Business plan for growing strawberries: organizing a profitable process

Strawberries are a tasty and healthy berry that many people love. Therefore, the business of growing it will be attractive for those who love and know how to work on the land. Then the berry will be on the table all year round, besides, it will turn out to make good money. Growing strawberries all year round is described in the article.


Growing strawberries as a business has the following benefits:

  • Small initial investment.
  • You can grow at any time.
  • High income in winter.
  • Short payback.
  • Harvesting is easy.

But business risks should also be taken into account:

  • Probably the appearance of plant diseases, harmful insects.
  • If there is improper care, the plant withers and rots.

Therefore, in order to prevent loss, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the strawberry growing business all year round. There are several methods of growing berries (open field, indoor, sheltered). Each method has its own pros and cons.


Growing strawberries all year round can be carried out at home, indoors. This does not require a lot of space and investment. This can be done in a small area: on the balcony, loggia, in the garage. Dutch strawberry cultivation technology is excellent. With this method, a polyethylene bag is filled with perlite and peat. Then holes are made for seedlings, irrigation pipes are mounted and an artificial lighting system is being established. For 1 sq. m fits 3 bags.

At first, watering can be done independently, manually. Then the installation of a drip system is allowed. You also need to pollinate the berries - at home, strawberries themselves cannot pollinate. For this, a natural bristle brush is used. If the plantation is large, a home fan is used.

Since the plant requires air circulation, the room must be well ventilated. To do this, you need to open the window. Plants need light, so it is advisable to choose a sunny side for seedlings. Home growing is ideal for budding businessmen. In this case, it is more convenient to develop a business on growing seedlings than on fruits.

Protected ground

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse allows you to get berries all year round. This requires spending on the installation of a greenhouse structure, equipment for irrigation and heating, lighting the room in the dark. Growing strawberries in a greenhouse is more costly than growing outdoors. But the income will also be higher.

The high profitability of sales of strawberries is due to the high demand from consumers and the high cost of products with similar properties. The demand for strawberries, in turn, is provided by excellent taste, appetizing appearance and some psychological aspects, for example, a favorite dessert or romance.

It is believed that fresh ripe strawberries are available only in the summer season, during the rest of the year they are used canned or frozen. Imported strawberries from abroad are mainly used to decorate sweet dishes and desserts due to their high cost.

With the help of special technology and strawberry varieties that bear fruit all year round, it makes sense to organize an enterprise for the production (cultivation) of strawberries with subsequent retail sale.

Business plan for growing and selling strawberries


The business plan is considered based on the creation of a plantation with a useful area of ​​80 sq. m.

Business Registration

At the beginning of organizing a business, if in doubt, you can do without legal registration, but when expanding production, you will have to expand the sales market, open retail outlets, negotiate with shops and restaurants, then the most optimal way would be to arrange an individual entrepreneurship.

The coding in the tax service OKVED A. 1. 3. 1 determines the taxation of agricultural producers and a reduced tax rate (Unified agricultural tax is about 6%).

Registration is important for obtaining government grants and bank loans for small businesses and agricultural entities.

Strawberry marketing

The existing statistics on the consumption of berries in the country shows that the demand for strawberries is growing by about 20% annually. The berry has excellent taste and contains a large amount of vitamins.

Business plan

Modern technologies and varieties bred by breeders allow to grow strawberries in open and closed ground. You can get the harvest all year round. These features of strawberries make it possible to turn their cultivation into a profitable business. The profitability of products in the winter period can be up to 300%. Such profitability is difficult to obtain when growing other crops.

Each entrepreneur draws up a business plan for commercial cultivation of strawberries independently, taking into account the individual characteristics of each specific project.

It must include:

  • Description of the cultivation method chosen for cultivating the strawberry variety, its yield, distribution channels, etc.
  • Cost estimate for setting up a business.
  • Marketing analysis of the market.
  • Harvest plan.
  • Forecast for the profitability of the business and the payback period of the project.
  • Description of possible risks.

Commercial strawberry cultivation can be beneficial if a number of conditions are met. These include the requirements for the minimum size of the planting area. They must be at least 10 sq. ... To get a stable income from sales all year round, you need to choose the right variety. It should bear fruit 3 times a year, including winter.

To organize a business you will need:

How much can you earn selling strawberries?

Income depends on various factors. The selling price of the product depends on the region of sale. In the southern regions of the country, the cost of a berry is 30-40% cheaper. The choice of plant variety, proper care and feeding have an impact on the yield of strawberries.

The practice of growing and selling shows that from 1 hundred square meters of strawberries you can get 30-50 thousand rubles of income for 1 harvest. These figures can be used as a guide when planning commercial cultivation. Rational use of greenhouse areas and correctly selected varieties allow you to collect from 1 sq. up to 90 kg per year.

Harvest in closed areas 10 sq. will be 900 kg. The average selling price is approximately $ 4. Annual sales proceeds can be up to 36 thousand dollars. The cost of growing will be about half of the proceeds received from the product.

Growing requires hard work and a certain amount of special knowledge. You can get them on special courses or on your own using specialized literature.

The strawberry business in Russia is rapidly gaining momentum. The cultivation and subsequent sale of the berry, beloved by many, due to a significant reduction in transport costs incurred by entrepreneurs from importing countries, allows you to create worthy competition. The berry business is characterized by the fact that the size of the intended investment may differ significantly depending on the chosen cultivation method. For example, growing strawberries all year round will require more start-up capital, and open field cultivation is affordable because entrepreneurs with little capital can afford it. Along with this, there is no need to worry that an organized mini-farm will not give the expected results - the demand for strawberries is marked by stability and with the correct construction of a business development plan, income is guaranteed.

What documents are required to grow strawberries?

When developing a business plan for growing strawberries, one of the first points that an entrepreneur will be interested in is organizing a business in accordance with the current legal requirements. An open strawberry farm will require the following documentation:

  • Certificate of registration of an individual or legal entity. Such a document is very important for business. In his absence, the strawberry business will be carried out outside the law. In addition, if an entrepreneur has his own retail outlet, even with a small amount of cultivated berries, it will not work to avoid registration and paying taxes. On the advice of professionals and those who were faced with the moments of registration, in order to make money on growing, it is better to immediately follow the requirements of the law. Possible fines often turn into financial problems that make further business development simply impossible;
  • Obtaining a TIN. In the event that an individual is organized, the TIN is not needed - it will fully correspond to that provided to the citizens of the Russian Federation. If a legal entity is formed. person (LLC, CJSC, OJSC, etc.), then the document is issued additionally;
  • Certificate stating that an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. the person acts as a tax payer. It should be noted that immediately after registration it will be necessary to decide on the taxation system. It can be general, simplified, patent, etc. Choosing one of them, it is worth assessing whether it will be available with the volume of activities that you plan to carry out. Will it be solely the cultivation and sale of strawberries to wholesale buyers, or is it planned to sell products independently (through the organization of outlets on behalf of their unit of economic activity). In any situation, it is better to clarify the information with the tax inspector in order to avoid violating the law.

Growing and selling strawberries is one of the types of business that allows you to get a lot of income

Many entrepreneurs, intending to apply the technology of growing strawberries all year round, sometimes too zealous with the processing of various fertilizers. Feeding and other actions are thoughtlessly carried out, saturating the ripened fruits with substances that are not entirely useful for the human body.

In such situations, the development of events can take a completely unexpected turn - sometimes entrepreneurs simply lost all their investments due to the fact that the products they grew did not receive documentary confirmation of quality and, moreover, are not suitable for human consumption. That is why, in pursuit of profitability and profitability, do not forget that not only the quantity of berries gives its results, but also their high quality.

It is necessary to pay attention to those main points of the organization's plan, which must be present for the successful development of entrepreneurial activity:

  • Selecting the region where the production is located. It will be carried out taking into account whether it is planned to grow strawberries in the open field, using hydroponics, in a greenhouse, etc.;
  • What areas will be occupied and the choice of a place where direct production can be located. If you plan to produce strawberries in a greenhouse, you should consider what heating costs may be, depending on the average daily air temperature. As a rule, entrepreneurs prefer more southern regions, but it is also worth paying attention to what will be the cost of rent and other factors that determine future items of expenditure. This is necessary, since calculating the expected costs and the possible amount of profit is one of the important points that determine the feasibility of organizing a business;
  • Choosing a method of growing strawberries;
  • What varieties of strawberries will be needed for cultivation in the selected conditions ;
  • Analysis and definition of what is needed to grow strawberries: equipment, building materials, inventory, seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, etc.;
  • The next step is to calculate the strawberry yield ... Thus, in the process of drawing up a business plan, you can determine how many berries can be grown and, accordingly, what is the potential profit;
  • Making calculations - what costs will be needed to organize a business and can accompany an entrepreneur during the first year. You will also need to calculate those costs that are fixed, that is, they will be necessary every year if the principle of production does not change;
  • Determining the profitability of the project and the feasibility of organizing a business;
  • Search for additional investors or considering the possibility of contacting banking organizations. Such a step is necessary if the amount of his own funds that a businessman has is not enough to organize a business and start work on strawberry farms;
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC, obtaining the necessary documentation;
  • Rent or purchase of growing areas;
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment and materials;
  • Construction of the necessary structures for growing;
  • Purchase of all auxiliary materials, fertilizers, inventory;
  • Hiring workers;
  • Purchase of seedlings or seeds, depending on the chosen method and growing technology;
  • Project launch;
  • Sales of products.

Requirements for the premises for growing strawberries

First of all, it is worth deciding on the place of cultivation of garden strawberries. It will be necessary to create the most favorable conditions for the culture to feel comfortable at any time of the year - in summer and winter. As close as possible to natural growing conditions will give a positive result in the form of a large strawberry harvest and the opportunity to receive significant profits.

If cultivation is to be carried out indoors, the following conditions and equipment must be provided:

  • Heating. In any part of the Russian Federation, the climate will not allow to do without artificial heating of the premises in the winter season. The type of heating will depend on the area of ​​the greenhouse, its basic parameters, configuration and coating material. So, water heating, electric, air or biofuel can be used;
  • Organization of irrigation. One of the most common methods of irrigation in such greenhouses is drip, but the entrepreneur can independently evaluate other irrigation methods and choose the one that, in terms of its technical conditions and costs, will be suitable for the selected area;
  • Optimal soil acidity, at which the profit from the bush will be maximized due to the creation of suitable conditions for the plants;
  • The required degree of illumination. If it is planned to grow strawberries in the cold season, when the daylight hours are short enough, it is necessary to establish artificial lighting;
  • The presence of a permissible distance between the beds in order to ensure sufficient illumination and the possibility of access to them for planting, processing and harvesting ...

A business plan for growing strawberries will be necessary for everyone who decides to start making money selling these delicious and beautiful berries. Strawberries have always been very popular among the population. Many people gladly grow it on their plots. If desired, your favorite business can be turned into a highly profitable business. A business plan will help you do this competently and at minimal cost.

Determine the business format

The first thing a budding entrepreneur needs to do is to choose a business format. In other words, it is necessary to determine how, where, in what seasonal periods the planting, collection and sale of the crop will be organized.

Important. The specifics of growing berries in the open field will differ significantly from growing them in a greenhouse or using hydroponics. Accordingly, the costs of starting a business will also differ.

Project Summary

The most important part of a business plan is the project summary. In it, in a concise and laconic form, the basic information and the expected results of the organized case are presented. The volume of the resume should not exceed 1-2 pages.

The purpose of the resume is to attract potential investors.

It must contain the following information:

Description of products or services provided (in this case, you need to mention everything about the properties and useful qualities of strawberries).

Indication of the location of the objects where the project is planned to be implemented (land areas, number of greenhouses, etc.).

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