Business plan for passenger transportation by minibuses

A business plan for transportation can only be drawn up by experienced financiers who have the appropriate level of qualifications and knowledge necessary to disclose the entire volume of information. The fact is that the business plan of any transport company is a document, the preparation of which takes not only a lot of time and effort, but also requires high professionalism.

Customer Reviews:

Raised investments in the amount of 120 million rubles and opened a store. In the process of work, we received a competent detailed business plan: a detailed description of the investment, a sales plan, an assessment of the market and project payback.

Gary Spartakovich, Grocery Supermarket Owner

I was very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the specialists. The high quality of this project made it possible to positively resolve the issue of financing. As a result, we received a loan in the amount of 200 million rubles.

Rakcheeva L. Financial director of wholesale clothing trade.

Based on the business plan, we opened our own production of drywall in the amount of 20 million rubles. The business plan contains a lot of useful information on our new line of business, the financial part is well developed. The business of the main competitors is described in great detail.

Arzhanov A., Director of drywall production

With the help of a business plan developed and drawn up by BizplaniKo, a long-term credit line was opened for this project for 5 years in the amount of 50 million rubles. for the wholesale of fuels and lubricants.

V. Ponomarev, owner of the company for the wholesale trade of fuels and lubricants

I was very surprised by your thorough approach to business analysis, with the development of a complete financial plan for investments and a schedule for their repayment.

R. Ardoev, Director of Reinforced Concrete Products Production

Over the past 5 years, I have not had to work with a more professional company. It took one call and five letters so that people unfamiliar with you and what you are going to do would penetrate the project and calculate it with detailed accuracy.

When starting to engage in the transportation of goods, the first step is to draw up a business plan for cargo transportation (BP), which takes into account all the factors, risks, and possible costs. You should also listen to the feedback from businessmen who are already working in this area.

Step-by-step opening instructions

How much does it cost to open a trucking company?

Services provided

The services of the transport company include intra- and intercity transportation of goods:

  • transportation of furniture;
  • office moving, including transportation of office equipment;
  • transportation of building materials;
  • transportation of other things and materials, if this does not contradict the law and corresponds to the dimensions and capabilities of the existing vehicles.


People living in settlements of different sizes use the help of transport companies and private owners to transport things and goods. There is also always a demand for these services from small business and store owners. Since the need for this service still remains great, you can earn money even if you organize a business from scratch.

Market description and analysis

Segmentation of the Russian freight market:

The article describes the specifics of organizing a business in the field of transport services using the example of a business plan for passenger transportation by minibuses. In any Russian city, there are certain problems with the organization of the transport system, the main of which is the insufficient number of transport units, leading to crowds in buses. To meet the existing demand and create a successful business, you should take a closer look at this industry.

Establishing a company will require studying the legislation and requirements for carriers, analyzing the available transport models and choosing the optimal one in terms of operating costs and service life. It will also require significant investments to form a vehicle fleet, to attract which the process of creating a business plan is described.

If in the process of starting a company you required external investments, use the business plan for organizing passenger transportation by minibuses as the main tool for securing financing and the key to successful development of the company.

Business plan for passenger transportation by minibuses - the basis of a successful project

Developing a business action plan is a complex process. In addition to specific marketing research and knowledge of the methods of appropriate analysis, it will require proficiency in the language of financial indicators, which are necessary to develop a model of the economy and protect the project before investors. A business plan for passenger transportation by minibuses will help to simplify the solution of these problems.

It is structured, functional and fairly easy to develop and read, with minimal experience and basic knowledge in finance, marketing and economics. Its application will significantly reduce development time and optimize design costs. Well, future investors will appreciate the prospects of your business, if it is correctly justified in an investment project.

An example of a business plan for passenger transportation by minibuses


Table of Contents


Cargo transportation is one of the traditional, demanded and profitable types of business. Despite the fact that this area is constantly replenished with new participants, the demand in it is still high. Organization of cargo transportation is a costly and risky process. Therefore, it is important to draw up a competent business plan with accurate financial calculations. All marketing and financial aspects of the project must be accurately calculated and planned in accordance with specific deadlines.

Project characteristics

The cargo transportation business plan is intended to assess the economic activity of this investment project. The plan can be presented to an investor or lender as a commercial proposal and confirmation of the prospects and profitability of this type of business.

The nature of the enterprise can be defined as a company for the transportation of goods of various purposes, tonnage and dimensions on the territory of Russia and abroad. The project was compiled with the following goals in mind:

  • - filling a free market niche and meeting the existing demand for high-quality and timely delivery of goods of various sizes in Russia and abroad;
  • - getting high profits;
  • - creation of a highly profitable enterprise.

Project duration - 2 years. It is for this period that the necessary investments are calculated and the future profit is estimated.

The indicative financial indicators for the project will be as follows:

  • - to prepare and launch a cargo transportation company, you need to take a commercial loan in the amount of 15 million 800 thousand rubles. The total cost of the project is estimated at this amount;
  • - interest rate on the loan - 14%. Loan funds are planned to be returned from the first month of the company's operation;
  • - the total amount of funds paid out on the loan (investor's income - 1 million 16 thousand rubles);
  • - the payback period of the project, taking into account discounting - 24 months. The enterprise will be able to reach self-sufficiency already after 2 - 4 months of activity;
  • - the total economic effect for the indicated period will amount to 321 million 234 thousand rubles.

How to start organizing cargo transportation - in the video:

Cargo transportation company: specifics of its activity

This article outlines a ready-made business plan with a step-by-step description of actions for the creation and development of private freight transport. Here you can download a cargo transportation business plan for free or see a sample of its preparation.


Not all beginner entrepreneurs can correctly draw up, independently write a business plan for cargo transportation and thoroughly understand the marketing and financial strategies of the enterprise. Most often, they are guided by the potential and the upcoming profit.

A big mistake is made by those who have recently worked as a worker and decided to make capital without any business plan for trucking.

The project is required. Without a business plan for cargo transportation, not one bank will open a loan for starting a business or investors will refuse money.

If you invest exclusively your own funds in the development of the enterprise, only ready-made calculations on paper will help outline clear trends and the further path of business implementation.

The most important thing is to have an exceptional ambition and be confident in your capabilities. The goals of the business plan for trucking need to include information about what the company will generally do.

Basic commercial services must include:

  • Office, apartment, private, legal moving.
  • Help in organizing bulky cargo.
  • Destination delivery of valuable equipment.
  • Provision of loader services.
  • Correct picking and distribution of cargo in the car.
  • If necessary, forced storage of cargo.

The list of services provided plays a key role in potential profit. Both the staff and the class of cars will depend on it.

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