Business plan for the organization of a tank farm

Can you create an oil refinery yourself? Hardly. I do not argue that someone has been working in this area for many years and thinks that I can create and organize a business. But in order to obtain a loan or investment, lenders and investors will require a document that guarantees the profit of the enterprise - this is a business plan for an oil refinery. It includes all aspects of the opening and development of a refinery. Refinery Manufacturing Business Plan will help you avoid:

  • unjustified costs of starting and running a business;
  • saving time for organizing production;
  • wrong ways to attract investment resources.

Solving the above issues makes it easier to start a case. Therefore, you can work calmly for your own pleasure.

Business plan for oil refining with financial calculations

Choose the right kit

A basic business plan is an abbreviated version of a detailed business plan.

Shortened section of investment analysis

There is no analysis of profitability in the context of individual products and profit centers.

Description of the project concept and strategic goals

Investment and loan return plan

Business plan for oil refining with financial calculations. The first steps towards the development of this business. Economic calculation for opening to obtain investments or a bank loan.

The business plan of a gas station is an analytical document that allows to assess, with a high degree of objectivity, the economic efficiency of the construction of a gas station and the creation of a profitable business facility on its basis. The plan can be used as a project justification when negotiating with potential investors and other interested parties.

Accepting all the calculations in this business plan, the founder takes full responsibility for their compliance.

Project Summary

The gas station business plan with calculations is aimed at the practical implementation of the idea to open a gas station with a two-year turnover. At the same time, the project provides for the solution of the following social and economic problems:

  • Creation of new jobs at the opening enterprise.
  • Meeting the demand of motorists for the provision of fuel and other consumer goods.
  • Taking profit.

Funding for the construction of the filling complex is carried out at the expense of a commercial bank loan in the amount of 45 million rubles. Interest payments and loan repayment start from the 1st month from the beginning of the project. This condition greatly simplifies the understanding of the methodology for regulating financial flows and the method for calculating discounting.

Loan investments come from the bank at an interest rate of 17.5%. The possibility of revising the rate downward is envisaged in accordance with the existing trends in the banking financial services market.

During the investment period, the total amount of interest accrued to the creditor is 3 million 066 thousand rubles.

  • From the start of work on the project - no more than 4 months.
  • Including discounting - 2 years.

The life cycle of the project under the existing economic conditions and economic situation in the country is 2 years. During this time, the total economic effect from its implementation will amount to 208 million 339 thousand 791.2 rubles.


The terms of the project implementation given in the business plan, as well as other information on its implementation, are also relevant for force majeure circumstances.

The article describes the basics of drawing up a business plan for an oil refinery - refinery. The Russian Federation is an oil state, and therefore this business will become very relevant. But do not forget that the technological process itself is quite complicated and requires large initial investments, in addition, there are many nuances associated with the organization of the company.

However, these complexities of the refinery can be avoided by detailed elaboration of all aspects at the planning stage as part of the business plan. The need to compile it is also due to the need to attract additional resources from outside, investors, banks and the state.

What does it take to launch an oil refinery?

Before starting a project, it is important to evaluate its effectiveness using various indicators, to determine the payback period. To do this, you should calculate the forecast of income, costs, revenue, profit.

In addition, at the planning stage of the refinery, within the framework of the business plan, it is necessary to study the production technology in detail, in particular:

  • Sequence of steps;
  • Need for equipment;
  • Initial raw materials and supplies;

Required qualifications of employees.

Example of a business plan for a refinery


Table of Contents


As a result of the operation of the enterprise, oil products are obtained, among which there may be:

Brief Investment Memorandum

Retail trade in petroleum products traditionally refers to a high-margin business not only in Russia, but also in almost all countries where motor vehicles exist. Nevertheless, within the framework of this business plan, two strategic concepts are used to confidently enter this highly competitive market and receive your guaranteed profit. The first tendency is associated with the fact that, despite all the economic difficulties in the country, the car market, after some consolidation and even recession, is steadily growing at least 2-3% per year. It is worth noting that over the past 10 years, Rossi's car park has actually doubled and reached the mark of more than 56 million vehicles. This is about 250 - 300 cars per 1000 people. This trend will continue in the future, as the Russian market is still far from saturation.

The second basic element of the business concept is the fact that motor fuel belongs to the category of goods with inelastic demand and is in demand by the population just like the main food products - bread and milk. A significant positive point here is that the filling station business is completely protected from inflationary costs and the increase in fuel prices, in some cases even exceeding the inflation rate, allows you to get an additional part of the profit. Over the past five years, the average prices for motor gasoline in the country have grown in the range from 30 to 44%.

In addition, it should also be borne in mind that the growth in the number of electric vehicles on the roads carries insignificant risks for the fuel market. These risks are still minimal, and in the future, the filling station business will be highly profitable even with a high entry price to this market.

The initial investment is 3,710,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached in the second month of operation.

Payback period 17 months.

Average net profit 230,000 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

The petrol station is located on the border of the city between the suburban area, the industrial area and several sleeping areas, which provides access to the main categories of customers. The nearest petrol stations of competing companies are located 10 km and 15 km away.

The main types of motor fuel sold at gas stations comply with GOST 32513-2021, GOST 1667-68:

  • automobile gasoline "AI 98 - premium" (for cars of "Euro-5" standard);
  • automobile gasoline AI 95;
  • motor gasoline AI - 92;
  • diesel fuel - diesel fuel.

The purchase of motor fuel is carried out directly from regional wholesale dealers of petroleum products, with an average mark-up of no more than 20-30%.

Tank farm business plan

Release date: 02.3.015

Number of pages: 32

Author: Business Project

Category: Service market

The development of a business plan for the tank farm was carried out on the basis of one of the actually implemented projects of the "Business Project" company. The business plan complies with Kazakhstani and international standards.

Project objectives:

- Attraction of investment funds for the purchase of a tank farm for subsequent leasing;

- Substantiation of the economic efficiency of the provision of services for the lease of the tank farm.

Project Description

Location - Astana.

As part of the project, a tank farm will be purchased for lease.

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