Business plan of a transport company for cargo transportation

What business can be considered the most popular among ordinary people today? What can you do without organizing an individual entrepreneur, LLC, etc.? What services and sales are most in demand among the population? Even at a glance, there are dozens or even hundreds of similar projects. It will take months of work to detail each business idea. We decided to start with the projects "closest" to the common man, based on the minimum investment for their implementation, and today we present to your attention - a business plan for cargo transportation.


This project is a transport company organization with a payback period of 4-8 months of the year.

Project objectives:

  • creating a highly profitable enterprise
  • organizing a stable profit
  • satisfying the consumer market demand for transportation services of goods of various volumes and weights.

Project financing source: own funds or bank loan

Form of doing business: individual entrepreneur

Total cost of the project: 200,000 - 1,000,000 rubles

Payback period: 4-8 months

Calculated interest rate: 25%

The total amount of interest payments will be: 15-35 thousand - 100-175 thousand rubles

Investor's income will be: 15-35 thousand - 100-175 thousand rubles

Payments of loan funds and interest on the loan will begin from the first month of the project. back to contents ↑

General characteristics of the project (description of the company and services provided)

The business of cargo transportation is in demand in various areas. Services are used by shops and businesses for the delivery of goods, individuals during the move. When organizing a cargo transportation business, they choose a direction of activity.

Objectives of the trucking business plan

The freight business has several directions. Before starting a business, they choose a specialization. The volume of investments and recruitment of personnel depends on this. Market competition is preliminarily assessed.

Main business areas:

  • assistance in moving to individuals and companies;
  • delivery of commercial cargo;
  • transportation of large-sized items;
  • transportation of containers, liquids, dangerous goods;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • cargo storage.

Marketing section of the trucking business plan

In the business plan of cargo transportation, the prospects of the case must be analyzed. The company is in demand in any economic situation. The customer expects fast and accurate delivery of goods. If you find your niche in the market, you can make good profits.

In the marketing plan, they focus on the competitive advantages of their company. Be sure to develop a marketing strategy. Advertising helps to attract customers and expand your business.

Competitive advantages of your cargo transportation

There is high competition in the field of cargo transportation. To stand out from other companies and find customers, you need to have a number of advantages.

Competitive advantages of cargo transportation as a business:

The field of transportation of goods is very profitable and in demand, but at the same time it has very strong competition. It should be said right away that this business is not suitable for beginners, because without experience and connections, building a successful company may not work out. In this article, we will consider an example of a business plan for a trucking company and highlight all the important points of this line of business.

Company format

At the first stage, you will need to decide, firstly, with the amount of investments and, secondly, with the format of doing business.

You can start a business depending on the type of transport used and its purpose:

- cargo transportation by gazelles and minibuses. This is the most popular urban business format. Usually, this type of transport is used to transport furniture, personal belongings and other non-bulky luggage. The most optimal area for a novice businessman. Especially relevant for work in a big city.

- cargo transportation by trucks (high tonnage vehicles). This type of activity requires large financial investments and the presence of at least connections to get the first customers. In this format, goods are delivered both throughout the country and abroad. The profit in this direction is quite high, but it is very difficult to get regular customers. Clients are often accustomed to working with large companies in this area, and therefore there is a problem to find a customer.

- cargo transportation by dump trucks and other special equipment. Usually their services are in demand in the construction industry, for the delivery of building materials: sand, crushed stone and others. The problem is that many construction companies have their own cars of this class, but there are a huge number of small firms that will use your services. It is also quite an interesting solution for a newcomer to enter the freight market.

Let's look at the segmentation of the freight market in large cities, this will come in handy when drawing up a sample business plan for a freight dispatch service.

  • Large companies (market leaders) - 50%.
  • Small carriers that have been working on the market for more than 2 years - 25%.
  • Private traders - 20%.
  • Transportation by friends, etc. - five%.

These are rough numbers, but some analysis can still be done. A novice entrepreneur needs to strive for the second. The category of carriers, since it takes millions of investments to reach the first level.

In this article we will discuss opening a small trucking company in a large city.

Financial model of a cargo transportation company

Brief Investment Memorandum

The project of opening a private transport company for cargo transportation operates on a commercial basis. This project is characterized by significant costs. The goal of the project is to deliver goods inexpensively and as quickly as possible. This determines the size of the investment and is expressed in a long payback period of 17 months.

The company's total vehicle fleet is 8 truck tractors and 8 standard semi-trailers. According to the total possible loading of semi-trailers, the minimum area of ​​the premises should be 400 m2, including an office space with a total area of ​​50 m2. A room of this size can be purchased or rented.

The cost of the company's services is 80 rubles. for 1 km. The average mileage of 1 truck per month is 10 thousand km. This market is characterized not only by high competition, but also by high demand from companies that want to outsource their transportation activities.

The amount of initial investments - 13,460,000 rubles.

Monthly costs - 4,204,278 rubles.

Average monthly profit - 1,012,491 rubles.

Payback period - 19 months.

Description of business, product or service

Due to the increase in the import and export of goods, as well as the growth of the domestic transportation market, the demand in the field of cargo transportation is constantly increasing. It should also be borne in mind that in connection with the recent crisis, a significant part of small and unofficial transport companies left the market, while a significant market share opens up for new companies that can be taken. The main factor that will influence the success is the ability to offer the client a fast and efficient freight service with competitive prices. The main types of cargo transportation are "general" and "groupage" cargo. Also, when opening a company, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of software for effective document flow with clients, as well as the exchange of any other information.

Business plan and transport company for cargo transportation should become a step-by-step instruction for a novice entrepreneur. The efficiency of the entire business depends on how competently and in detail it is developed.

With the development of the internal market, as well as the growth of population mobility, there is an increasing need for the transportation of large commercial and small private cargo. As demand increases, so does supply. Therefore, you need to take your rightful place in the market as soon as possible, and a competent cargo transportation business plan will solve this problem.

Freight transport company: business project analysis

The activities of a logistics company for cargo transportation are undoubtedly in demand among the population and legal entities - high demand is the main advantage of this project. In addition to him, in the business plan for the transportation of goods, it should be noted such advantages as the absence of seasonality and dependence on any suppliers or partners, as well as the expected high income.

A complete analysis of a business idea involves considering not only the pros, but also its cons. Thus, an enterprise may face financial risks in the following cases:

  • Economic crisis
  • Social problems in the country
  • Unstable criminal environment that threatens the safety of cargo
  • Underestimation of competitors' capabilities
  • Poor market analysis

Thus, the transportation of large and small cargoes is accompanied by a number of related issues of both economic and legal nature - a high-quality business plan should consider them as a whole, evaluating all the pros and cons. Therefore, for a beginner entrepreneur who decides to engage in such a multifunctional business, it is important to understand all his responsibility and to approach the organization of the business as seriously as possible.

An example of a business plan for a freight forwarding company


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Features of the work of a transport company for cargo transportation

An entrepreneur who decides to start organizing the transportation of private and commercial cargo must understand in detail all the nuances of his future activities. The very idea of ​​a transport company for cargo transportation is simple, however, its details should be immediately stipulated in a business plan. For example, the delivery of goods of what scale is planned, at what distances, by what transport possibilities and means, etc.

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