Business plan of a company providing services for the optimization and automation of local heat consumption systems

Algorithm of work on the design of boiler plants

A gas boiler house project begins with the development / approval of technical specifications. The technical assignment is an integral part of the boiler design contract.

Document: Building Permit

The main document of the initial permitting documentation for the construction and design of a boiler house is a permit for the construction of a boiler house or the entire facility as a whole, issued by the administrative authorities at the location of the facility.

Document: Specification

The working design of the boiler house is developed on the basis of technical specifications (technical specifications, "limits" for gas).

Before starting the procedure for drawing up technical specifications, it is necessary to perform a heat engineering calculation of heat and fuel for this facility, in which, on the basis of the initial data, the necessary loads, the required annual fuel consumption are determined and the main equipment of the boiler house is selected. Further, this calculation is used to prepare a technical assignment for the design of boiler houses and to obtain appropriate permits from organizations issuing technical specifications.

Specialists of TURBOPAR Group of Companies will provide services:

  • development of technical specifications for the design of boiler plants;
  • selection of the main and auxiliary equipment of the boiler house;
  • determination of heat loads of consumers;
  • determination of the dimensions of the boiler house;
  • selection of the construction site, the location of the boiler house;
  • calculation of the chimney, determination of the required chimney height from the conditions of dispersion of harmful emissions;
  • determination of the total cost of construction of a boiler house (supply of equipment, installation work, commissioning, commissioning).

The main regulatory documents used for the design of gas boiler houses:

Boiler room drawings Some examples:

Engineering systems are one of the most important elements of the infrastructure of buildings of residential, industrial or administrative importance, and not only comfort, but also safety often depends on the quality of power grids, water supply and heating. For this reason, such a type of business as maintenance of engineering systems is promising and in demand at any time.

Engineering systems: properties and content

Utilities include a whole range of systems necessary to provide buildings of any purpose with certain benefits: electricity, water, heating. The same group includes dispatching and control systems, water treatment, refrigeration and retail equipment.

The list of services rendered by enterprises serving engineering systems includes the following:

  • installation, dismantling and other work with power grids;
  • maintenance of switchgears and substations;
  • repair and maintenance of boilers, devices, heating networks and heating radiators;
  • laying and repair of water supply networks, water pipelines and water intake facilities;
  • installation and cleaning of air conditioners, ventilation systems, hoods in household and industrial premises;
  • preparation of utilities before the start of the season;
  • installation of outdoor lighting devices.

Among the services of the company can be both scheduled preventive inspections of water supply, ventilation, air conditioning and other systems, as well as scheduled preventive or emergency repairs.

There are separate companies to maintain the proper technical condition of all these systems and carry out certain repair, dismantling and installation works. The range of services they provide is very wide, so there is always a demand for the services of enterprises of this kind.

Having decided to start activities in this area, you should study the chosen business niche, identifying the most demanded services and the level of competition, as well as price features in your city and area. Next, you need to determine the specifics of the future company and decide what services it will offer customers. Due to the wide range of services provided by such companies, at the beginning of the activity, you will have to choose the most demanded areas that do not require significant investments.

For example, you can start with the installation and maintenance of heating systems and further increase the volume of services provided. In addition to the main activity of the company, you can sell equipment and components for heating and other types of engineering systems. After the company acquires certain experience in its niche, it is possible to expand the scope of its offerings by including the design and installation of various engineering networks in the range of services offered.

There are several specific features of this area of ​​business. On the positive side, its low cost level should be noted: for example, with a small volume of business, including the rental of premises and the purchase of equipment and consumables, the initial investment will not exceed 500 thousand rubles.

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Business plan for the construction of a boiler house

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Interacting with us, you get a reliable contractor and partner.

If you decide to start your own business, but you do not have enough knowledge or experience in such a business, then any entrepreneur will tell you where to start, first of all. Of course, from a business plan. If you have decided what area you want to work in, you know roughly what you need for this, then put your thoughts on paper.

There are a few rules on how to build your own profitable business:

  • Be optimistic - any business will work out if you start working with the right attitude!
  • Invest in your business, attract investors.
  • Seek advice from more experienced entrepreneurs;
  • Look for partners and like-minded people;
  • Don't discard your ideas;
  • Don't be afraid to take risks.

As you can see, in business, first of all, your persistence and determination are important. Do not give up if you have any difficulties. Without them, nowhere. But after passing each of them, you will gain experience for yourself, you will know how to avoid certain problems in the future, and will temper your character.

The first question that entrepreneurs are interested in is where to get the resources to start your business? Most often, businessmen turn to banks for a loan. But the surest way is to attract investors who are willing to pay for your ideas.

Investors should be familiarized with the description of your business, in fact, for which he draws up a business plan. A business plan is a report about your organization, which includes a description of your enterprise, a list of possible risks, advantages, calculations, and so on.

Federal Agency for Education

State educational institution of higher education

vocational education "St. Petersburg

State Polytechnic University "

Faculty of Economics and Management

Department of Economics and Management in Energy and Environmental Management

in the discipline "Business planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative projects"

Topic: "Business plan for an investment project for the construction of a boiler house"

Methodological recommendations for the implementation of the design task for groups 5022, 5027, 5025 of the Electromechanical Faculty

Compiled by: A. Zafarov's assistant


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Business plan of a company providing services for the optimization and automation of local heat consumption systems

In the process of developing and drawing up a business plan, the applicant was guided by the following regulatory documents: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 22, 1997 No. 1470 "On approving the procedure for providing state guarantees on a competitive basis using funds from the development budget of the Russian Federation and regulations on evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects when placing on a competitive basis centralized investment resources of the development budget of the Russian Federation "; Resolution of the Administration of the Altai Territory No. 126 of 15. 3. 005 "On measures of state stimulation of investment activities in the Altai Territory"; Methodological recommendations for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects approved by the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction, Architectural and Housing Policy dated 21. 6. 9 No.VK 477.

All data (estimates, plans, proposals and conclusions) provided for this project regarding its potential profitability, sales volumes, costs, are based on agreed opinions, average rates on credit resources and calculations of participants in the development of business plan.

3. Organizational and economic mechanism

4. Uncontrollable past

4. Multi-stage assessment

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