Business plan for organizing holidays for children and adults

Organization and holding of events is a business that does not require serious financial investments at the start, here the main task is to be a good manager and be able to negotiate with people. In this article we will describe the business plan of the company for organizing the holidays, which will help you get to know this business in more detail.

Company format

You've probably heard, or seen somewhere, companies that make good money on organizing events. These companies often focus on several specific areas and provide the greatest possible package of services for their clients.

List of activities:

  • organization of children's parties. In particular, birthdays. Clowns, cartoon characters and various contests - all these are irreplaceable attributes of a children's holiday.
  • organization of weddings (toastmaster services, hall decorations, musicians).
  • corporate events.
  • organization of anniversaries, birthdays.
  • other events.

Your target clients will mainly be young people under 35 - 40 years old.

We do not advise you to grab into all directions at once, because for a novice businessman this is a fairly wide niche, and the business itself is built on reputation. If you set someone up, even through no fault of yours, negative reviews are guaranteed. To begin with, decide on one or two areas, and build a reputation as a responsible executor, as the business develops, you can expand the list of services.

Finding a room

To organize a business in the field of holding holidays, you need a small room up to 20 sq. ... This is quite enough for a start. You only need it to receive clients.

Make a renovation, arrange the room itself with a creative approach, possibly with examples of satisfied customers. Furniture will require a standard set for a manager:

Decorations and other accessories

When drawing up a business plan for an agency for organizing holidays, budget for the purchase of all the necessary paraphernalia for an event.

Each of the holidays will need a different set of accessories. For example, for children's parties you will need to sew costumes of cartoon characters and clowns. Purchase everything you need for competitions.

Good day! Today I will write another business plan for those who want to start their own business from scratch.

He was asked to write to me by subscribers of my VK group "Business Secrets for a Newbie" and called the business plan "Agency for organizing holidays" or how to open a holiday agency.

As usual, I went to the Yandex search engine with a request for the business plan of the holiday agency. This time, to my surprise, there was no limit to the TOP1; my article, which I wrote on my old website in 2021, was occupied.

I don't even know how to comment on this situation, the business plan for opening a holiday agency, although it was written by me, but after such a long time, of course, has already become obsolete.

It so happened that I have many acquaintances of entrepreneurs from different fields of activity, including a holiday agency (14 years in business make themselves felt).

The agency is called “Turnkey Holiday” (I also recommend that you choose an interesting name for your business). The owner of this business is a girl and her name is Evgenia, she shared with me many moments of the work of the holiday agency (for which special thanks to her).

By the way, I will say that the average income from her business is 300,000 - 400,000 rubles per month (in pure money) and this is despite the competition.

So today I am writing a business plan for a holiday agency in accordance with the realities of life:

How to open a holiday agency

We will start drawing up a business plan with the official registration of the holiday agency.

Holiday Agency Registration

A holiday agency is a service industry and of course a small business.

Reviews for the business plan of the holiday agency ()

The main thing about the business plan of the holiday agency in the year

The nuances of opening a holiday agency

It is not in vain that the aces of business are talking about organizing celebrations: how the agency holds the first event, so will the further development of the business. If everything went well, be sure that you will not end up with clients. They made a serious mistake - huge problems will arise with the further effective promotion of the company's services. Moreover, there are a lot of competing firms around that provide services for organizing events, which can be an unpleasant discovery for you.

The demand for such services is certainly higher in large cities. In small towns, the organization of event business will be complicated by a shortage of clients. Many businessmen are attracted by the opportunity to create their own business with small capital investments, but this will not be enough for active development. The stake should be placed on holding corporate events, since such services are still expensive for private clients.

It is becoming fashionable to hold corporate events, which is what various agencies use. And yet, it is hardly possible to get by with a little blood if you count on a good profit. You will need the costs of renting an office, purchasing special equipment, but most importantly, salaries for class specialists, on whose skill the success of the event depends.

Opening a reputable agency for organizing holidays necessarily means having an office. It is not recommended to save on this expense item, because most clients will judge your company by the office. A large room is not required, an area of ​​10-15 square meters is quite enough. ... But the correct location is of great importance. It is best to pay attention to the city center, as this is where most of your potential customers are located.

The success of opening an event agency largely depends on the professionalism of the staff. You can outsource some of the services to contractors to avoid overstaffing. When deciding to organize a business for organizing holidays, pay attention to finding experienced professionals. You should not completely rely on contractors, because in this case you are missing the main thing - a guarantee that the holiday will be held at a high level. Based on their own experience of creating a holiday agency, experienced businessmen advise to resort to the services of third-party firms only at first, combining two options - hiring part of the specialists in the staff, and inviting artists from outside each time.

How to open a business such as organizing a holiday agency, where to start - if you are concerned about such questions, be sure to use a competent example of a business plan for a holiday agency with ready-made calculations, which contains all the necessary information. A professional plan for organizing parties, including children's ones, will help you figure out how to create a profitable integrated party organization agency from scratch, step by step. And all you need for this is just to study such a document.

How to open a party agency

Adding magic and creating a unique holiday atmosphere has become so easy today - you just need to decorate the room where the celebration is taking place with bright balloons. Several companies will offer the client to fulfill such an unusual order, among which may be your holiday agency, which is not difficult to open these days.

Jewish Warehouse

The entertainment industry is going through a period of transformation in Russia, gaining momentum. Delivery of an ordinary bouquet has grown into a bright spectacle, and holding the company's anniversary can become a real advertising campaign. For such events, specialists are needed, of whom there are so many on the domestic market. The event industry is a promising area. Business does not require large investments, the market is not oversaturated with competitors. But without a team of creatively thinking people, reliable performers who will form a good reputation and popularity, it will not be possible to organize a successful company.

Implementation Steps

The first step is to decide on the list of services provided. The most demanded of them are the organization, maintenance and implementation:

  • corporate events ;
  • children's parties;
  • wedding ceremonies;
  • leisure evenings;
  • outdoor events;
  • symposia, conferences, etc.

A ready-made business plan for organizing holidays includes the following steps:

  • business registration;
  • rent of premises;
  • hiring employees;
  • marketing promotion
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    How to open an agency? It is better for beginners to start by building a client base, holding temporary events, and building a reputation. Reliable subcontractors, fresh ideas and a high-quality portfolio are the keys to success. It is created for weeks, months and even years, and you will have to pay taxes immediately after registration, so it is better not to rush with this. Try a few events before opening.

    The optimal start is the opening of an individual entrepreneur with the OKVED code 92. "Other entertainment and entertainment activities" - this direction covers the maximum possible field of work. No special permissions or certificates are required.


    Investments Profit Payback 457. 0051. 00 per month10 months

    In this article, you will receive comprehensive information on how to open a business for organizing holidays, what is required for this, what attributes you need, who should be hired first.

    General inquiries

    When starting a business for organizing holidays, there are many things to consider. They are not always associated with the registration of a business (this is a matter of course), but they always come into contact with the topic of advertising of this agency.

    Do you need an office for such a business?

    If you start working in this business "from scratch", then the office is not an exceptional necessity. You can communicate with clients via the Internet, telephone, and appoint meetings in a cafe. In the future, when expanding your business, you should think about your own premises.

    Who should you hire?

    The personnel issue must be approached thoroughly. You need to find professional staff who know how to work in a team.

    Entrepreneur can:

    In general, the holiday team should include:

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