Business plan for the construction of cottages (village)

Real estate has always been and is the most popular way of investing for most Russians. And, although recently, the situation in low-rise suburban construction has changed radically, this area does not cease to interest not only those who want to have their own home, but also those who wish to make money on it.

Despite the fact that this segment of the construction market in the Moscow Region and the Moscow Region is oversaturated with offers, the current situation is beginning to change, and the most demanded direction is the construction of economy-class cottage settlements.

Modern cottages have a number of advantages

  • Only environmentally friendly materials are used for their construction (ceramic blocks and traditional bricks, gas and foam concrete);
  • The flexibility of monolithic construction technologies allows building houses of any design and architectural form;
  • Modern buildings are characterized by strength, fire safety and good thermal insulation.

And the more such settlements there are, the better. After all, each cottage village built using modern technologies is a convenience for residents and a well-being of the city, plus a favorable ecology, proximity to nature and fresh air.

The popularity of suburban settlements in the Moscow region is growing from year to year. Many are attracted by the opportunity to have their own house, the area of ​​which is much larger than a city apartment, to enjoy a beautiful view from the window, to live in an area with a safe ecological situation.

By buying a house and a plot of land in such a village, you are making a profitable investment in the realization of your dream of an ideal home. You independently choose the architectural style of the building, the number of rooms and their purpose, realize your design fantasies on the land.

Developers provide in advance all the objects that are necessary to ensure life. In addition, suburban settlements are distinguished by high security and a low level of crime.

But in order to interest buyers and build a cozy village with all the amenities, you need to competently work out many little things, the main business card is its concept.

Concept and business plan for the construction of a suburban village

Any major construction starts with a business plan. The most important stage in the design of the future commercial center is the development of its concept, which is based on a detailed study of the territory and marketing research of consumer preferences.

A large-scale project - the construction of a cottage community - can only be implemented by medium and large businesses. This is not available to small companies and private entrepreneurs. The creation of a residential complex takes several years, involves multimillion-dollar expenses and claims the same multimillion-dollar income. We will tell you what stages the construction of a residential settlement goes through, how much the developer invests, where he attracts investors and what profit he makes from the project.

Legislation Review

The difficulties of creating a cottage village begin with the fact that there are still no uniform legislative requirements for developers. Everything that construction companies must adhere to is scattered chaotically across codes, federal laws, and other regulations. First of all, it is necessary to be guided by the Land Use and Development Rules. Each region has its own. This is not one document, but a whole set of norms, rules and plans adopted by the local legislature:

  • urban design standards;
  • urban zoning maps;
  • special conditions zone maps;
  • boundary map cultural layer;
  • layout of historical monuments;
  • general plan (general plan).

From the rules, the developer can understand where he will be allowed to build the complex, what requirements he will have to fulfill for landscaping and parking and some other nuances. Of course, the list of the developer's responsibilities is not limited to these regulations. He is obliged to fulfill the requirements:

  • Civil Code;
  • City Planning Code;
  • Housing Code;
  • Federal Law 416-FZ "On water supply and sewerage ”;
  • Federal Law 35-FZ“ On Electricity ”;
  • Federal Law 69-FZ“ On Gas Supply ”.

Add to this list tax legislation, regional and municipal building regulations, the federal law on shared construction (if this option is intended to raise capital). In order to deal with all the requirements and not violate any of dozens of laws, the developer company creates a legal department.

Documents and Permissions

The main document that a developer must receive before starting work is a building permit. Its meaning and purpose are disclosed in article 51 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The permit is issued by the local administration. For example, if a developer plans to build a residential complex outside the city, he does not apply to the city administration, but to the district administration.

To obtain a building permit, the applicant must first prepare a set of documents:

  • title documents for a land plot (for example, a certificate of ownership);
  • an explanatory note;
  • a planning project with the designation of capital construction objects, driveways, aisles;
  • land-surveying project;
  • scheme of architectural solutions;
  • positive conclusion of the state examination of design documentation.

How to build a cottage village

Consider an example of a business plan for the construction of a cottage community. It should be understood that these are only approximate calculations and a general description of the sequence of actions of the developer. In each case, the conditions for the implementation of the project are different, and the final cost of construction is protected by commercial secrets.

After studying this article, you will receive basic information about the features of the business associated with low-rise construction, considered on the example of a business plan for the construction of cottages. In recent years, there has been a real boom in the development of suburban areas and moving from the city limits to their own suburban housing. The industry is characterized by high competition and competition for the client. However, given the territory of our country and the availability of free building areas, the prospects for this market segment for new players are obvious.

The main factor of this activity is a good location, beautiful projects and the availability of infrastructure - it is the combination of these factors that attracts people and will make it possible to achieve success in the construction of a cottage community.

The essence of the business plan

Entrepreneurial activity in highly costly and multidimensional industries, which include the construction of cottages, requires careful planning and description of the project, since investors must first of all familiarize themselves with a high-quality document containing a description of all business processes and the economic effect of implementation. For this, a business plan for the construction of a cottage village will be used as the most appropriate form of design.

A business plan is widely used in commercial activities and has generally recognized advantages: structure, functionality, consistency and validity of all sections.

An example of a business plan for the construction of cottages (village)


Table of Contents


Stages of cottage construction processes

The project is considering the possibility of building a cottage village on XXX one and two-storey houses of various sizes. In this business, it is important to provide for the availability of communications and road infrastructure. Target segment of consumers - families with children and people of pre-retirement age

Currently, there is a tendency towards a decrease in the number of purchased apartments in multi-storey buildings. At the same time, the popularity of private houses has increased. The greatest demand is for small cottages, which can be classified as economy class. The price for them is in the range of two hundred thousand dollars.

Today, many people choose not to buy pre-made homes. They acquire a plot of land and place an order for construction companies to build a cottage that would satisfy the tastes of future owners. In this regard, a very popular idea is building houses as a business.

Is this business profitable?

A small construction business, however, like a large one, is very profitable from the point of view of making a profit. Sometimes there are periods when you have to wait for a return for some time. Such situations arise in the case of unfinished construction.

However, as a result, all financial investments will pay off and increase significantly. The profitability of this business is in the range of fifty to seventy percent. And this is a great result. In other words, the construction business can be said more simply: profitable, profitable and cost-effective.

Possible problems

First of all, you need to correlate your capabilities and desires. The construction business will require significant start-up investments. Before starting your own business, you will need to draw up a business plan. The construction of cottages is especially beneficial in the construction of villages. In this case, the cost per square meter of housing is significantly reduced. But it should be borne in mind that this will require significant investments, in particular, for the acquisition of a large land plot.

Having started your own business, you shouldn't even try to immediately conquer a large part of the market. You should go from one step to another.

The problem of recruiting non-professional personnel is also relevant for construction organizations. It is important that there are no employees on the staff who will try to take out the materials or agree to "shake things up" somewhere on the side.

Careful attention to the choice of suppliers, business partners and investors will help to avoid all kinds of pitfalls. Much will depend on your business sense and acumen.

First Steps

First of all, you will need to draw up a business plan. The construction of cottages in this document should be considered from the point of view of those investments that you are ready to make in your own business. In the event that significant financial investments are envisaged, it is worth opening your own construction company. At the first stage, it will be expensive, but over time it will definitely pay off.

Your business plan for the construction of cottages can also be considered from the point of view of investment. In this case, third-party companies are involved. However, it should be borne in mind that the profitability of the case will be somewhat lower.

Business plan for a cottage village: building dream homes

In recent years, there has been an active development of the domestic construction industry. Many developers have reoriented their businesses and started building cottage communities. The great popularity of such settlements is due to the desire of many people to "escape" away from the bustle of the city and live in harmony with nature. When planning to start a business in the field of construction, start-up entrepreneurs first of all need a business plan for a cottage village, a good team of highly qualified specialists and a special tool.

Relevance of this business

Before embarking on the implementation of the strategy for the construction of a cottage community, a business entity must give a real assessment of the relevance of this business area. He should conduct marketing research on the local real estate market, so that he will be able to find out what is the demand for suburban residential buildings. The information obtained will make it possible to assess the competitiveness of this direction, since all the main niches in the domestic construction market have long been mastered and occupied.

Stages of organization

The business plan for the construction of a cottage village should contain the following sections:

  • Marketing Research.
  • Advertising campaign.
  • Organizational activities.
  • Business registration and permits.
  • Personnel, payroll.
  • The financial part, which includes information with calculations regarding start-up and monthly expenses, project profitability.

Client search, advertising

The business plan of a cottage community should contain a section containing information on the target audience, advertising campaign, and the formation of a client base. It is worth noting that quite high prices are set for such real estate objects, which can only be afforded by people with a high level of income, as well as citizens who have decided to improve their living conditions through mortgages.

To draw attention to a cottage community under construction, a business entity must start an advertising campaign at the very first stages of its construction. To do this, you can use the following methods:

  • Create your own website where detailed information about the project should be posted. It is recommended for advertising purposes to use special software that will allow virtual tours of the cottages and the settlement itself. Potential customers, thanks to the 3D capabilities, will be able to evaluate not only the layout of the house they like, but also examine the decorative finish in detail.
  • Place ads on specialized Internet sites, as well as in all available media.
  • You can connect a TV. For example, commercials will be periodically shown on several channels.

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