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Whether you're managing your company's finances or your home finances, creating a budget is an important first step. Having a budget is necessary to keep track of current spending, determine in which areas you can reduce costs, and also make decisions about for what purposes to spend funds.

While creating a budget may seem like a daunting process, using a budget template can help make the process a little less daunting. How to choose a template suitable for your purposes from a huge number of existing ones? We've looked at the best Excel templates and covered them in this article so you can pick the ones that work best for you. We also provide detailed steps on how to use the Personal Monthly Budget Template in Excel and Smartsheet.

How to choose the right budget template

A budget template can be very complex or very simple, depending on your goals. This could be creating a budget for a project at work, keeping track of household expenses, or planning an upcoming important event like a wedding, or all of the above. Either way, it is important to choose a suitable template for budget management. We offer you a description of the different types of templates and tell you when you should use them.

See a head-to-head comparison of Microsoft Excel and Smartsheet

Discover how these two tools compare across five factors, including: work management, collaboration, visibility, accessibility, and integrations. Plus, see a quick demo of Smartsheet.

Study Club Budget

Typically, Study Clubs run fundraising events or receive sponsorships to meet their annual goals. Having a training club budget is important for managing the club's operations and strategies, and for creating an archive of goals for each year. This Study Club Budget Template helps you quickly track and manage your club's income and expenses, and compare your overall budget and current balance.

Business budget

No matter the size of your business, having a business budget is key to growing your company. A business budget helps you make strategic decisions about potential growth directions, cost savings, and the overall health of your company. This business budget template is great for service providers and companies that manufacture and market a product.

But to put the business on stream, desire alone is not enough. The first step is drawing up a business plan. in which the goals, objectives and income of your company will be spelled out. You will need it if you want to take out a bank loan or find sponsors

What is a business plan for an individual entrepreneur?

Business plan is a program for the operation and development of your business, containing information about a product, its production, distribution channels, marketing, etc.

A business plan for an individual entrepreneur demonstrates the profitability of the enterprise and its financial return. If you are preparing a business plan for lenders or a bank, you need to focus on financial performance and calculations.

Drawing up a business plan for individual entrepreneurs

The main rule when drawing up a business plan for an individual entrepreneur is the dynamic presentation of the material and small volumes - no more than 10-20 pages of text. The content of the plan includes:

Consider what should be included in each of these points.

A resume is a short description of an individual entrepreneur's business plan. The section contains the purpose of the project, justification of financial support, a brief description of the business, its uniqueness, financial benefits for investors.

Idea analysis. This section contains the following points:

  • organizational factors (for example, the form of the enterprise, the presence / absence of premises, equipment, lease / purchase conditions, etc.)
  • technical factors (production funds, their condition)
  • financial factors (contains the "pros" and "cons" of the business)
  • opportunities and threats, i.e. factors beyond the control of the entrepreneur that can affect the indicators and the result of production: positively (opportunities) or negatively (threats).

    Description of the idea. This section analyzes the market, its size and growth forecasts, as well as a description of its segments. The main place in this section is occupied by an assessment of the share of your product or service in this market. Here, the novelty and relevance of the business idea is also detailed.

    Marketing plan. It is necessary to prescribe the principles of pricing, formulate a scheme for the distribution of goods / services, methods of stimulating sales.

    It is important to write down your place in the market (marketing alignment - ensuring the competitiveness of products / services) and the main characteristics of products and services in comparison with competing organizations and entrepreneurs. The marketing plan also includes the following points:

    Excel spreadsheet for business is a good tool for working and increasing productivity at the computer. With the help of Excel spreadsheets, you can make money on the Internet by teaching other people in this direction or create them to order. This article will help you understand the issue of making money on Excel tables.

    What is Excel tables for business, their application

    Such tables are used in making money through the Internet and in other areas of activity. For example, in economics, finance, accounting, programming, copywriting, site building, blogging, and so on. Let's look at one of the examples of their use.

    For example, you have a blog that you write articles to every day. If you want to know if your articles have appeared in the search, you need to keep statistics of articles. It will help you to visually see which articles are missing and which are in the top. Excel table copes with this very well (Screen 1).

    Thus, you can understand the importance of Excel spreadsheet, which is needed for business and work on the Internet.

    Next, we will try to figure out how to make money over the Internet using Excel tables.

    Excel spreadsheets for business, can you make money on it

    So, how do you use Excel spreadsheets for business to make money on the Internet? Everything is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance to a beginner. Let's consider the essence of making money. Let's say there is a blogger who does not have time to do statistics on the promotion of his articles. To do this, he hires a person who has the time and knowledge of maintaining this table.

    Next, the specialist keeps a table for a certain time and analyzes all the articles. After work, he sends the customer a report on the articles and makes money online. By the way, it is convenient to select keywords and phrases through Excel.

    There is another option for earning money - consultation via Skype. You consult on Skype, teach people to work in Excel program and make money. Or create custom tables for freelance.

    Now, you need to answer the question - can you make money on this? Yes, every user can make money. In this case, the main thing is to know the Excel program, so that when working with it, questions do not arise.

    If you already know how to work with this program, that's good. Otherwise, the following will tell you how to become a specialist in this area and start making money online.

    Excel specialist, how to become one

    Over the long years of its existence, Microsoft Excel has become an indispensable "workhorse" for many millions of workers chained to a chair. Often in the minds of users, Excel is synonymous with work itself. Let's break stereotypes and use 10 great Excel templates for every day.

    It is gratifying that Microsoft Corporation is doing its best to meet us halfway, providing absolutely free access to its office products for mobile devices. Therefore, you can quite comfortably use the powerful Excel toolkit on your tall iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets with a large diagonal.

    Do not forget that the proposed templates can be modified according to your wishes, and also printed if you prefer paper to the screen. But before you tackle the adjustments, read about effective techniques, secrets and common mistakes in Excel. With such a baggage of knowledge, you are not afraid of this mighty monster!

    Task List

    Even the brightest head with a clear mind and solid memory will one day fail, and you will forget something. It's good if it's buying food for fish, congratulating your mother-in-law on Mother's Day, or watering a violet for your significant other. They will gurgle, hiss and croak, and your conscience will remain clear. But what if you don't pay for the essentials - the Internet? You will be ashamed to look at yourself in the mirror. And on that ill-fated day, you will break down and promise to make to-do lists. In the meantime, you are struggling to choose among electronic planners, try to start with a simple checklist.

    Assign tasks, prioritize them, set a deadline, choose a responsible person, track progress and leave notes without leaving Excel. The template is already configured for quick sorting by date, importance, status and other parameters.

    Travel Budget

    Theoretically, even the most unreal (and at the same time full-fledged) trip can do without any financial investments on your part. To do this, you need to enlist support in a crowdfunding site, find free places to visit, and work a little for food and bed space. Such successes are accompanied only by seasoned travelers with a fair amount of luck. Although there is nothing to hide, even they have to look for a couple of coins for a call in order to report to their mother about their health. Therefore, any movement outside the boundaries of the place of residence is accompanied by preliminary planning and budgeting. And so that you do not have to dirty sheets of paper and endlessly twist and turn the numbers, we suggest turning to the trip calculator for help.

    In addition to the calculation itself, the template can display the estimated spending in the form of a pie chart. Dividing money into categories in percentage terms will make it clear which item of expenditure is the most gluttonous.


    What unites fire, deluge, theft and the arrival of relatives to stay "for a week"? That's right, there is a high probability of losing the integrity of your property.

    It's human nature that the toad strangles not for the very fact of losing your grandmother's socks, but for the fact that you can't remember all your accumulated belongings at all. In such unfavorable situations, an inventory of household utensils will help you out. And in addition to it, it will not be superfluous to photograph your mansions with all the contents.

    Joking aside, you can recommend a template to those people who rent out their homes. When accepting guests for a long period of check-in, do not forget to acquaint them with the inventory statement against signature. He will do you good service when you evict tenants.

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