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Kindergarten opening - we draw up the documents

The surge in the birth rate that has been observed in recent years has led to the fact that in our country there is a serious shortage of places in preschool educational institutions. In such a situation, the opening of new kindergartens would be very appropriate, but since there are certain difficulties with this, private kindergartens would help to solve the problem. And there are people who are ready to open their own private kindergarten, while hoping for material assistance, state support, and this is just a big problem in our country.

The organization of such a business as a private kindergarten begins with overcoming many bureaucratic obstacles. If in America it is necessary to prepare only two certificates to create a private kindergarten, then in Russia the package of documents for opening a group in a kindergarten or organizing a home kindergarten is so voluminous that it seems that local officials are doing everything in order to complicate the process of creating private kindergartens as much as possible ...

In order to open a private home kindergarten, a businessman needs a lot of documents - licensing, reviews, registration. In this regard, the general characteristic of private kindergartens is such that most of them are illegal businesses. This means that entrepreneurs work without permits.

As the experience of creating private kindergartens shows, this business is the best suited for young mothers. It is extremely convenient to be engaged in raising your child, and at the same time to provide care for other people's children, whose mothers cannot afford to stay at home. There is no need to talk about the special profitability of this business: the costs are too high, and the excessively high payment will only scare away customers.

Legal registration of a business can discourage even the most disruptive women, and yet it is difficult to dispute the obligation of a license for a kindergarten. After all, the organizer of such a business bears, according to the law of the Russian Federation, enormous responsibility for a child in a kindergarten. If you are law-abiding citizens, be prepared to walk this difficult path, which is not dotted with rose petals. To obtain a license, you will have to first of all agree on the premises. Not every building is suitable for renting a kindergarten. For each child, it must have at least 6 square meters. m., there must be special rooms for games and sleep, serious requirements are imposed on equipping the kindergarten kitchen.

After receiving permits from the fire inspection and sanitary doctors, you should obtain state accreditation and certification, submit to the Licensing Chamber a list of educational and educational programs that you plan to use in your work, provide a description of the organizational structure of a private kindergarten. It is clear that this option is only acceptable for a large-scale project, and not for creating a kindergarten at home.

In order for the business project of opening a private kindergarten to look more or less attractive in terms of investment, an entrepreneur needs to use a professional example of a business plan for opening a kindergarten with ready-made calculations. This document contains a detailed description of the work of the kindergarten, including the organization and activities of the accounting department.

How to open a private kindergarten

The fact that state preschool institutions are far from always able to provide the normal all-round development of a child, which he needs so much at an early age, is known to all mothers. What kind of development can we talk about if the teacher is torn to pieces every day, trying to keep an eye on a group of kids of 25-30 people? A completely different matter is a private kindergarten, the opening of which has become a good alternative to municipal kindergartens.

The peculiarities of a private kindergarten are in the small number of groups, which makes it possible to pay individual attention to each child. How to open a private kindergarten, where to start? Such questions are invariably asked by all novice businessmen. The organization of the work of a private kindergarten should be built taking into account the competent equipment of the premises, which, by the way, must meet the most stringent requirements.

Kindergarten business plan

Horticulture and fruit growing is a business that does not require large initial investments and, with a reasonable approach and detailed study of the issue, pays off within the first three years.

This business can be organized by both rural residents and townspeople, who at a fairly affordable cost will be able to purchase a plot of land outside the city.

Since Soviet times, the classic size of a land plot assumed 6 acres, but if you decide to take up gardening seriously and grow fruit on a larger scale than for a family table and homemade preparations, then it is advisable to purchase a plot of 1 hectare and more. At the same time, you need to correctly calculate your strength and understand how much land you can actually process with existing resources.

According to average estimates, investments in the organization of the garden, taking into account all the preparatory stages, amount to 100-150,000 rubles per 1 hectare. Payback with the right approach can reach 100%. Gardens can be fruit, berry, combined.

Which fruits to plant?

The most popular are apples of various varieties, which are quite unpretentious in growing, but at the same time are the cheapest fruits on sale. The rest of the species - pears, cherries, plums - are more capricious in breeding, but at the same time more expensive.

There is such a thing as "technical varieties of fruits" that are grown not for sale in their original form, but for subsequent processing - for the production of jams, wine, juices. Selling fresh juices can also become one of the areas of your business.

Garden preparation

Before buying a plot, it is advisable to take a small amount of soil from it and give it to soil analysis to determine the quality, composition and suitability for growing a garden.

Preparatory work is carried out before planting:

    The land is first plowed in order to normalize the air regime, then mineral and organic fertilizers are added to it. It is important to pay attention to cleansing the soil from weeds and simply unnecessary plants.

    Most experts do not recommend planting a new garden immediately after uprooting old trees. The earth needs to be given rest so that the new trees take root well and receive the vitamins they need from the soil for rapid growth. In order to optimize the cost of fertilization, it is better to scatter them not over the entire plot, but immediately before planting, into ready-made holes.

    Recommendations for the selection of seedlings

    A well-executed kindergarten business plan will provide a person interested in such a business with a real opportunity to quickly, correctly and legally make his dream come true. And the dream of your own mini kindergarten can be very profitable!

    Growing seedlings is a profitable business, the features of which we will consider using the example of a tree nursery business plan. The products of such enterprises are in demand both among private owners of summer cottages and household plots, and among enterprises for growing fruit and forestry. The main thing in this business is to ensure the availability of popular varieties and species of fruit and other trees, as well as to provide optimal conditions for their growth to accelerate the implementation processes.

    Entering this market involves investing in a plot of land and acquiring an initial fund of seedlings and seed material, for which we need a business plan for a company - a nursery of woody plants and trees, as a justification for the entrepreneurial effectiveness of the idea.

    A ready-made business plan for a company for breeding tree seedlings, with all the necessary calculations and competent analytics, is a tool that was originally created to attract investment and allows entrepreneurs to provide funding for their ideas.

    A tree nursery business plan as a tool for describing commercial projects

    Preparation for opening and developing your own business involves many different actions for describing the project, analyzing the market, calculating revenue indicators, costs and other financial and economic characteristics of the company's activities. It is quite difficult for an unprepared person to understand all this, and one will have to resort to the help of special design methods, which include the project of a nursery for woody plants and trees.

    It will significantly reduce the development time due to the fact that its structure has already been formed, and you only need to fill it in in accordance with the chosen field of entrepreneurship. Also, an important advantage of a tree plant nursery business plan is its general applicability and prevalence, which will be an additional plus in the process of attracting external funding.

    Example of a business plan for a tree and tree nursery


    Table of Contents


    Description of the business and its stages

    Private kindergarten as a business is a competitive business. At the same time, there is a shortage in this niche; parents are queuing up long before their children enter preschool. A kindergarten business plan will help you cope with the initial difficulties. The payback period of the institution is 1-3 years.

    Main activity

    In kindergarten, children should have rest, develop fully and receive quality food. It is by caring for children throughout the day that your activity will be connected. And you will receive profit from the parents of the children. The amount paid will depend only on you and the selected target audience. In a private kindergarten, an individual approach should be chosen for each child.

    Instructions on how to open and what you need

    The management of a private kindergarten should be knowledgeable in all matters related to the opening of this institution. It is necessary to approach very carefully to the choice of personnel and educators. Your income and reputation depend on their proper communication with children.

    • Acquaintance with the peculiarities of the institution's activities (on this topic, you can find and download videos on the network for free).
    • Analysis of target audience and competitors.
    • Drawing up a business plan.
    • Registration.
    • Search for premises, repair, purchase of equipment.
    • Recruitment.
    • Advertising and marketing.

    Stage - execution and preparation of documents

    The staff of a private kindergarten must have the following documents:

    • employee diplomas;
    • medical books;
    • lease agreement;
    • statutory documents of a legal entity; <
    • license and accreditation of a preschool institution;
    • conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological station.

    Curricula and programs should also be well developed. Samples can be downloaded from the respective sites.

    Stage - room search

    If it is planned to accommodate 20 children, then the area of ​​the premises should be at least 120 sq. m. It is forbidden to open a private kindergarten in an apartment on the ground floor, unless this premises is transferred to a non-residential fund. It is best to rent the building where the offices used to be.

    Stage - purchase and installation of the necessary equipment

    The article examines the basics of drawing up a business plan for an intensive apple orchard. Apples are a product of mass consumption, they are relevant and in demand at any time of the year. Thanks to modern technologies, you no longer need to wait a long time for the trees to start bearing fruit, you can get a big harvest as early as the next year.

    In this regard, a business plan is created to study the features of creating an intensive apple orchard and assess the effectiveness of investments. It not only describes the concept of the future company, but also determines the need for resources and predicts the values ​​of key performance indicators.

    A business plan for launching an apple orchard is also suitable for submitting to a bank or for attracting investments.

    The procedure for drawing up a business plan for an apple orchard

    Before proceeding with a detailed description of the concept of an intensive apple orchard, the business plan needs to analyze the market and identify:

    • Volume of demand for products;
    • Preferences of consumers;
    • Main competitors;
    • Pricing policy;
    • Factors influencing the development of the industry;
    • Applied technologies.

    The data obtained should be reflected in the justification of the chosen model of the company's functioning.

    Sample intensive apple orchard business plan


    Table of Contents


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