Business plan for growing cereals

Feedback on a business plan for growing vegetables in a greenhouse

The business plan turned out to be a thoroughly thought out document, with a description of all business processes and detailed calculations for the project. As a result, we received funding for 180 million rubles.

chief accountant of Andreevskoe hozyajstvo LLC

Feedback on a business plan for growing grain crops

Thanks to cooperation and a high-quality business plan, we managed to get a loan from the Russian Agricultural Bank for the purchase of agricultural equipment for 5 years and a short-term loan to replenish working capital (for sowing), the total amount is 450 million rubles. "

Feedback on a business plan for raising chickens

Quality professional work. The received business plan allowed to open a credit line for 300 million rubles, which has already been partially used. The project was tested at the bank the first time.

Content of a business plan for growing cereals:

Why do you need a business plan for growing crops?

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Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

Advanced with adjustments

Standard Business Plan

Agriculture is popular as a business model. The state supports farmers by offering lucrative loans, grants, and development subsidies.

Food production attracts by freedom in choosing a direction (from milk production to beekeeping), constant demand from buyers, quick payback.

Is it profitable to engage in farming

Village products do not have full-fledged analogues, so there is always a demand for them. You can make your farming business profitable by drawing up a detailed business plan based on market analysis and modern technologies.

The state actively supports the development of agricultural business by offering grants, subsidies, tax incentives and government programs to novice farmers.

Crop production is associated with risks, since the direction is seasonal. You need to quickly sell the crop that spoils after harvest. Plants are susceptible to disease, vulnerable to bad weather, and the yield depends on the germination of seeds.

Prospective directions

Traditional directions are suitable for family businesses on their own land:

At the stage of developing a business plan, additional sources of income related to the main activity are taken into account. When growing vegetables, it is advisable to think about freezing or canning them. Homemade sausages and stew can be cooked from meat.

Repetition of the established model is not enough for a farmer to start a successful business today. It is necessary to apply innovations, experience of Western agronomists, use the possibilities of new technologies.

Do I need permission

To sell dairy products you will need:

Agriculture is a type of commercial activity with many nuances associated with it. The seasonal nature of production and dependence on frequently changing weather conditions make it difficult to start and run your own business in such an industry. Moreover, in Russia this is a sector in the economy, the development of which the state is not happy to promote. Such factors discourage many businessmen from starting their own business in agriculture.

In this case, it is important for your business to choose the niche that will always be relevant. Wheat cultivation is one of these areas of activity. It is from this culture that important foods are made.

If an entrepreneur previously had experience in agriculture, then he can safely start cultivating this crop. The advantage of this sector is the low level of competition. But, if there is no work experience, then it is imperative to seek help from an agronomist.

Where to start

Drawing up a business plan for growing wheat involves several steps:

  • Searching for land for business.
  • Business registration.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Hiring staff.
  • Selection of plant varieties to grow.
  • Drawing up a financial plan.
  • Risk Consideration.
  • Development of an advertising campaign.

Land search

Land is one of the main production elements in agriculture. Therefore, the search for a site for a business project for growing wheat must be approached as responsibly as possible. The success of the business will depend on the yield of wheat, and this in turn depends on the agrochemical characteristics of the soil. It is best to look for a land plot in the southern regions of Russia. When choosing fields for growing wheat, it is imperative to take into account the climatic conditions in the region, and the history of previous crops in a particular area.

It is also worth considering that you cannot grow one crop. If the wheat is the main one, then the selected field must be divided into several sectors, where other crops will be sown. They must be alternated with each season. This must be done so that the soil does not lose its agrochemical properties.

A land plot of 400 hectares will be enough for a profitable enterprise. The average level of income can be generated by a farm with a land plot of 5 thousand hectares.

In agriculture, you do not need to buy land, it is just better to use the rental service. If the cultivation of the selected crops will give a good harvest for several years, then in this case, you can try to negotiate with the owner of the land on its redemption.

Growing grain crops is labor intensive but cost effective. Today, in the time of import substitution, the state is ready to support young and novice entrepreneurs who have expressed a desire to build their own business for growing grain crops.

Order a business plan and get project financing!

You will need money to start and develop a business in the field of growing grain crops.

We will prepare a business plan that will allow:

What will you get when working with us?

We take into account the costs of:

  • Construction of a greenhouse complex or purchase of land for cultivation
  • Construction of buildings for storage of crops
  • Making necessary communications
  • Purchase of equipment and special machinery for growing grain crops
  • Purchase of seeds
  • Purchase of fertilizers

We calculate:

  • Demand for crops in a particular region
  • Selling price
  • Terms of sale and work with intermediaries

We define:

  • The optimal crop, which is most profitable to grow in a specific region and specific conditions
  • The area of ​​necessary premises and conditions for plant growth control
  • List and characteristics of the required equipment
  • Suppliers of equipment, fertilizers
  • Transport companies for the delivery of fertilizers and finished products
  • Buyers ready to purchase your products

The article describes the activities for the cultivation of soybean seeds using the example of a business plan for a seed farm. The growing production of soy products is demanding larger and better yields of this legume. Accordingly, soybean producers need high-quality seed material, since breeding activities and the development of new varieties of plants in our country are developing at an insufficient pace.

This provides excellent opportunities for new players to open a demanded and profitable production, the demand for the products of which will, moreover, significantly raise the economy of the agricultural sector as a whole.

Why a business plan

Since the formation of competitive market relations, entrepreneurs have worked out the skills of describing projects for their ideas so that they describe the processes as fully as possible and contain the rationale and success factors for external participants. Over time, a single universal form was identified, which is described in this article - a business plan for a seed farm for breeding soybeans.

This universal document takes into account the interests of all parties, has great practical value as a structured action plan, and greatly facilitates the task of starting a business. Potential investors are also interested in considering projects in this particular form, since they are standardized and do not require additional investment of time to develop new methods for assessing efficiency.

Example of a seed business plan


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Peculiarities of seed farming

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