Business plan: how to open a dental office

A good dental clinic business plan can bring excellent profits and quickly recoup all costs. After all, paid dentistry as a business has been profitable for many years. And this is not surprising, since more and more modern people understand how important and necessary it is to take care of dental health. An important point is that opening a dental clinic can provide a high income not only for a good doctor, but also for an experienced entrepreneur. The most important thing is to know what difficulties lie ahead and what you need to be prepared for.


Let's consider an example of how to open a dental clinic for 5 chairs from scratch. To begin with, you will need to purchase or rent a room of 180-200 sq. eters with 5 windows is a requirement of the sanitary and epidemiological station. Each chair should have its own window. The area in which you will open your medical center is not that important. If the quality of dental processes and services is at their best, and the reviews about your work are positive, everyone will know about the new dentistry.

If possible, the premises for private dentistry should be redeemed. After all, sooner or later the tenant may ask you to leave, and you will have to start all over again - your ready-made business will lose clients. In addition, in this case, you will need to draw up the documents again, and this is simply not very profitable. If the purchase of the premises is impossible for financial reasons, then the lease must be read very carefully. Don't want to start from scratch in the future? Then, familiarizing yourself with the terms of the contract, show the documents to the lawyer.


Aspiring businessmen often make the same catastrophic mistakes when deciding to open a dental service center. A striking example of one of them - they invest in their private dentistry, or rather, in its design, a significant amount of financial resources. As a result, the center finds itself without good equipment and competent specialists, since there is no longer enough money for them. To ensure that the quality of medical services and processes does not suffer, be reasonable in spending. Another example of a common mistake is that the design is carried out by employees of a well-known architectural bureau, who have no experience with the design of medical institutions. They simply do not know how to create a ready-made dental center that will meet all the requirements of the SES.

Examples of waiting room interiors:

Don't forget that the costs should pay off. When renovating a center, do not invest more than 600-700 euros per square meter in these works - this is not very profitable. Do not forget that your finished center should have not only a beautiful view, but also communications: electricity, ventilation, sewage, water. In order to avoid problems with supervisory authorities, hire not illegal immigrants, but professionals to carry out repairs. Since you will have to provide the relevant documents to the controlling organizations.

Documents for opening dentistry

Even in order to open a dental center for one single chair, you will need to obtain a lot of permits. There are really a lot of bureaucratic processes awaiting you, for example, paperwork for redevelopment, permission must be given by the district administration, SES, firefighters, the department of architecture and other bodies. It is best to chat on specialized medical sites and read reviews of those businessmen who have already opened their medical center. services. On them you will receive all the answers from the first persons to your questions.

Another example of something that can create problems for you is a medical license. If your center will offer turnkey services, that is, pediatric and surgical dentistry, then you will need several of these documents at once. On the other hand, even if you only have one child seat, it will be very beneficial. Features if the reviews for your statmology are good.

Paid medicine is one of the most profitable business sectors. Private clinics offer an individual approach, fast service, modern equipment, quality drugs, and effective treatment methods. For all this, Russian and foreign citizens are ready to pay.

Dentist practice brings high profits. Investments in opening a dental office are quite large, but if you recommend yourself as a professional, the business will quickly pay off.

Brief Market Analysis

Dentistry has been a leader in the ranking of commercial areas since 2021.

If you look at the ratio of public and private institutions in Moscow, you will find that the budget accounts for only 4%. That is, the remaining 96% are commercial organizations. Hence the conclusion: competition in the industry is high.

However, it is not competitors who pose more obstacles to the beginning businessman, but the state, which puts forward stringent requirements for premises, licensing, certification, and installation of X-ray equipment.

The most sought-after specialists in the industry are surgeons and therapists. They are followed by orthodontists. General physicians account for 11% of the demand, another 6% - for pediatric specialists. Prosthetics are becoming more popular every year.

According to the analysis of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, in 2021-2021 the industry will grow by about 12% per year. Such forecasts are due to the high profitability and short payback period of dental institutions. So, in the capital, the volume of profit is 30%, in the provinces - 20%.

Do I have to be a dentist?

The dental business is a good investment, but many bypass it due to the lack of specialized education. Usually, specialists who already have experience in public or private medical institutions enter this niche. However, even an inexperienced startup with appropriate theoretical training can open a successful dental office. The main thing is the professionalism of dentists.

As for the requirements of the legislation, when opening an IP, a businessman must have a specialized education. When registering an LLC, medical education is not required.

Office or clinic: which format to choose?

Investments Profit Payback 1. 70.00237.00 per month8 month

I had a lot of experience in terms of dental treatment, but no knowledge at all in terms of business organization. So I started reading specialized literature. After a couple of three of the books I read, I realized that literature is cool, but practical experience is important. Then I decided to act!

I had only 3 million rubles in my hands, and about 6 million were required to open it. I considered various options, search for investors, partners, but the prospect that I would have to share my business with someone didn’t suit me. Then I decided that if I didn't have enough money, I would sell the car and take out a loan.

The first thing I did was to analyze competitors. I studied their price lists, market experience, target audience, location, reviews, etc. As a result, an area was chosen for the premises not with the least number of dental clinics, but with the worst quality of services provided. There were 3 more dental offices next to me, but they treated clients poorly and, judging by the reviews, provided poor-quality services. I decided that I could compete with them. The premises were rented for 100.00 rubles.

After the premises were found, I ordered a brand and interior design. I certainly would not have coped with this task myself. The guys for 200.00 rubles came up with a name, logo, website, social media design, as well as interior design. Also, they gave some recommendations for attracting the first customers.

I did not have any problems with the search for personnel, since there are a large number of friends from the medical field in my environment. The only problem was persuading them to quit their job and come to me. Most, of course, refused, but some agreed. I didn't need a large staff, two doctors and two nurses were enough.

After going through the procedures for obtaining various permits and licenses, we are inaugurated! The recommendations for attracting clients, which they gave us, really helped, and already in the first week we had visitors. This could not but rejoice. Nevertheless, I still had to take a loan for a business, because there was not enough money at the first stages of the business. In addition to the loan, a lot of debts were accumulated, and the first year of the business's operation, all my profits went to cover them.

I don’t want to voice the numbers, but now the business is making good profits and in the future I want to open a second dental office of the same kind.

According to my calculations, 8 million rubles were enough. Of course, you can open two times cheaper, but I decided not to save on anything. The best equipment, design, renovation of the premises, website, everything was purchased at the highest level. About 4 million rubles were spent on all this.

Then the recruitment process began and this was a real problem. Things are probably better in the capital and St. Petersburg, but in the provinces it is very difficult to find sensible doctors. Many candidates have too little experience, some did not meet my requirements, and the best dentists were already working and were not going to change their place.

The way that I lured experienced dentists is the most costly. I had to greatly increase wages not only in relation to my region, but also to those in the neighboring regions. As a result, it turned out to find experienced doctors in neighboring cities who agreed to move to us. Yes, the costs of the wage fund turned out to be simply huge, but we did not find another option to find qualified specialists.

Feedback on the business plan of the cosmetology clinic

The business plan made it possible to attract the necessary investments into the project (180 million rubles), and as a result, we were able to open modern cosmetology. Exceptionally professional approach, deep integration into the specifics of our work.

owner of a private cosmetology clinic, St. Petersburg

Review of the dentistry business plan

The business plan, executed in accordance with all UNIDO standards and taking into account the wishes of the bank, made it possible to attract a loan of 165 million rubles. The work was completed even ahead of schedule.

Feedback on the business plan of the beauty salon

I was a little worried when ordering a business plan that it would not be possible to calculate and predict the main steps as accurately as possible. But in the end, everything was done very efficiently: we calculated all investments, took into account all my wishes and wishes of the investor. Thank you for a job well done.

Feedback on the business plan of the cottage village

We opened a credit line for 700 million rubles for the construction of a cottage community. The developed business plan was checked by the bank, no additional questions arose.

Chief Accountant of StroyServicePlus LLC


How much does the equipment cost? How to write a business plan and avoid failures? You will get answers to these and other questions in this article.

A private dental clinic can bring a decent profit only with a competent approach to the organization and development strategy. Tips from experienced entrepreneurs to help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Before we start

The desire of a good and experienced dentist to open his own clinic or office is natural and logical. Freedom of action, decent payment for the services provided are worthy arguments. But, the organization of a prosperous business requires a sober assessment of the initial data: competition, demand for services, the necessary start-up capital, the timing of the project, payback and a host of other issues.

A business plan should be drawn up by a competent manager with experience in organizing dental clinics. A novice entrepreneur is obliged to think over the prospects for development, expand the number of services, formulate the criteria for success and strategic goals of his brainchild.

Main risks

According to statistics, about 60% of new dental clinics are closed within 1.5 years of activity.

If the business plan contains only an outline from the doctor's point of view, does not include a professional manager's analysis of risks, real costs of the organization, marketing plan and pricing characteristics, the new clinic will not be able to survive and achieve stable growth.

Any business is aimed at making a profit. But, in the provision of medical services, this should not turn into the main, moreover, the only goal. Employees and partners who are united only by the idea of ​​enrichment will go to more successful competitors at the slightest difficulty. On the other hand, the mission to do good should not compete with the natural desire to receive decent payment for the services provided. A wise approach and balance in personnel policy, a common vision of strategic goals and a reasonable distribution of profits will help to avoid the collapse of the team.

Losing your reputation is easy. A medical error can ruin a business and revoke a dentist's license. Strict adherence to sanitary standards and adherence to the established treatment procedure in a private clinic are the most important tasks.

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