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Financial model of the training center

Brief Investment Memorandum

In this business plan, we will consider the opening of a dog training center.

The general idea or concept of a business for the provision of educational services by a canine center is based on two fundamental factors:

The first factor is related to the fact that more and more dog owners, especially purebred ones, prefer to follow the European standards of care, maintenance and training of their pets. T. a relationship with a dog is based not only on the fact that it is a member of the family, or even just fun, but also a friend, helper, guard, etc. For such owners, not only a good exterior, a well-groomed appearance are important, but she was also intellectually developed, had useful skills.

The second factor is related to the fact that, despite the fact that Russia ranks second in the world in the number of pets kept, the country still has a very poorly developed network of clubs and centers where you can get training with your four-legged a friend, be it an English Bulldog or a pygmy Pomeranian.

Also in favor of opening a cynology center is the fact that many organizations - commercial, state or public (societies of disabled people) lack well-trained dogs for use in search, security or other similar activities. Also, trained dogs are increasingly needed to accompany disabled people and other people who need the help of a professionally trained four-legged helper.

Initial investment amount - 358,000 rubles

Average monthly profit - 170,000 rubles

Payback period - 4 months

Break-even point - 2 months

Return on sales - 75%

Description of business, product or service

The dynamic nature of modern life places ever higher demands on the professional qualities of employees. Accordingly, in order to maintain professionalism at a competitive level, it is necessary to constantly take care of one's educational potential. The business plan of the training center considered in this material will create a promising type of business that will have a high profitability and will allow solving the most important social problem - to ensure that the educational characteristics of the population meet the requirements of the modern labor market.

Features of the organization of educational business activities

When creating an educational center, you should take into account some of the features of the organization of this business. First of all, you need to understand that the required investments will be directly determined by the scale of the project. In addition, even before the implementation of a business idea, an entrepreneur must have the status of a legal entity.

When comprehending the project, one should accurately determine the specific type of educational activity and its format, because it is important for obtaining a license and determining the volume of investments, as well as for further marketing strategy. These can be:

  • Courses aimed at ensuring personal development and growth. For such a direction of educational activity, advertising in the field of justifying the values ​​of financial literacy and the benefits of comprehensive personal development is especially important. Within the framework of such a training center, meetings will be held with interesting people who have achieved success in life and specialists of various profiles who conduct trainings.
  • Special training courses to improve professional skills or master new technologies of work in one direction or another. If it is possible to organize practical training here, it is possible to carry out training in new professions in demand on the labor market, or accelerated retraining of specialists for already operating industries and activities. In the future, it is possible to conclude long-term contracts with enterprises, recruiting agencies, employment services for retraining personnel in certain areas and programs.
  • Additional training courses for schoolchildren aimed at preparing for the USE, passing other tests to universities that support the successful development of programs within the framework of school education. It is necessary to widely inform the public about such an institution, especially parents and school collectives, because they are directly interested in the success of children in learning.

Of course, the fastest way to implement this business idea and get a good profit is simply renting out the premises that are owned by you for holding various kinds of educational events, usually public, with a large number of people present. This is especially attractive if you already have a conference room that is not constantly used or an office with 5-6 computers installed in it. But, as experience shows, the best solution for a business would be a harmonious combination of several ways of implementing an educational business, because in this version it will be least exposed to existing risks.

Concept summary

In the domestic market of educational services, the most popular are short-term training courses and institutions that work with children. Their main difference is the concentration of activities in certain educational and developmental areas that form specific knowledge and certain skills. As a rule, such forms have strictly defined terms of preparation and / or are calculated for a specific target audience (age, professional, demographic). With successful business promotion, it can become a completely viable project and bring good profits. Example: an educational center for 200-250 people with an investment volume of 600-650 thousand rubles can provide a profitability of 35% with a period of reaching the payback point in 6-12 months.

To open a modern and demanded educational center, you need to think over many components of this business. For example, it is necessary to decide on the teaching staff and channels for attracting the student contingent. In particular, training centers opened at companies as additional units for accelerated training and professional development of their personnel have proven themselves quite well.

Centers operating at higher and secondary specialized educational institutions are also highly profitable. The possibility of renting already equipped premises from them will significantly reduce the costs of the project.

Regardless of which direction of educational activity will be chosen, it should be noted that this activity is licensed. As a rule, the most convenient organizational and legal form of this business is the registration of a non-state educational institution operating under the simplified tax system (6%).


As noted above, Russian legislation provides for compulsory licensing of educational activities. To obtain the required certificate, the following documents must be submitted to the licensing authority:

Preparing and Presenting a Business Plan

38. 2.1 Economics and accounting (by industry)

If you are eager to learn how to develop a business plan, how to calculate the effectiveness of starting your own business, how to check the correctness of the calculation of project performance indicators, then this course is simply created for you! You will not only find out the answers to these questions, but you yourself will come up with new methods of solving them.

Kazakova Svetlana Vasilievna

Course Description

A certain amount of money as a start-up capital and an idea is not all that is needed to start your own business. To prevent the start of a business from turning into a collapse, it is worthwhile to calculate in advance the profitability of the project and all the risks. Want to know what the chances of your business are for success? Come, we'll figure it out together on the course "Development and protection of a business plan"!

Beginning entrepreneurs often have a poor idea of ​​the area in which they are going to start a business, they do not know how to assess the potential demand and possible profit. Starting a successful business helps to draw up a business plan - a strategic document that contains the rationale for the business project and a sequence of actions for its implementation.

  • Formulate your business idea or project idea in writing.
  • Draw up a business plan based on an analysis of the market and the needs of the population.
  • Calculate basic financial indicators.
  • Present and defend the business plan in public.

After this course, our graduates clearly understand how exactly they will implement the business plan. Some will abandon the original idea and come up with something else. The main thing is that you will invest your funds and resources in a viable project that will bring you profit.

Why take this course?

  • The course is taught by a teacher who has extensive experience in drawing up business plans for obtaining funding from the state.
  • The course will allow students not to lose money that they plan to invest in the business.
  • The course is based on real examples of business plans.
  • After successful training on the course, a prestigious certificate of advanced training (certificate) of the center is issued.

The course is intended for:

Reviews of the business plan of the educational institution ()

The main thing about the business plan of an educational institution in the year

How to open a university: a question to fill in

The phrase "private university" has long and firmly entered our everyday life, and you will not surprise anyone with a diploma from a non-state educational institution. There are more and more such institutes and universities, since state universities are unable to meet the existing needs of graduates. However, this niche has not yet been filled. What is the reason?

First of all, the business related to educational services requires large-scale capital investments. Huge problems are also associated with the search for a suitable premises that must meet the numerous requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and Pozhnadzor. But before opening his own educational institution, a businessman needs to carefully study the situation in this market segment, get acquainted with the reviews about educational services provided in other private educational institutions - this will help to avoid mistakes made by others.

It is important to understand that the popularity of a university is mainly influenced by its reputation, which depends, first of all, on the quality of educational services and the level of professionalism of teachers.

Study, study and study again ...

Educational services, as a business area, are developing more and more actively, despite all the difficulties associated with organizing this process. And there are really a lot of them. First of all, problems may arise with obtaining a special license, since without it the institution has no right to engage in educational activities. An educational license will cost tens of thousands of rubles, depending on whether you try to get it yourself, or decide to save time and nerves by entrusting this procedure to professionals.

To open your educational business - a training center, college or university - in our country, either a legal entity or an individual with the status of an individual entrepreneur can open. No JSC, LLC, JSC in this case is unacceptable. Teachers of an educational institution do not need to obtain licenses, but at the same time, each of them must be registered as an entrepreneur. Certain difficulties arise with this, since some teachers would like to combine their activities in one of the state universities with work in a private educational institution.

By the way, the selection of the teaching staff must be approached with all responsibility. After all, the reputation of your university or college directly depends on the professionalism of teachers. When starting an educational business, think about what new educational programs you can attract students. Parents of graduates are willing to pay for the education of their children, but at the same time they want to be sure that there is something to pay for.

Feedback on the business plan of the training center ()

The main thing about the business plan of the training center in the year

Organization of a training company: two ways

The return on investment in educational business is usually not very high, but not when it comes to opening a training center. Educational training services, as a field of business, attract many start-up entrepreneurs due to the widespread opinion about the low cost of an entrance ticket to this market sector. But this statement is not always true.

An educational center, as a type of private business, is able to bring its owner a good profit. The services of well-known training companies that have managed to create a positive reputation for themselves are in high demand, and not only among private but also corporate clients. But when planning to open your own educational institution - a training center, you need to understand that in this type of business, like in any other, there are pitfalls.

Entrepreneurs planning to open their own training center usually go two ways: either they create a small agency, thus acting as an intermediary between clients and trainers who are not part of the staff of any of the companies, or they organize a full-fledged professional training center, hiring professional trainers who will conduct trainings.

Organizing a training business as an intermediary firm will not require a lot from a businessman. In this case, the company will be looking for freelance trainers, while selling various thematic trainings. The company charges a certain percentage for intermediary services. The organization of a training company of this format has its advantages: relatively low initial investments, a wide range of services (while there is no need to hire a large number of employees).

However, when opening an educational business, acting as an intermediary, you must understand that you are unlikely to be able to make your company competitive. Most clients prefer to go directly to trainers who organize real-time training. In addition, you cannot guarantee the high quality of the service. If the coach you hired does not meet the stated requirements, negative reviews about the educational services you provided will negatively affect your reputation.

When planning to open a private training center, it is best to use the second option - with your own staff of specialists in various educational fields. Typically, these companies operate in certain segments, for example, organizing personal development training or business training. Preliminary interviews with customers allow us to identify the need for a particular format of training, and, based on this analysis, offer our services to the client.

If you are worried about doubts and lack of necessary experience, but at the same time you really want to open a successful training company, firm, take on board the most important financial document - a professional business plan of the training center. From this document, you will learn whether it is necessary for a training center to rent its premises, what should be the payment for the director of a training company, and which path will lead you to the pinnacle of success in this type of business.

A ready-made business plan for a training center from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

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