Business plan for an individual entrepreneur

A well-built project of the future business is half the success of the entire event. The main components of the process of creating a business plan are an up-to-date idea and competent planning. Those who seriously decided to go about their business will be interested in considering an example of a business plan that will be relevant for Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. You will find many options for similar documents and can easily purchase them here.

Opening a law firm

The relevance of the sphere of providing legal advice and services today is very high. This is due to the fact that the civilian population began to show interest not only in their duties, but also in their rights.

Who is this business for

  • illegal dismissals;
  • incorrect payroll;
  • division of property in case of divorce;
  • family disputes over the issue of children.

Age category of clients - 30-55 years old. It is assumed that these will be citizens with a certain position in the society with an upper-middle income. If we talk about organizations, then these are small and medium-sized businesses.


In Belarus, a business plan of a law firm, one of the examples can be bought here, should also take into account that you will have to face a large number of rival firms. Therefore, the stake should be placed on the high qualifications of the specialists who will be hired.

Despite the fact that the legal profession is the most demanded in universities, not every graduate can afford to open his own practice, and therefore only the most intelligent ones need to be selected, while not forgetting to constantly improve their qualifications - these costs should be foreseen when drawing up a business plan.

Premises and equipment

How to write a business plan, many nowadays are thinking about starting their own business, at least small, but consistently generating income and tangible profit. But is everything as easy and simple as it might seem at first glance? Business is good, but where to start, how much to invest and, most importantly, how to avoid mistakes and do everything in the best possible way? Let's deal with this in order.

What is a business plan?

Of course, every project or business starts with an idea that occurs in a person's head. The business idea itself does not carry great value, because most people, so to speak, give birth to such ideas hundreds of times a day. As a rule, different circumstances do not give an idea to life - lack of time, money, lack of motivation or entrepreneurial spirit, not understanding and not knowing how and what to do, where to start. Therefore, let's initially give a general concept of what a business plan is, why and who needs it, how to write it correctly. This information is simply invaluable both for beginners and for existing businessmen, because, it is no secret, every prosperous company or project has its own clear plan to achieve its goals and objectives.

Remember that a dream differs from a goal in that it does not have a clear plan for achieving it, written in maximum detail! Simply put, if you do not have a low-quality plan for achieving a goal, most likely it will never become for you more than just a dream.

A business plan is a document or simply a guide that describes business processes, a project idea and mechanisms for their implementation in the process of achieving certain goals.

By and large, business planning, like other similar processes, has a goal. In addition, the success of the project depends on three main factors at once:

  • Awareness of your level at the present time (point "A");
  • Presentation of the last stage - the goal where you intend to be (point "B");
  • Understanding the sequence of your steps, which will allow you to move from point "A" to point "B".

What is a business plan for?

As experts say, a business plan is globally needed in two situations. Moreover, in each of them its composition is very different:

1. Business plan for lenders, investors, donors, authorities that provide government support in the form of subsidies. The main goal here is to prove the viability of the project, to effectively use all the funds. In this case, it does not matter: do you plan to return them, if it is a loan or not, if it is a grant or subsidy. If you are thinking about how to draw up a business plan for lenders, you should focus on the consistency of each of the actions that are planned, perhaps somewhere to bluff about certain points that will help you get the necessary funding. When drawing up a plan, they often embellish, but here it is important not to get carried away with the process.

That is, the finished version of the plan should be neat, clean and logical. It is important to paint everything beautifully in it, giving clear explanations to the given facts. It is also important to prepare a computer presentation, conduct a public presentation in front of potential contributors.

Hi, my name is Maya, just sharing my experience

Entrepreneurs often underestimate its importance, which leads to the collapse or inability to get funding to start a business.

A business plan is an important document containing the formalized goals of the company and a program to achieve them in all functional areas. Here are some tips for drafting it.

Market Analysis

Purpose: to define a market niche.

Business plan for individual entrepreneurs in Belarus

Its criteria need to be formalized:

  • geography of consumers in Belarus;
  • target group of consumers (gender, age, income, interests);
  • product and its characteristics.

Only if you offer a specific target group a specific product, you will have a chance of success.

Choosing a strategy

A responsible step - the strategy should be based on your competitive advantages. The result of the stage is a formalized document describing:

Cozy catering establishments attract visitors at any time. However, without detailed planning and a business plan for the cafe, projects can be risky. Beginning entrepreneurs should first direct their efforts to the formation of strategic planning for catering and focus on a ready-made business plan for a cafe with calculations.

Download a ready-made business plan Cafe

To determine the approximate costs of opening a new establishment, you should first draw up a business plan for a fast food cafe with calculations. Valid data vary depending on the nature of the proposed job, whether it be a family or youth establishment, class of service. The business plan below contains the main provisions and recommendations on how to organize the opening of a cafe from scratch.

Download a sample cafe business plan

Sample Cafe Business Plan

Before registering even a small cafe, you will need to pay attention to a number of nuances. You should draw up a marketing plan, analyze the current market situation.

It is worth understanding what audience the institution will be designed for. A business plan for a small cafe, designed for family visitors, and a business idea for a cafe-restaurant require different approaches to solving problems.

Relevance of the idea, market analysis with an assessment of competitors

Opening a cafe requires a preliminary analysis involving:

  • Location. Renting premises in crowded areas in the city center is not cheap, which is reflected in the price level and the number of visitors.
  • Work time. The success of the establishment depends on the demand. When offering business lunches in business districts, expect more profit than opening establishments that start in the evening.
  • There are competitive venues nearby. The variety of food service outlets will not provide a quick payback, the expected level of income.
  • A social group of visitors that you need to focus on when drawing up a business plan for a small cafe or other institution. Conventional categories of visitors: families with children, students and adolescents, middle class, elderly couples.
  • Development of a strategic plan for the general concept of the direction of the institution. Ideas on topics are recommended to be thought out in advance. Don't rely on solving problems on a rolling basis. A favorable impression is made by an institution where the interior, staff clothing and even advertising signs are designed in the same style.

Example with calculations, risk analysis

An individual entrepreneur needs a business plan! And if you, dear visitor, have come to this page, let's figure out when and why an individual entrepreneur needs a business plan for an individual entrepreneur.


This option is most common in life: an individual entrepreneur has a small or medium business; perhaps he has a legal entity; this entrepreneur plans to improve qualitatively or expand quantitatively his business, and therefore plans to purchase equipment, machinery, buildings (office, store, warehouse), etc.; the amount of investment is up to about 100 thousand. ... (euros or dollars), but nevertheless, he needs to attract financing, obtain a loan.

In this case, 99.99% of individual entrepreneurs do not need a business plan as a document to obtain a loan. Attention should be paid to bank financing programs for small and medium-sized businesses. These programs really work! Support for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) is provided by the leading banks of our country. To obtain a loan, an SME (individual entrepreneur or enterprise) provides a feasibility study (FS) to the bank. This feasibility study is being developed in a simplified form approved by the bank. The feasibility study is submitted to the bank along with other necessary documents for obtaining a loan under the SME financing program.

Accordingly, drawing up such a feasibility study will cost less than drawing up a full-fledged business plan.

From the experience of our company, financial support is received by individual entrepreneurs, farms and small enterprises from all regions (Khoiniki and Lelchitsy, Stolin and Malorita, Malaya and Bolshaya Berestovitsa, Rossony and Shumilino, Krichev and Bykhov, Vileika and Kopyl, Minsk), with various activities (agriculture, services, production, trade, transportation).

More details on our website on this page!

Option Business plan for the Employment Center

In order to facilitate the organization of entrepreneurial activity, the state provides support to unemployed citizens. The support is provided in the form of subsidies as a one-time gratuitous cash benefit. Subsidies are provided for partial (the initiator's own participation is required) reimbursement of financial costs for organizing entrepreneurial activity as an individual entrepreneur, unitary enterprise or peasant farm.

  • baseline - 11 times the subsistence level budget;
  • for rural areas and small towns - 15 times the subsistence level budget;
  • for R&D implementation - 20 times the cost of living budget.

To receive subsidies, in addition to the application, the initiator sends a business plan (or feasibility study) to the regional employment center. The form of a business plan is not regulated, but worked out in practice. It is a simplified form. The cost of developing such a business plan (or feasibility study) is minimal.

Option Individual entrepreneur not as a small business entity, but as an initiator of a large investment project

Of course, in this case, a business plan for an individual entrepreneur is needed. It remains to determine who this business plan will be intended for:

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