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Funds from the state budget are allocated in the form of an interest-free loan, which does not need to be compensated if a beginner entrepreneur fails.

Each of the subjects of the Russian Federation considers applications for subsidies on an individual basis.

Legislative base

All the nuances with regards to the process of submitting a business plan, the rules for its preparation, consideration and accrual of funds from the state budget are determined by the current regulatory documents. The main draft laws controlling this issue are:

Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 1032-1 "On Employment of the Population of the Russian Federation" - contains information on legal, organizational and economic processes that relate to the provision of subsidies from the labor exchange free of charge.

As an example, some parts of it contain the following information:

  • Article 3 of the Federal Law No. 1032-1 - informs about the conditions under which a citizen is officially recognized as unemployed;
  • The second chapter of the Federal Law No. 1032-1 - contains a complete list rights of all categories of citizens of the Russian Federation to get a job;
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Federal Law No. 88-FZ "On State Support of Small Business in the Russian Federation" - determines the possibility of providing subsidies by the Employment Center for starting individual entrepreneurship. Some parts of the bill contain the following data:

  • Article 7 of the Federal Law No. 88 - contains data on the available state programs for the development of small businesses in the Russian Federation;
  • Article 18 of the Federal Law No. 88 - defines the provision on the provision of support in the form of education in this area of ​​entrepreneurship and continuous professional development;
  • Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 88 - contains information on the provision of loans for the opening and development of small businesses.
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The conditions for receiving government subsidies may vary slightly, depending on the region in which the Employment Center is located. It is recommended to check the requirements in advance with the nearest sales center.

What can be subsidized for?

The current legislation clearly defines the purposes for which budget funds are issued to Russian citizens. All of them should be aimed solely at the needs of starting and developing a business, which is controlled by employees of a state institution.

Financial model of a sports club

Brief Investment Memorandum

Nowadays, the popularity of sports is growing every day. Today more and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle and, despite high employment and lack of time, strive to keep their bodies in good physical shape. Thus, opening a sports club or fitness center is a popular and demanded type of commercial activity.

Today, the competition in this area is quite high, so entrepreneurs have to come up with new ways to attract customers, introduce modern technologies. One way to excel in this area is to specialize in a specific consumer group. As a result, a separate area has emerged - sports clubs for women.

Women's fitness is more popular and promising. According to statistics, among sports women, 71% consider fitness the most suitable occupation, but among sports men, the proportion of fitness adherents does not exceed 40%.

The business plan of the sports club is developed taking into account the format of the institution, its target group, planned location and many other factors.

Target audience - women 27-48 years old with an average income level.

Room area: 100-250m2.

Location: residential areas with a large number of residential buildings.

Success factors: high-quality equipment, highly qualified coaching staff, friendliness and responsiveness of staff, quality of services provided, marketing support.

Brief Investment Memorandum

The goal of this project is the production of ecologically clean beekeeping products based on the breeding of bee colonies. Entrepreneurial activity is aimed at meeting the consumer demand of the population.

Main activity:

  • breeding bee colonies;
  • obtaining bee products.

The total cost of the project is 60,000 rubles.

Net profit for 1 year - 21,290 rubles, for 2 years - 203,999 rubles.

Return on sales of the first year - 37%.

Second year return on sales - 53%.

Payback period of the project: 2.8 years.

Description of business, product or service

Mini Printing House Financial Model

Brief Investment Memorandum

Printing services have always been very popular. This is true for both small and large printers. It is also worth noting that this type of business is one of the most popular in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses. This is due to its high popularity, low investment costs. Thus, with a successful start of the business, the payback period of the project will be 10 months, the break-even point is 4 months.

In order to open a mini printing house you need a small room. It will take about 40 m2 to accommodate all the equipment. It is better to choose premises near large business centers within the city. This will allow you to have more traffic and potential target audience. Also, the staff of the printing house will have 4 employees.

The company will provide a wide range of printing services. The average number of clients per month will be 150 people. These can be both individuals and legal entities. The average bill per client will be about 3,000 rubles. The amount may vary depending on the number and volume of services. Given these operating indicators, the financial indicators will be as follows:

Description of business, product or service

The main task of a mini-printing house is to provide printing services. Printing services include:

  • Printing (color and black and white)
  • Large format printing
  • Printing on various items (T-shirts and mugs)
  • Lamination and stitching
  • Making business cards, flyers, certificates, etc.

All these services will be provided by a mini-printing house. A distinctive feature of a mini-printing house from a standard one is the location and size of the working areas. Most of the large printing houses are located in the industrial areas of the city, while the mini-printing house is located in the central part of the city, focused on small and medium orders, as well as "urgent" orders. Also, the mini-printing house will provide services for the preparation of the design and its editing. To do this, you will need to purchase licensed software.

To organize a printing house, you will need to find a room. The required area is about 40 m2. The optimal location is the central part of the city. It can be a business center or a small building near the business center. These printing houses are not highly toxic, so there will be no problems finding a room. When choosing a room, consider the presence of ventilation and air conditioning. This is necessary for the normal storage of consumables, as well as compliance with sanitary standards.

To launch, you will need to purchase the following equipment:

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