Business plan for the installation and sale of video surveillance systems: where to start and how to open, step by step instructions

Electrical work is an integral part of any type of construction and repair work. The business of providing such services is profitable and viable. No matter what crisis occurs in the country, residents will always need electricity. At the same time, becoming a successful owner of such a company is not easy. The business plan of the electrical installation firm must be detailed, and the requirements for the organization must be strictly followed. In addition, such a project is very costly, and its organization requires an investment of time and effort. To avoid problems, it is better to use a ready-made business plan with calculations and adapt it to your own company.

Opening your own electrical installation company is a guarantee of good earnings, because everyone uses electricity

Required documents for business registration

In order to engage in electrical work, it is enough to register with the Federal Tax Service of Russia as an individual entrepreneur. But in this case, the scope of services provided will be limited, and the income will be minimal. This option is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who are not sure that they can successfully enter the market.

How to open a private entrepreneur for electrical work

Registration of an individual entrepreneur for electrical installation is no more difficult than for any other type of activity. First you need to fill out an application, and so that there are no mistakes or blots in it. He, as well as his passport, a receipt for payment of the duty and an application for switching to the simplified tax system (if desired) should be submitted to the tax authority at the place of registration. After 5 days, you will be issued a document confirming the right to conduct business. After that, you need to open a current account in any bank and order your own seal.

For some types of electrical work, you will need to additionally obtain a certificate of competence, which is issued by Rostechnadzor for 3 years upon a voluntary request. On the website of this body, you can study the list of necessary papers and a complete list of works for the implementation of which a certificate is required.

If you decide to open an electrical installation company, be prepared for the fact that you will have to walk a lot

How to open an electrical installation LLC

More experienced entrepreneurs can register a company as a limited liability company. This will require a larger number of documents, but it will provide an opportunity to join SRO (self-regulatory organizations). This will allow in the future to cooperate with the largest construction and repair companies, suppliers, and will also give the right to participate in various auctions.

Any entrepreneur who starts a new business is interested in its profitability, payback and relevance. To do this, they conduct research on the target audience, competitors in this area and draw up a business plan with financial calculations. Stretch ceilings are a fairly young, but already popular business, because people do nothing but renovate their apartments and houses. And making a beautiful ceiling in the bedroom or hall is the highlight of the room.

Stretch ceilings as a business: the relevance of the idea and advantages

The relevance of the business lies in its availability and the quality of the services provided. If you go back 10 years in time, you can understand that tension, perfectly flat, ceilings were installed only by wealthy people, but now such pleasure is available to absolutely everyone.

The cost of installing such a ceiling, in a room of 10-15 meters, is only 5,000 -7,000 rubles, while the customer gets an ideal ceiling that requires almost no maintenance.

The construction of a stretch ceiling is very durable, but people's passion for renovation work does not allow it to serve its full life. Often, people turn for a service to a company that previously installed a ceiling for them, provided that the work was done efficiently and on time.

The benefits of such a business are:

  • High speed of work. Installation of a medium-sized room takes only 2-3 hours. One team of workers can easily install ceilings in 3-4 rooms per day.
  • Minimum business expenses. The customer pays you for all materials and the installation itself, which means the minimum financial costs of the entrepreneur.
  • The start-up phase of a business can go without a staff. You only need builders, the entrepreneur can take on all other tasks.
  • The cost of consumables is much lower than the customer pays.
  • Minimum start-up investment in the business. The main costs are for the purchase of equipment.

Stretch ceiling production technology

A stretch ceiling consists of the following elements:

  • Profiles.
  • Canvas.
  • Harpoons.
  • Inserts or other materials. It all depends on the design of the ceiling.

Small and medium-sized enterprises prevail in the market of companies for the installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems, so getting into this business is quite simple. Nevertheless, in order to successfully run your business, you need to know all its nuances, which allow you to steadily increase momentum and extract the desired profit.

Video surveillance as a business: where to start

According to experts' forecasts, from 2021 to 2021, the demand for services for the installation of video surveillance systems will grow by 25%. This is a rather modest indicator in comparison with other areas of business, but one cannot but rejoice at the stability of growth rates. After all, video surveillance is required everywhere: in shops, offices, entertainment centers, warehouses, gas stations, parking lots, industrial premises, on the facades of residential buildings, in private apartments and cottages, country houses.

Video cameras are usually the main element of a comprehensive security system

Now, video recorders are installed in public transport and taxis. And in some institutions, for example, educational ones, the installation of CCTV cameras is a mandatory requirement. If the city you live in is a large construction site, there will be no shortage of clients. Potential consumers are not only construction companies, but also future residents of the houses they are building.

Photo gallery: placement of video cameras at different sites

With the help of video cameras, you can prevent theft, protect yourself from burglars and hooligans, track violations of labor discipline, record offenses, find criminals and much more. Often, video surveillance systems are combined with alarms, when triggered, the police, non-departmental or private security guards go to the facility. Compared to the possible losses from illegal activities, the installation of video surveillance is inexpensive, and in some situations, for example, in a conflict with customers, cameras are simply irreplaceable.

A good quality video will allow you to find out the identity of the thief

The 2021 football championship is coming up, so in large cities hosting matches, we can expect an increase in demand for video surveillance systems.

Video: organizing a video surveillance system in a business center

Business plan for the installation and sale of video surveillance systems

Like any other type of business, the installation and sale of video surveillance systems requires a thorough preliminary study: writing a business plan with detailed calculations of future costs and estimated income, payback. Writing a document involves analyzing consumers and competitors, preparing a marketing strategy, selecting premises, and so on. If you plan to attract a loan to start your own business, the bank will definitely ask you for a business plan. The situation is similar when looking for an investor.

You can buy a warm floor in any store of building materials, but only a specialist should install such a floor in an apartment. On average, such a service can range from $ 8.5 per square meter.

There is also a tape warm floor, also called infrared, on sale. This floor, although it belongs to electric, is very simple to install and even a screed is not required to be poured under it.

Another type of underfloor heating is a thermomat, in which carbon rods are mounted on a fiberglass mesh. Tiles are usually laid on such a floor. When choosing a warm floor, it is necessary to take into account the customer's budget and the parameters of the room. If, for example, there are low ceilings in the room, then the screed should not be poured: it will take another 5 centimeters of height. Better to use the thinnest - tape floor.

To successfully organize a business on the installation of underfloor heating, you yourself need to understand the intricacies of using all types of underfloor heating. Only in this case you will be able to correctly advise the customer on the choice of the heating method. The best way to start making money on warm floors is to install the floor that the customer has already bought. For installation in Russia, they usually take $ 8.5 per square meter, the installation of a thermostat is not included in this price and is paid separately. To start such a business, you will only need your own transport and work experience, and the initial investment is minimal. To start work, you will have to register as an individual entrepreneur and accept taxation for yourself under the simplified system. OKVED code 45. choose "Installation of engineering equipment". To attract the attention of customers, try to negotiate the placement of your advertising stand in the underfloor heating department of a hardware store - this is the best way to reach your target audience.

You can expand your business by simultaneously selling and installing underfloor heating. You can buy material from regional dealers, for which you add your margin, and you can earn money on the sale. And at the same time pretty good. By installing 10 square meters of flooring in a room, you can earn about $ 250, which is 200% of the money you put in. But only if there are problems with the floor, claims from the client will come to you. Of course, you can redirect them and the manufacturing company, but it's up to you to communicate with the upset person. Problems in the use of floors can arise due to improper installation or due to defects in materials. You will have to provide warranty service to customers, bearing full responsibility for your work. Therefore, an unsuccessful choice of an unscrupulous manufacturer and poor-quality work will inevitably hit your pocket.

Companies producing warm floors often invite everyone to act as their dealers and supply materials not only to direct customers, but also to hardware stores. In this case, certain investments will already be required, since you will need your own warehouse, a truck and employees, but the profitability in this case can reach 80%. An extensive advertising campaign will also be required, it is desirable to create and promote your own website, which can bring the dealer up to half of all customers. In this case, you can recruit a team of installers and train them in the manufacturing company. It is necessary to observe dealer etiquette - do not take clients from neighboring cities where there are representatives.

Warm floors are installed not only in residential premises. An electric underfloor heating is often forgiven to install on a poultry farm, since its installation and operation are inexpensive. To raise chicks, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 30 degrees, and incandescent bulbs to heat the house consume too much energy. Farming is still not covered by this service, so you can manage to occupy this niche in your region.

Calculator for calculating the profitability of this business

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