Business plan of an investment project: components, differences, features

An important factor in attracting third-party money to start a business is drawing up an investment business plan. Consider the features of the development of the document and its main components.

Content of the article:

Development of an investment business plan

The main purpose of the development of this document is to receive money for the organization or expansion of entrepreneurship. It is necessary for future investors in order to conclude agreements with them on financing, loans. It is compiled for third parties and organizations.

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The structure of the business plan of the investment project

When developing an investment project, you need to adhere to a certain structure. The picture shows the main sections.

This part of the document provides information about the company and its type of activity. The investor analyzes the information and decides whether the upcoming investment will be successful. The section provides initial data on production and financing. On its basis, conclusions can be drawn about the advantages and disadvantages of the project.

Indicated by:

  • business goals;
  • reasons for starting a business;
  • form of organization;
  • founders, managers, investors.
  • Characteristics of the industry.

How to draw up an investment business plan

Business development and its success depend on a set of correctly set and implemented tasks. So, the main focus of any business, regardless of the stage of its development and type, is to attract additional investments that will help realize more global production volumes. A correctly drawn up investment business plan gives a clear assessment of the profitability of a business.

What is an investment project business plan

This is a documentary justification of the benefits of investing money in the proposed project. This document should contain information (supported by factual data and calculations) to convince a potential investor that there are no risks.

The business plan of the project reflects all the main aspects of commercial activities, market analysis, problems that a business may face.

Failures in finding investors in 60% of cases are associated with an incorrectly drawn up business plan

A business plan is information that describes all stages of a project's development:

  • pre-investment (definition of investment opportunities);
  • investment (construction works, engineering projects, their implementation in essence);
  • operational (the work of the enterprise: manufacturing of products, its implementation, expansion, business development);
  • liquidation (conservation of an existing business or its complete liquidation).

Business plan of enterprises and investment programs: the difference

Actually, a business plan and an investment business plan are two different documents with a different purpose. When compiling them, you should clearly understand this difference so as not to make a mistake.

If the purpose of a simple business plan is to show the direction of an existing business, to characterize all its achievements, to assess existing options for further development, then an investment business plan makes it possible for a potential investor (or a group of investors) to assess the prospect of investing ... Simply put, such a document gives the investor an idea of ​​whether it is profitable to invest his money, as well as how much profit he will receive from the implementation of such plans.

Distinctive features of an investment business plan

In this article you will learn how to draw up an investment business plan. Familiarize yourself with the design features and the main components of the document.

Here is a small collection of business plans for real investment projects developed by professional investment consultants. All business plans can be downloaded free of charge, like most of the materials on our site. In order to maintain confidentiality, the numbers and names have been significantly changed, but otherwise all documents are samples of real work.

  • Organization of the production of corn flakes Example of substantiation of the effectiveness of organizing a production line
  • Organization of the production of corn flakes Example of a business plan for creating a production based on own raw materials
  • Implementation of an investment project for an enterprise for the production of alcoholic and low-alcohol products Example of a business plan for the modernization and expansion of production
  • Organization of cheese production Example of a business plan for the expansion of the enterprise
  • Production of small batches of knitwear Example of a business plan for creating a subsidiary
  • Production of children's play furniture from cardboard Example of a business plan for opening an enterprise in order to enter a new market segment
  • Construction of a deep-freeze warehouse Example of a business plan for attracting foreign investment
  • Investing in energy saving measures Increasing energy efficiency in the Buryat Republican hospital for vete war wounds
  • Large-scale production of metering devices, control and regulation of heat and water consumption Creation of an enterprise based on original developments
  • Creation of a computer security department Assessment of investment opportunities, as well as assessment of projected profitability and riskiness indicators the project during its implementation. Creation of a new direction among the services provided by the company to its clients
  • Construction of an industrial and processing agricultural complex in the village. Nikolaevka Creation of production both for own purposes and for the sale of products in the domestic and foreign markets
  • Creation of a fish processing production in the Leningrad region Organization of production and sales of products in the European market
  • Creation of new production in the basis of a peasant farm Justification of the efficiency of the development of the industry, the purchase of equipment, the creation of new jobs
  • Acquisition of an unused livestock complex near the village of Vasyata Development of a raw material base for processing production
  • Digital printing printing house in Tyumen new technologies due to various sources of financing
  • Creation of a supermarket in Moscow Project of expansion and reconstruction of retail space
  • Organization of a network computer club Justification of investments for the purchase of equipment
  • Creation of a fast-food restaurant service in g. Chelyabinsk Choosing the most commercially viable option
  • Creation of a mini-printing house for small and medium runs Assessing prospects, developing a strategy and raising capital
  • Organizing a business providing car service services Establishing an enterprise for the repair and maintenance of cars cars
  • Production and sale of medical devices for traumatology and osteosynthesis Attracting venture capital
  • Organization of production of soft plastic tubes Project with a focus on medium and small manufacturers of cosmetics
  • mammograph for a medical-prophylactic center Project for expanding the services offered by opening a mammography room
  • Organization of serial production of suture materials for surgery Creation of a new production for atraumatic needles, modified titanium monofilaments, etc.
  • Production of dry lumber and joinery Reconstruction of the timber processing workshop plant
  • Production and sale of ready-mixed concrete and cement mortars Project for creating a business in Tomsk and the Tomsk region
  • Technical re-equipment of chipboard production in Cherepovets Organization of production of new materials for construction and technical purposes <
  • Production of foam silicate from industrial waste Organization of production of new materials for construction and technical purposes
  • Multifunctional cottage village Formation and development of land as a new product
  • Complex of measures for the financial recovery of the plant for the production of concrete products and K Business plan of the enterprise in a crisis state
  • Construction of a multifunctional sports and entertainment complex with a water park Assessment of the profitability of organizing leisure for residents and guests of the city
  • Business plan for a city complex cultural and entertainment center Creation of a competitive enterprise providing a wide range of services
  • Build privilege of a 3 * class hotel in the city of B N-koy region Increasing the investment attractiveness of the district
  • Creation of an international sports, cultural, entertainment and health center Assessment of the competitiveness of an enterprise providing a wide range of services
  • Development plan and modernization of the leisure enterprise in the city. Tula Creation of additional sources of income
  • Organization of serial production of highly efficient treatment complexes and electronic engineering products Assessment of the commercial efficiency of the new enterprise and the implementation of a new production program
  • Production of high-strength traction chains for manure conveyors Site organization , efficient use of resources, increase in production and sales
  • Strategy and business plan for the development of a railway freight forwarding company Development of a transport and production terminal in order to increase the company's profit
  • Expansion of production of draft gears automatic coupler of freight cars Ensuring the safety of the car fleet, creating and maintaining jobs
  • Construction of a mini-refinery in Kyzylorda (Kazakhstan) Organization of production of motor gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil, provision of transport services
  • Production of classified micro-grinding powders Technology development and market development strategy
  • Development and operation of a nonmetallic raw material deposit Development of the company and maintaining a market share in the freight forwarding services market
  • Expansion of the fleet of railway tanks Development of the company and maintaining a market share in the freight forwarding services market
  • Gas generating devices for pressurizing powder fire extinguishers with a reduced operating time Organization of serial production for market development
  • Drilling rigs for the construction of technical wells for various purposes from underground mining workings Development of design documentation and organization of serial production
  • Development of a new pricing strategy for a flower delivery network Ways to optimize the cost structure
  • Flat solar collector Gelion Creation of production for the private and industrial sectors
  • Organization of an engineering company in the field of solar power engineering Installation and subsequent maintenance of solar panels
  • Creation of a specialized waste sorting station Implementation and use of a system of separate collection and disposal of waste
  • Development of the XXX retail network for 2021-2023. Rationale for econom. efficiency of construction of retail space
  • Production, storage and primary processing of potatoes and vegetables Making a profit by mastering highly efficient technologies
  • 3D production studio Organization of a production studio for converting video content
  • Production methanol on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Creation of a production with gas chemical processing of natural gas
  • Restoring cheese production in Poshekhonye Creation of a flexible modular production
  • Construction of a multimodal logistics center "Orsha" transit stream
  • Children's animation school Creation of a school-studio with a curriculum and commercial services
  • Opening a network of photo booths in Ivanovo Student project for the installation of photo booths and their promotion
  • Organization of the Center for Rehabilitation of the Spine and Large Joints. Opening and expansion of the network of rehabilitation centers.
  • Organization of a workshop for reinforced concrete and products Use of new technology on the basis of ready-made production facilities
  • Creation and development of a joint logistics venture Increasing the share of rail transportation in the freight turnover between the Russian Federation, Germany and China
  • Business plan for a residential complex construction project Investing funds in the construction of a residential complex
  • Installation of advertising structures at gas stations Extraction of additional profit through the provision of advertising space
  • Organization of an ice palace in the resort city of Anapa Expansion of the existing business through the provision of new types of services
  • Business plan to expand production and increase sales of the medical product Polisorb The business plan describes a project to expand production and increase sales of the newest medical product Polysorb
  • Business plan for the construction of a new brick plant of LSR Group B the business plan describes the construction of a new brick factory in the city of Nikolskoye
  • Construction of an industrial complex for waste processing The business plan describes the creation of a complex for the processing of industrial and consumer waste, which has an agreed combination of existing technologies (provided with certified equipment that does not require development and tested)
  • Attraction of investments in the production of log cabins of log houses The business plan describes the production of log cabins of log houses at the European quality level
  • Expansion of production and increase in sales of the medical product Polysorb The business plan proposes to expand production and increase sales of the latest medical drug Polysorb based on nanotechnology, ensuring individual safety of consumers
  • Establishment of a pharmaceutical production in Volgograd The business plan proposes the organization of an enterprise that should ensure uninterrupted production of a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products (finished medicines and substances) to meet the needs of all population groups in the region
  • Creation of the Park Extreme complex, promoting the development of technical sports in Russia The business plan proposes the creation of the Park Extreme complex. The main goal of the project is to promote the development of technical sports in Russia
  • Organization of a leisure center with a range of services in Agnitogorsk The business plan proposes to organize a leisure center with a range of services in Agnitogorsk.
  • Organization of a back-up roll DTO section The business plan proposes to organize a back-up rolls differential heat treatment (DTO) section.
  • Organization of production of glass containers The business plan proposes to create a modern production of high-quality glass containers of a wide range to meet the needs of the alcoholic beverage, food and processing industries.
  • Building a telecommunications network It is proposed to create a modern telecommunications network of Sberbank based on ISDN technology
  • Fuji-Smile photography services Provision of photo printing services, editing and restoration of photographs and sale of related products.
  • Organization of a woodworking workshop Organization of a woodworking workshop on the basis of ready-made production areas using high-tech equipment to enter the foreign market
  • Production of phospholipid preparations Project for the development of production of medicines on the basis of the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Regional paging network A project to create a regional paging network in Vyshny Volochek.
  • Brewery Business plan for an investment project for the development of production at the N-brewery.
  • Bakery The project of the work of the bakery.
  • Production of glued wood products Expansion of the range and increase in production volumes of the woodworking plant.
  • Specialized flotilla A project to create a specialized flotilla for longline fishing of bottom fish species.
  • Fishing management company Creation of a company for organizing effective fishing expeditions for fish and other sea products.
  • Soybean processing complex Construction of a powerful soybean processing complex.
  • Microcars, caravans and services for them Business plan for the production of microcars, caravans and the provision of anti-corrosion treatment services
  • Electronics and mechanics plant Example of an internal corporate business plan of the company
  • Business plan for organizing a mini-brewery Model business plan considering a standard project for organizing a brewery
  • Business plan for organizing the production of plastic containers Model business plan
  • Offsite caravan business plan Model business plan
  • Business plan for the production of poultry meat and downy raw materials Justification of a loan for the reconstruction of a poultry farm
  • Production of roofing and tin products Business plan for the development of production and introduction of new technologies

An investment project is a multi-page document, which includes a descriptive and calculation part. To begin work on any investment concept, one should define its purpose. After that, it is necessary to assess the available opportunities and concretize the program of action. Creation of a competent investment project is a rather difficult task. To facilitate the work, you can download a ready-made investment project with approximate calculations for free.

Example of Investment Business Plan Goals

An investment business project is a combination of legal and financial documentation reflecting the economic benefits of investing in a specific object. The investment concept should contain design and estimate documents, as well as a detailed action plan for the expenditure of financial resources. Often, developers use an example of an innovative project with calculations and, taking it as a basis, make up their own.

When developing an investment project, you need to perform certain activities:

  • Justify the business idea.
  • Investigate an example of the project's potential for the ability to realize all the invested funds.
  • Develop and approve project documents.
  • Conclude all necessary agreements.
  • Provide the project with finances and resources.
  • Carry out the commissioning of the object and start the production cycle.

Any example of an investment business has several features. They are important for the investor and should be well developed. The most significant among them are:

  • An example of a cost estimate. Any investment plan can be presented in the form of a specific amount of cash.
  • Payback. During the implementation of the business plan, it is important to recover all costs.
  • Time loop. Profit can be obtained only after a certain amount of time.
  • An example of a project idea should be expressed as succinctly as possible, in a maximum of five sentences.

Main views

There are many types of investment concepts. They are classified according to different indicators. There are several examples among the main categories of projects:

The purpose of investment is most often the technical re-equipment of the enterprise, the development of new types of products, the introduction of industrial innovations, etc. A special feature is the receipt of income after a certain, sometimes long period of time.

Thus, the investor, while financing the project, deliberately refuses to receive quick immediate profits in order to ensure higher income in the future.

What is an investment project and what is its purpose

It can be represented as a set of financial and legal documents showing the economic feasibility of investing money in any object. The reasons for supporting an investment project are detailed in its business plan.

The project also contains detailed information on the volume and timing of capital investments, design estimates (as prescribed by standards) and a step-by-step description of actions to spend investments.

  • justification of the chosen business idea;
  • study of the project's possibilities for the implementation of investments;
  • preparation and approval of project documentation;
  • conclusion of contracts within the framework of the project;
  • organization of financing and resource provision;
  • development of production, carrying out the necessary work;
  • commissioning of the object and start of production products.

The investment project is characterized by the following features:

  • Cost estimate - each project can be expressed as a certain amount of money;
  • Self-sufficiency - as a result of implementation, all costs incurred must be reimbursed;
  • The time cycle of the project - a certain period of time must pass between the investment and the receipt of profit;
  • The investment idea of ​​the project should not contain more than 5 proposals.

There are different types, which are divided depending on the scale, amount of funding, duration, direction of activity, level of risk, etc.:

  • By duration (implementation time): short-term (up to 3 years), medium-term and long-term (over 5 years) investment projects.
  • By the amount of funding: small, medium, large and mega projects.
  • By direction of activity: commercial (aimed at making a profit), social (aiming at improving the life of the population, solving social problems, etc.), environmental (aimed at solving environmental problems), scientific and technical (allowing scientific and technical development), production (aimed at the release of a certain type of product), etc.
  • By Scale: Local, Large, and Global.
  • Depending on the level of risk: reliable (with a high level of guarantees, for example, government) and risky (characterized by uncertainty, for example, the introduction of new technologies).

Structure and content

Before starting to create a business plan, you need to answer the question of what goals you plan to implement with its help. The content of the document and the methods of presenting information directly depend on this. There are several standards for drawing up a business plan aimed at raising outside funds. Which one to choose depends on the policy of the investment company with which the entrepreneur seeking a sponsor is going to cooperate.

Before starting to develop your strategy, it should be borne in mind that a beginner who does not have either production facilities or his own money will hardly be able to attract significant funds to start a business from scratch, so buying a franchise will be the most promising direction for him ...

A large number of materials are devoted to this direction, therefore this article examines the question of how to interest and attract an investor, what key positions, and sections should be highlighted in the document proposed for consideration by a potential partner.

Main objectives of the business plan

A business plan for an investor is, first of all, a marketing tool. Its structure and content should provide a person who gets acquainted with it the opportunity to quickly understand the essence of the project and the main criteria for planned development. The main task of such a document is to convince a potential investor that the business has what it needs, namely two characteristics:

  • low risks of possible loss of money;
  • high profitability.

The main thing that interests an investor is how much profit the invested funds should give.

Business plan structure

Before you start writing a business plan, you should carefully think over its structure, familiarize yourself with examples and samples presented in large numbers on our website. It should be remembered that they are all advisory in nature, and the document created as a result should reflect the features of the project being developed. The main body of a business plan for investors should be 15-20 pages. Additional information should be provided in the form of annexes, which may be presented as a separate document. There are a number of structural elements that you cannot do without.

Title page

When designing a title page, you can use any template on the Internet as an example. The required information is:

  • name and address of the company;
  • short and full name of the project;
  • information about the project manager and the author of the document;
  • the date of the business plan and the planned start of its implementation.

In order to prevent the situation when documents containing intellectual property, which is the developed business plan, will be transferred to third parties, you need to designate the confidentiality of the information provided.

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