Business plan for opening a pizzeria

Various dishes of Italian cuisine are always popular, and pasta and pizza are always at the peak of popularity. Inexpensive and tasty pizza is one of the most favorite dishes in the former USSR. Therefore, the thoughts of how to open a pizzeria from scratch visit many future businessmen.

You don't have to have millions to open a pizzeria. You can make an institution of a small format, having an amount of 400-500 thousand rubles.

There are several pizzeria formats on the market today.

  • A classic Italian restaurant. This is the most expensive option for opening a pizzeria. The menu of such an institution includes at least 7-8 varieties of pizza, various pastas and other traditional Italian dishes.
  • Cafe-pizzeria. The most common option. The menu includes 15-20 types of pizza, salads and desserts. The specialty of such establishments is the kitchen, which is equipped in such a way that visitors can watch the cooking process.
  • Food court or fast food pizzeria. Typically, these establishments offer American and Italian pizzas, snacks, soda, salads and ice cream.
  • An establishment without a lounge for guests, or simply "pizza delivery". In such an institution there is only a kitchen, and orders are accepted through the website and by phone. The assortment of such an establishment includes at least 25 types of pizzas, on a thin or thick crust.

You can choose the most suitable option for yourself, depending on your preferences and financial capabilities. The most common options are cafes and fast food.

Drawing up a business plan

Below is a business plan for a pizzeria with calculations, an example is a fast food pizzeria located at a food court in a shopping center. So, the costs will consist of the following items:

  • registration from 15 thousand rubles;
  • rent of premises from 20 thousand rubles per month;
  • staff salaries from 100 thousand rubles per month month;
  • kitchen equipment from 450 thousand rubles;
  • furniture for the hall and dishes from 280 thousand rubles;
  • repair from 180 thousand rubles;
  • products for the menu from 200 thousand rubles;
  • other from 80 thousand rubles.

The total initial costs will be 1,320 thousand rubles. Monthly costs will be from 320 thousand rubles.

Based on the average amount of a check in such an institution, which is 350 rubles, with attendance from 50 people per day, the monthly revenue will be 525 thousand rubles. With such a profitability, payback can be expected no earlier than in 8 months.

But it should be remembered that attendance will increase gradually, and accordingly, the revenue in the first months will be much less than planned. To reach sufficient attendance, you need to promote your institution with the help of advertising.

The gurus of such a business claim that the mark-up in such an establishment should be from 250 to 350% of the price of a ready-made dish. When deciding on the value, you need to pay attention to the prices of competitors - you cannot allow your prices to be too high.

Selection of premises

Reviews of the pizzeria business plan ()

The main thing about the pizzeria business plan for the year

How to open a mini-format pizzeria

Competent organization and the ability to clearly debug all production processes will give you the opportunity to open a mini-pizzeria. What is needed for that? The initial capital is not less than 5 thousand dollars, inexpensive, but high-quality equipment and, most importantly, a carefully thought-out menu. Despite the modest initial capital investment, businesses such as making pies and pizzas, even in miniatures, can be profitable. With skillful business management, the profitability in this type of business reaches 40-50%.

Mini-pizzerias, as a rule, are opened in small towns, or in areas with a small population, whose budget does not allow visiting more respectable catering establishments. Moreover, for a beginner entrepreneur, this option is the most acceptable for entering this business. It is rather difficult to enter this market, competing in large cities with more experienced players who have won fame for a long time. To do this, you need to have at least 2-3 million dollars in your pocket, which, of course, automatically cuts off entrepreneurs with more modest capital.

The desire to save money and invest in business development as little financial resources as possible can play a cruel joke with a businessman. The first step for some aspiring entrepreneurs is making pizza at home. But the decision to start a business with such savings often does not bring the expected results. On the contrary, complications are possible in the form of problems with regulatory authorities. Where to start if you want to start a small pizzeria business? Even if you want to spend a small amount, start by finding a suitable pizzeria space. Be sure to make sure that there are no competing establishments nearby: not only pizzerias, but also fast foods, coffee shops, mini-restaurants of Italian cuisine. Young people will become your main clients, so it is advisable to place a pizzeria near educational institutions, entertainment centers, sports facilities.

If you do not have enough funds to rent capital premises, use a special trailer to open a pizzeria, which, by the way, can be easily moved to another place if there are not enough clients. Think carefully about the menu. Recently, a new form of pizza - the pizza-glass - has become in special demand, so when opening your point, take into account popular trends. When in doubt about whether to start a business specializing in making pizza in a glass, combine several options for making this dish, expanding the menu.

If you do not know where to start a business and how to open a pizzeria in a small town, study a ready-made example of a business plan for opening a mini pizzeria with ready-made calculations, in which you will find a lot of useful information for yourself. This document contains advice from professionals on opening your own pizzeria, recommendations for any occasion, which will help you clearly navigate even in the most difficult situation. Using a competent business project, you will be able to create a business for the production of glass pizza or any other type of pizza without fear of competitors, since the most important thing on your side is experience and knowledge.

About the competent organization of a pizzeria

Low cost and relatively small initial investment are the main factors that attract entrepreneurs who decide to start their own business - a pizzeria. Even a small establishment is capable of bringing in a stable and quite tangible income, since the demand for pizza remains high in any economic crisis. But this type of business has one, but a very significant disadvantage - high competition, especially in large cities. The "monsters" of this business not only open one pizzeria after another, but also organize the production of frozen pizza, organize its home delivery and many other additional services.

In this regard, the organization of the production of a pizzeria must necessarily include a thorough analysis of the situation in a particular city and area. An entrepreneur needs to study the situation well, find out what services and prices are offered to customers by competing establishments. Based on this data, you can try to find the vulnerabilities of competitors by offering visitors a special menu, more affordable prices, or services that are not available in other pizzerias.

Before starting a restaurant business, any aspiring entrepreneur analyzes all possible options that may be in the greatest demand and bring high income. Today, one of these areas is considered a pizzeria.

A large number of pizza connoisseurs and a high demand for this product have led to the fact that in every city and town there are several pizzerias operating at once. Therefore, when opening a business in this direction, it is necessary to carefully consider not only the organizational aspects, but also to assess the competitiveness of the future enterprise. In this case, you can use both a ready-made business plan for opening a pizzeria, and develop all the nuances yourself.

Step by step plan

For a successful business, it is important to make sure that the product sold is tasty and of high quality. In addition, a novice businessman should carefully consider every detail regarding the procedure for opening an institution.

When drawing up a business plan for opening a pizzeria from scratch, you must:

Also, the financial plan should include advertising costs for the newly opened establishment - the more people learn about your pizzeria, the better.

Competitor Analysis

Due to the high competition of the market sector in question, it is necessary to provide for such a moment as the presence of pizzerias of the same price segment near the selected place.

According to statistics, the number of pizzerias is growing rapidly every year. In addition, not only specially equipped pizzerias, but also expensive restaurants, as well as small stationary establishments, are engaged in the sale of this product.

Nevertheless, experts note that this type of business is a fairly promising and profitable direction.

Which type of pizzeria should you choose?

The payback, the amount of invested funds and the speed of their turnover depends on what type of establishment you have chosen when drawing up an organizational plan.

But not all start-up entrepreneurs can afford to open such a business, because it requires a lot of investment. This fact can push away from the idea of ​​opening one of the objects of the restaurant complex. However, there are more budget options that will allow you to create a source of good income at minimal cost.

One of these options is a pizzeria. This business does not require extremely large investments, and the income can sometimes exceed the "big" establishments. As in any other business, it is necessary to study the market in detail, assess the risks and benefits, and draw up a detailed business plan.

Project Summary

In most cases in this area, they use the rental of suitable premises, since their purchase seems to be unprofitable for an entrepreneur. When drawing up a business plan, it is necessary to analyze in detail the market in this area, study the activities of competitors, draw up a financial development plan and think over the organization of activities.

You should also carefully consider the selection of personnel and the marketing plan, since advertising will play an important role in the formation and development of your business. In the conclusion of the document, it is necessary to most accurately calculate the approximate payback period of the institution.

You can watch an interesting interview with the owner of such a business in the following video:

Market and Competition Analysis

Therefore, at the very birth of an idea, it is very important to choose the most suitable location, since development and profitability will directly depend on this.

This fact suggests that the market is still extremely promising and allows new players to enter. It should be noted that today the most popular direction in this area is a pizzeria, organized like a fast food, where a delivery service operates, and it is possible to order a product to take away.

Financial Plan

In any business, one of the main stages is the development of a financial section.

Download free business plans from a special catalog: "BEST FREE RUNET BUSINESS PLANS"!

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

To open a pizzeria, you need to analyze a large number of issues, from premises to profit. To do this, at the initial stage, the development of a pizzeria business plan will help, where, in theory, you can consider all the issues that will stand in the way of realizing such a dream.

The attached business plan can be downloaded from this site.


First of all, you need to decide on the location. A lot depends on where the pizzeria will be located and what size it will be.

And here many factors play a big role: the proximity of entertainment complexes, offices, educational institutions, etc. The pizza trade directly depends on the season - it grows in the summer.

It is possible to include in the business plan such issues as selling pizza to order, to take away, around the clock, etc.

You can buy your own premises and adapt it for a pizzeria, or you can rent the premises.

All this must be taken into account, and only after analyzing all the pros and cons, you can proceed to the next stage.

The next step is to determine the area of ​​the pizzeria and the number of seats. Analysis of the existing market suggests that a small production facility can accommodate 25-30 sq. m, but on average the pizzeria occupies from 100 to 150 sq. m. Seats can be from 10 to 200 and more.

It must be remembered that the requirements for production must comply with the rules and regulations of the SES. This means that the room where the pizza will be prepared must have:

  • - supply and exhaust ventilation;
  • - sewerage;
  • - hot and cold water;
  • - have walls lined with tiles or painted with water-based paint;
  • - comply with the SES standards in terms of noise and vibration.

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