Business plan for building the production of multimedia computer stations

Computer technology in the modern world is present in every family. And it happens that it fails for various reasons. Of course, now many can fix simple problems on their own, but with more complex cases, you need to contact the service center. If you are familiar with computer hardware and its repair, then you should think about how to start your business on it. Below is a look at a computer repair business plan.

Project Summary

Before starting your own business, you should pay attention to the fact that you will have to work only with licensed software (software). If this is neglected, then you can fall under Article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. If you are caught using unlicensed software, you will receive a considerable fine. And in the worst case, you will be arrested. The organization of a service center for the repair of computers and laptops is a very serious business that can turn into criminal liability in case of unfair work.

The use of licensed software will greatly increase the cost of the service. Since individuals are not very willing to pay large sums (especially in small towns) for software, it remains to rely on legal entities that use licensed programs.

Based on the above, it is beneficial to open a computer service in cities with a large population and a sufficient number of companies using equipment. Otherwise, finding customers willing to pay for licensed software will be difficult.

Business Registration

At the start, it is optimal to register as an individual entrepreneur (according to OKVED 95. 1 - the main line of business, 95. 2 - additional). Since you need a room for work, then we choose UTII taxation. Working on UTII, you will not pay VAT, income taxes and property taxes.

If you doubt that you will be able to properly formalize yourself as a legal entity, then you can contact a specialized organization. She will do all this for you. Registration will cost about 40 thousand rubles.

Selecting a location

You should try to find a place in the city center or near it. Finding a service near a crowded place will help you get customers faster. Any computer owner can ask you for help.

You don't have to rent a huge room. After all, a large warehouse of spare parts is not required. You will need to divide the rented room into several zones, where a small stock of computer components will be stored, a system unit repair area and a place for working with software. Enough space of 20-25 square meters. Renting such premises will cost about 35-40 thousand rubles.

Room arrangement

Computer store business plan: dynamics of demand for computer equipment over the last 6 years + registration of activities + calculation of costs + payback.

Without a computer as without hands - is that familiar to you? Nowadays, almost every home has computer equipment: be it a stationary computer, laptop or tablet. It would seem that such a huge demand can be easily used to launch your business. But is everything as cloudless as it seems at first glance?

In this article we will talk about what risks await a beginner entrepreneur in the field of selling computers and how much money will be needed to start his own business. The business plan of a computer store compiled by us will allow you to more realistically assess the prospects for working in this area of ​​sales.

Market demand for computer hardware

It is difficult to predict the sales of computer equipment. In 2021, 9.6 million units of goods were sold for a total amount of over 120 billion rubles. Since then, the market has felt the powerful impact of the crisis.

According to statistics, in 2021 the level of sales fell by more than 2 times compared to the figures of 2021. The total number of computer equipment sold amounted to 4.6 million units for a total of 102 billion rubles. Nevertheless, experts predict further growth in sales of computer equipment. This is due to new and improved PC models entering the market.

Leading positions in the PC sales market are held by such brands as widely known: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and, of course, Acer.

Earlier, in 2021-2021, the main demand in the computer hardware market was formed by corporate clients: firms, companies and private offices that buy PCs for employees. Now the demand has shifted to the retail sector.

Business idea: own computer store

Step one Registration as an entrepreneur

Two common forms of activity registration are an individual entrepreneur (IE) and a limited liability company (LLC).

Examples of ready-made business plans posted on our website are of value only as teaching aids. Ready-made business plans cannot be successfully used either to obtain investment or to build a real business. If you need a real business plan, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sections "How to order a business plan?", "Can you build a business plan yourself?", "How to write your first business plan"

Table of Contents


This business plan is designed to consider various conditions, carry out the necessary analyzes and calculations for the further production of products - multimedia computer stations.

As a result of the research carried out on analogues of the alleged manufactured product, the composition, technical characteristics, appearance and other features of our product were specifically established. Their detailed description is set out in the section "The essence of the project" of the business plan we have built. This section also explains why potential buyers will need to buy a similar product, why they would prefer to buy our product and how we can maintain the benefits of our product for some long time.

As a result of the constant improvement of the quality of various multimedia tools, it became possible to create a universal tool that would unite all the latest developments in this area. There will be a constant demand for a product of this quality, caused by the need to increase the level of equipment available to users, who can be both individuals and legal entities. An important role is also played by our relatively narrow focus on the production of only this product, which will make our organization the image of a company specializing in the production of these products, and such a company does not exist at the moment on the market of this industry.

In the "Marketing Plan" section of the business plan, an analysis of the state of affairs in the sales market and competition is built. Summing up this section, we can conclude the following. In this industry, there is a significant lack of a single product that combines the results of the latest achievements in the development of areas of this industry. Meanwhile, the demand for a specific product already exists and will even increase, since the few existing analogues of our product show themselves in practice as a completely successful application of multimedia tools in solving the above-mentioned wide range of tasks. But so far there are no products on the prospective sales market of a company that clearly specializes in the production of products that are directly intended to solve the described problems. Our organization intends to occupy an empty niche in this sales market, thereby providing buyers with goods and ourselves with profit.

A more detailed description of the sales market is built in the corresponding section of the business plan.

The results of the competition analysis can also be supplemented by insufficient advertising by existing firms for their products. It was also noted that the content of this advertisement does not emphasize the versatility and multimedia of these products. The impression of such advertising is approximately the following: there are computers with multimedia tools, but there are a great many computers, and their multimedia tools are not some kind of addition to a computer that allows it to solve some additional tasks. Advertising of our future product will emphasize that these are multimedia computer stations, and not something else, and that they are universal for a wide range of specific tasks and are available to those interested in them.

Further in the business plan, a project risk assessment is built. The results show that the three most significant risks are insufficient demand for products, higher prices for components and unstable quality of components.

In the modern world, paper documents have long lost their primary importance. They were replaced by new computer technologies. And today, PC knowledge is the most demanded when applying for a job and in any other life situations. Modern mothers do not know how to do without computer educational games for their children, and students cannot imagine learning without these innovations. Working on the Internet is becoming one of the most popular and affordable ways to make money. This means that the need for computer technology is growing every day. Should you think about a business related to the sale of computer equipment? It is likely, but this market niche is not available to everyone, since it requires a lot of capital investment. This business plan for a computer hardware store will help an entrepreneur to deal with the nuances of the project and make a decent amount of money on it.

Market Analysis

The retail computer equipment market in Russia is considered one of the most popular and competitive areas of trade. This is due to several factors: improved welfare of the population, the emergence of new models of computer technology, innovation, scientific and technological progress.

According to statistics, 40% of the total retail sales is accounted for by information technology. The most popular suppliers of computer equipment to the domestic market are Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, HP. The main importer of computers in the Russian Federation is China. Its share in the Russian market is more than 85% of all imported goods.

In 2021, the decrease in sales of the computer equipment market was influenced by the appearance of improved mobile devices (phones, tablets, transforming laptops).

However, the forecasts of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation for 2021-2021 are impressive. Experts promise stable growth in demand for computer technology. On average, the indicators will increase by 15% annually. And for 100 residents of Russia, the provision of the population with ICT will grow from 30 to 45 people.

The above statistics indicate that a novice entrepreneur can safely occupy his niche in the computer hardware market and achieve its future development.

Initial costs: 2,234,000 rubles.

Form of incorporation: individual entrepreneur.

Services provided: retail trade in computer equipment.

Net monthly profitability: 290,000 rubles.

Before opening his own store, an entrepreneur will need a space of 160 square meters. This area, in addition to the main hall, is also designed for storage facilities.

The location of the store is a retail outlet in the open spaces of a shopping center located in the city center. The premises will be rented out.

The computer has long ceased to be a luxury and something unattainable, having moved to the section of necessary things for rest and work. Basic web surfing, watching videos, solving complex problems of photo and video editing, games - this is only a small part of the purpose of a PC. Despite the high popularity of computer technology and even the present literacy of people in this area, only a small percentage of users know how their laptop works and what to do when the equipment fails. Breakdowns occur for various reasons, ranging from natural wear and tear of hardware and ending with failures in the operating system due to the spread of viruses or outdated drivers. There is only one way out - turning to the master for help. The business plan for a computer service includes both market research for competition and the relevance of an idea for a specific region, as well as organizational stages for launching a project.

Relevance of the business idea of ​​opening a computer service

It seems that today every student can replace the motherboard, video card on the computer, or upgrade the operating system. In practice, this is absolutely not the case, because there are many more reasons for a PC failure than you might imagine. Often people turn to a service center only because they wanted to fix a malfunction on their own, but nothing came of it.

The relevance of opening a computer service is difficult to overestimate, because technology has become so affordable and necessary for life that every family has at least one device, and in most cases, every family member has a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The more devices people have in their hands, the more work the master has.

The business idea is good because the activity does not depend on the type of settlement and the number of residents living in it. A computer service can be opened both in a small village and in a metropolis. The demand for services is only growing. Today in every city there are hundreds of services - "Computer help", "Laptop repair", "Urgent computer repair", etc., each of which is successful in its area or settlement, depending on the format of the business.

Help. When planning to open a computer service, you should immediately understand the scale of its activities, the expected target audience and the potential financial turnover. In most cases, these are small repair shops located in busy places and designed for a local customer living nearby.

Advantages and disadvantages of the project

Positive aspects of business:

  • Low investment - the entrepreneur spends only on renting and repairing premises, as well as on the purchase of equipment. Part of the budget needs to be invested in advertising. Consumables are included in the cost of repairs, and related products are sold with a corresponding margin, this cannot be taken into account as an investment in the project.
  • No need to obtain additional permits - the organization of a computer service provides for a standard registration procedure as an individual entrepreneur and LLC.
  • High profitability of the business is achieved due to the demand for services among the population, as well as the sale of consumables for computer equipment.
  • Independent of the time of year, celebrations and other nuances.
  • The ability to expand the business to a network in a few months of work.

Negative aspects of business:

  • Regular increase in prices for consumables, which, in turn, forces to increase the cost of services, and this negatively affects the attraction of new customers.
  • Inflation in the country - the rise in prices for food and utilities exceeds the indexation of salaries and pensions, which leads to a decrease in the number of clients. People are increasingly postponing the repair of equipment "for later", and as a result, they acquire a new gadget, since the technical characteristics of the old device are outdated and repair is unprofitable.
  • The complexity of computer technology - manufacturers regularly update their devices, releasing devices with updated specifications almost every year. This should be taken into account when hiring staff. Employees must be well versed in technology and delve into the latest developments in order to quickly and efficiently repair modern customer gadgets.

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