Business plan for opening a bar from scratch

That is why many entrepreneurs are beginning to think about opening such an institution. In such a bar you can while away the evening with a glass of beer, watch the broadcast of your favorite fight, and also have a delicious meal. Having this kind of versatility ensures that the establishment is never empty.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Sports bar, restaurant business and other catering areas have many significant differences. The main audience of the first is a group of friends who are fond of watching sports competitions, matches and Olympiads. In addition, a businessman should take into account that mainly representatives of the male part of the population will come here.

To open a sports bar, investing a minimum of funds, and ensure yourself a stable income for many years to come, you need to learn the following rules:

  • visitor service must meet all the necessary quality requirements;
  • it must be possible to watch a sports event in a large company;
  • trade in sports symbols will definitely provide additional income.

An institution that has a good environment and interior that provides access to mass viewing of the competition can be safely called a winning option.

The procedure for organizing this activity is detailed in the following video:

Production plan

The choice of the location of the establishment must be approached very responsibly, since this is more than half the success. For example, renting premises in the central part of the city is not advisable, since people with average income will visit the bar, therefore, the presence of expensive prices will only scare away customers. The best option is a sleeping area, which is characterized by high traffic.

Interior design should be carried out taking into account the theme and concept. Therefore, if you plan to open a football sports bar, you can decorate the hall with photographs of famous football players.

The majority of customers come to such a bar to watch some important sporting event, so you need to sign an agreement in advance with the relevant company that provides online broadcasting services. Convenient viewing of a sporting event can be provided using 2-3 plasma TVs.

Financial Plan

Opening a project will inevitably lead to the following approximate costs:

The service and entertainment industry has always been very popular. Therefore, today we will consider a business plan for opening a bar. The main point is the service and the level of customer service. To the great regret of the latter and fortunately for you, it is low. Therefore, if you do at least a few percent better than the big players, then you can well count on success in this matter.

Main activity

This bar business plan will be designed for a small restaurant-type room. The price level will be affordable, but the service and food are of a high standard. Your task is to open a themed establishment that will attract customers not only with an assortment of drinks and food, but also with its interior.

  • professional photography of guests;
  • hookah;
  • vaping.

Instructions on how to open and what you need

To understand how to open your own bar, first of all, you need to decide on the format of the establishment. Based on this, you will be able to build not only a marketing structure, but also a system of dishes, cocktails and alcohol.

  • Market analysis.
  • Search for a room.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Hiring employees.
  • Development of alcohol and food cards.
  • Purchase of required products.
  • Website creation.
  • Launch advertising.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

From the documents you will need licenses for activities, certificates of the state of the premises and a few more permits. Do not forget that all documents must be present and valid. Entertainment establishments are often checked by the relevant authorities. Do not forget to use the services of private security, for the safety of guests, staff and the safety of property.

Documents for opening a bar:

  • IP registration certificate;
  • agreement with a security company;
  • certificate from SES;
  • agreement for periodic disinfection of the premises;
  • availability of medical books for employees;
  • permission from the fire department.

Stage - room search

The main goal of any drinking establishment is to obtain commercial benefits through the sale of alcoholic beverages. Opening a bar requires certain organizational skills, as well as knowledge of the specifics of this business. Experience in catering and restaurant business will be a big plus. The main nuances of organizing the work of the institution contains a sample of a ready-made business plan for a bar with calculations.

Step-by-step opening instructions

How much does it cost to open a bar?

Services provided

The main service of the bar is the production and sale of drinks, as well as the creation of conditions for their consumption at the bar or in the hall. Some bars also organize hot meals along with drinks. Visitors are served by the bartender, who is located at the bar.

Leisure services include:

  • organizing music services;
  • organizing concerts, variety programs;
  • broadcasting sports matches;
  • showing video programs;
  • provision of press, board games;
  • slot machines;
  • billiards;
  • karaoke;
  • hookah.

Other services include:

  • provision of a free phone;
  • guaranteed storage of personal belongings (outerwear) of the client;
  • call a taxi by order of the client.

Types and relevance

Classification of bars by type of drink:

The restaurant business in our country is growing rapidly. However, before you open a cafe-bar, you need to calculate in detail each step. We present to your attention a business plan of a cafe-bar with calculations.

Where to start?

  • Type of activity: cafe-bar.
  • Area: 150 sq. meters, 100 sq. meters - trade group (service hall), 50 sq. meters - production, utility and administrative premises.
  • Premises: rent.
  • Number of seats: 20 tables, 84 seats.
  • Working hours: from 10:00 to 00:00.

Form of ownership: LLC. Taxation system: simplified taxation system. Taxable base: income minus expenses.

Organizational issues

The establishment of an LLC is due to the fact that only a legal entity has the right to sell strong alcoholic beverages. Accounting will be conducted independently through an online service.

To open, you must go through the following steps:

* The rental price is indicated for the first two months, taking into account the deposit, then the rent is paid monthly.

Total costs of business registration and initial documents will cost 998 thousand rubles. But, before you start formalizing your business, you need to fully prepare the premises. Repair, redevelopment, installation of fire hydrants and the necessary plumbing can cost 500 thousand rubles.

Technical equipment

Consider the necessary equipment and furniture for industrial premises and a bar:

In this article, we will consider the features of the business of organizing drinking establishments using the example of a wine bar business plan. Various drinking establishments can be classified according to several criteria, one of which will be the classification according to the type of drinks sold. In the case of a wine bar, it will rather be a club of connoisseurs of various varieties who can spend time in a quiet and cozy place and taste their favorite drink.

Competition in the industry is quite high, but the number of establishments specializing in one alcoholic beverage is small, since narrow segmentation carries great risks. On the other hand, with the right organization, a high degree of exclusivity and the artificial creation of excitement, such a "private club of interests" can become a highly profitable and profitable business.

Business plan as a design tool

The number of aspects, questions and information that need to be found and resolved when starting a business is enormous. Novice businessmen often do not understand from which end to take on this load of tasks. And a wine bar business plan becomes a real magic wand for them, as a universal tool for planning commercial activities.

What are the advantages of this economic method? Their list is quite extensive: this is both general recognition and widespread use, the most concise and filled with content and meaning of the project, the presence of all the basic calculations and indicators that are required by investors to assess the attractiveness of the project.

Sample Wine Bar Business Plan


Table of Contents


The essence of business in the chosen industry

Our business plan involves the opening of a wine bar, which will operate on the principle of a closed club, which gathers lovers of quiet rest and a grape drink.

The main target audience is successful people with above-average income. The main point required for the organization is an understanding of the intricacies of winemaking and beverages, reliable suppliers of quality products, the design and atmosphere of the bar.

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