not connected with the real state of affairs, a significant part of them is pure fiction. And if you believe this fiction, then the result can be disappointing. This approach initially destroys the whole thing.

Finally, the third goal of drawing up a business plan is to attract sponsors and investors. Well-drafted documents always attract the attention of professionals. And this will be the key to development and prosperity.

The business plan is able to cope with the competition. With a thorough analysis of market needs, you can determine which of the competitors will not interfere with your business. Others will drop out because of your awareness. A business plan can get ahead of the competition by several steps, and in business these steps can play a decisive role. Moreover, if you know how to draw up the right business plan, then you can bring the company to the first place in its segment.

We live in a free economy age, so planning and transparency must be combined. These two tools allow you to legally and legally bring a company to a high level, set the direction for growth and development, remove competitors and stimulate further prosperity.

All these arguments are not just words. Scientists have conducted a study identifying the relationship of successful planning with the growth of the company. The research was carried out in various sectors of the economy, but the result remained the same - the better the business plan is drawn up, the more successful the development of the company is. The profit of such enterprises differs significantly from the profit of competitors. Your team must follow the plan clearly, then the company will be head and shoulders above other firms that did not take business planning seriously.

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