Business plan of the enterprise: structure, content, development features

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Business plan of the enterprise: structure, content, development features

Within the framework of strategic planning, many issues of company management are resolved, including: development of a general corporate strategy; preparation of strategic decisions in certain economic areas; analysis of the competitive environment; determination of the main goals of the company; management of strategically important factors of activity in the market; the formation of a marketing strategy in the market for individual goods; studying the life cycle of products on the market; portfolio management; identification of strategic prospects for financing capital investments; formulation of the general concept of enterprise development; analysis of prospects in this area; study of the cost structure.

Planning is known to be an integral part of strategic management. The process of strategic management proceeds in three stages: initially, the long-term development prospects of the enterprise and its main divisions are determined; at the stage of implementation of plans, measures are developed to implement the corporate strategy; with the help of control, the main problems in the implementation of the company's strategy are revealed.

· to understand the degree of reality of achieving the intended results;

prove to a certain circle of people the expediency of reorganizing the work of an existing company or creating a new one;

· to convince company employees of the possibility of achieving qualitative or quantitative indicators outlined in the project, etc.

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics

Department of Economics and Informatics


in the discipline "BASICS OF BUSINESS"


1st year student Natalya Vladimirovna Minets

Every entrepreneur, starting his activity, must clearly understand the need for the future in financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receipt, and also be able to clearly calculate the efficiency of using resources in the process of the firm's work.

In a market economy, entrepreneurs will not be able to achieve sustainable success if they do not clearly and effectively plan their activities, constantly collect and accumulate information both about the state of target markets, the position of competitors in them, and about their own prospects and opportunities ...

With all the variety of forms of entrepreneurship, there are key provisions that are applicable in almost all areas of commercial activity and for different firms, but necessary in order to timely prepare and bypass potential difficulties and dangers, thereby reducing the risk in achieving the set goals.

An important task is the problem of attracting investments, including foreign ones, in operating and developing enterprises. To do this, it is necessary to substantiate and justify the design of projects (proposals) requiring investment. For these and some other purposes, a business plan is applied.

The business plan is meant to help:

a) a new generation of entrepreneurs;

Moscow Open Social University

Faculty of Finance and Economics

By discipline "Management"

On the topic: "Business plan development".

Specialty "Accounting and Audit"

Teacher: V. Repnikova.

II Drawing up a business plan ……………………………………………………

2. ... Initial information for drawing up a business plan…. …………. ……… 5

2. ... Recommendations for developing a business plan ……………. ……. ……………… 6

· description of the type of activity, product (work or service) ……. ……… 8

A business without a plan is like a bird without wings.

Russia's transition to a market economy in the current conditions has no alternative. In this regard, an increasingly necessary document for obtaining funds in order to expand the activities of firms and enterprises is becoming a business plan. Possession of theoretical and practical skills in drawing up a business plan is a prerequisite for the successful activity of both employees of economic services and heads of firms, organizations, enterprises, regardless of the organizational and legal form and scale of activity.

All business people at some point have a sense of the urgent need for a business plan. The need for it comes when ideas about the development of an existing or the creation of a new enterprise from the stage of dreams pass to attempts at careful exploration: where to borrow money for a project?

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Head: Plotnikova E. .. _

In market conditions characterized by fierce competition, the traditional level of services provided is no longer enough, it is necessary to expand the scope of activities, to occupy those market niches where you can use your capabilities as efficiently as possible. Much attention is paid to business planning in enterprises. The business plan is the foundation for the opening enterprise and the guiding beginning for the already operating enterprise. Drawing up business plans is necessary to address issues related to the justification of the prospects for the development of enterprises, the implementation of the restructuring of production, the creation of more efficient and cost-effective work. It is also the basis for attracting investment.

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