Business plan for creating a newspaper

Experts are of the opinion that the Russian print market needs newspapers that are of interest not only to creators and commercial organizations, but also to a wide range of readers. Today the society does not need "yellow" information and various criminal chronicles so much. Most of the readers would be interested in reading any everyday stories that directly relate to their lives.

Despite the information poverty, the volume of printed materials in Russia is growing every year. In principle, such a boom can be easily explained by the desire of novice entrepreneurs to join the advertisers' money section.


Publishing activity in Russia in 90% of cases is a sluggish unprofitable activity, and the amount of losses directly depends on the patience of investors, as well as the ambitions of the newspaper's management.

In order to avoid financial losses, it is necessary to understand that the sale of a circulation, as a rule, covers only production costs. Most of the profits come only from advertisers' money. Naturally, advertisers with good budgets do not have enough for all publications; moreover, they are unlikely to be interested in a new publication without a permanent audience.

To gain popularity among the audience, the newspaper must be published continuously for one and a half to two years. Thus, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that, at least for the first year and a half, the publication will work only at a loss, while still having to constantly invest in its own advertising campaign.

The second pitfall is the organization of the publication itself. To do this, you will have to create a new original newspaper virtually from scratch. This work includes the development of marketing strategy, design, concept and subject matter of the publication. Naturally, such work cannot be done alone, so you will have to cooperate with a large number of so-called "creative people" who, as a rule, hardly fit into the allotted time, disrupting the deadlines.

The third problem is creating your own distribution network. At first, it will take a huge amount of effort to convince the owners of retail distributors of printed materials that the proposed newspaper will be actively bought. The fact is that for such entrepreneurs, each new newspaper takes a place on the counter, which will be profitable if you put on it an already proven and popular publication, so they often do not want to contact a new publication at all.

Office equipment

To open a newspaper editorial office, you need to purchase:

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Increasing the circulation of the newspaper from 19500 copies to 25000 copies, delivering information about the publication to the maximum number of potential buyers and subscribers.

To intensify the work of the subscription department, to conduct an extensive subscription and PR campaign, to increase the fees of journalists, to remove a huge amount of advertising from the pages with the most popular headings.

To carry out all these improvements, the publication needs 350.00 rubles, which it intends to draw from the newspaper's fund, as well as from sponsors.

The publication has been published by the Swedish Publishing House Bonnier Business Press since September 18, 1996. The editorial office is headed by the chief editor Oleg Tretyakov. A total of 28 people work on the pre-press, editorial and production of the magazine, including the advertising department, editor, journalists, proofreader, stenographer, marketing and distribution managers, subscription department and print department. The publication is fully funded by Bonnier Business Press.

“DP” newspaper is a color daily newspaper on 21 pages with a circulation of 19.00 copies. Printing is carried out in St. Petersburg, by the printing house of MDM Printing LLC. The newspaper can be purchased at any newspaper kiosks in the city and region, in each department of "Metropress", as well as by subscription. The average retail price of a publication is 11 rubles, a subscription is 225 rubles per month. The editorial office of the magazine possesses an extensive material base of equipment, which includes 83 computers, 5 copiers, 20 printers, 4 scanners, equipment for slide shows and its own photo laboratory.

The purpose of the editorial office is to bring to its readers the latest and most relevant information about the world of business, economics and politics in St. Petersburg and the Region.

The editorial office of the newspaper "Business man" is located at:

St. 12th Krasnoarmeyskaya d. 3

The editorial office of the newspaper occupies the entire three-story building of house 33, in which there are 15 rooms only for work (not counting utility rooms and toilets), as well as 2 kitchen rooms and a large conference room. All walls of the editorial office are decorated with diplomas presented to the newspaper and the first pages within the frames. In the courtyard of the house there are two statues "Rock painting of Prince Richard". The atmosphere in the editorial office is busy and businesslike, everyone is in a hurry and running somewhere, a hum and hubbub reigns in the air, but this only spurs the staff, pouring energy into them.

Content of the article:

First, decide whether you will publish newspapers or choose a magazine business. Publishing magazines is even more difficult. But this business can be left as a way to further develop the newspaper business.


Roskomnadzor assumes registration of a business if the circulation is more than 1,000 copies. BEFORE SUBMITTING documents for registration, decide on the following questions:

  • newspaper name;
  • information about the founder;
  • format, circulation and specifics;
  • publication language;
  • editorial address;
  • form of distribution;
  • frequency of publication, maximum volume.

And here are ready-made business plans for publishing newspapers with calculations:

Premises and equipment for the newspaper editorial office

There will be no problems with the premises for business. Choose an area of ​​at least 20 sq. m. Accommodation does not play a role, therefore, you can choose rooms remote from the center and save on rent. The main thing is access to the Internet and telephone. For the rest, rely on the size of the publication and the number of employees. With a large enough staff for convenience, it is better to organize a small kitchen in the office.

The factor on which the size of the premises depends is the printing house (additional 20 - 30 sq. m.). Decide immediately whether you will equip it in the editorial office or use the services of an existing one.

Tip! Your own printing house will be profitable after your business gets stronger and you are confident in the stability of the enterprise for several years.

Today, a large number of printing houses provide their services. Prepare for future cooperation a copy of the registration certificate of your publication.

What equipment do you need?

Issuing a newspaper is a costly business. The list of standard equipment for printing newspapers (excluding printers) includes:

Many talented journalists and bloggers may be seriously interested in their own business newspaper.

To achieve maximum success in this business, you must follow two basic rules - to make your publication as interesting as possible, and also to organize the entire work process very competently and responsibly.

Opening the edition of the printed edition Where to start?

Keep in mind that today advertising and information newspapers and advertisement newspapers are in significant demand, but publications of a social and political orientation cause much less interest.

To open a newspaper office, you must:

  • decide on the topic and audience;
  • choose the appropriate format;
  • choose a characteristic title that can most interest and intrigue future readers; <
  • decide which language your newspaper will be published in (or it will be bilingual);
  • register your private publication with government agencies.

Registration of a private edition

Novice businessmen wishing to open their own edition of the print edition can register individual entrepreneurship.

However, if the newspaper will be published by several founders, such forms as JSC or LLC will become more preferable options.

It should be borne in mind that if you are interested in a business plan for a small-circulation free newspaper with a circulation of no more than 999 copies, there is no need for state registration.

Remember, a little earlier we considered the business idea of ​​creating a magazine?

The implementation of this business is simple and does not require a huge amount of work. However, no one will allow you to sit at home with folded hands. So, you need to have:

  • Computer and related programs. They are needed in order to typeset images and texts. Everything that you see in the newspaper was once on a computer screen.
  • Printer, or rather even a plotter. You will be printing on A3, but standard printers are limited to A4. Accordingly, this is not entirely appropriate.

What to do next and how to fill out the newspaper?

To know what exactly to fill out a newspaper, first of all, you must define the audience of your readers. Most likely, these will be people in 25-40 years, since young people do not read newspapers - they find all the information on the Internet. You will also have to search for information on the Web, copy it and publish it in your publication (preferably, provide a link to the source, which will avoid problems in the future). Considering the interests of the audience, it is appropriate to write political news of a slightly controversial nature in order to arouse the interest of the readers. It can also be articles about health, the benefits of any products, etc. The better you select articles for publication, the more potential readers you will have, and the more readers - the more profit.

Where does the profit come from?

A logical question, considering at least the fact that the main idea is to earn money, and not to entertain the neighbors. So, you will receive profit by publishing advertisements, so think in advance and leave space for banners in your newspaper. The fact is that having gathered a solid audience of readers, young law firms and private entrepreneurs will place advertisements in your newspaper, which will allow them to draw attention to their product, services or brand, and you will receive a stable profit.

The preparatory phase is now over. Now print the first issue of the edition and scatter it in all mailboxes. People will now know about your new newspaper, which will systematically delight them with interesting materials. Then go to shops, cafes, hairdressers and other possible establishments located in your area - they will be potential clients. Talk to the heads of these establishments and say that your publication is now in every mailbox of the district, that your audience is people 25-45 years old, who, having seen your ad, will gladly visit the establishment. Also say that the cost of publishing ads is small, and they, believe me, will be happy to publish them.

You can charge about 1000 rubles for 1 print run for placing a graphic color banner. You can also conclude contracts for the monthly placement of a banner, while stipulating the cost of the service and other details. For example, a monthly subscription will cost 3000 rubles, subject to the publication of a newspaper once a week.

In addition to large companies, your clients will also be people who publish text ads about the sale of garages, repair of doors, etc. For them, the price will be in the region of 100-150 rubles, but these ads will also take up a little space. There can be 100 such ads ... 500 ... 1000 ... etc. It all depends on how many pages your newspaper will have, and you can create as many of them as you like.

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