Business plan example excel

Technical requirements: Excel 2021 and higher

Excel model to help you update your budget in minutes

The model is useful for companies that are adjusting their budget and want to assess how new events will affect their business. There may be several options for the development of events, and the adjustment should take into account everything.

Technical requirements: Excel 2021 and up

Excel model that will compose the forecast balance

Download a simplified model that contains all the required components. It automatically processes the P&L and cash flow budgets and creates a forecast balance sheet. You can scale it and add new articles to each of your budgets.

Technical requirements: Excel 2021 and up

A ready-made model that will plan the company's revenues

If you need a short-term forecast with high detail, use a ready-made model. It will show a picture of events close to reality for the coming months and will require only figures for past periods as input data.

Technical requirements: Excel 2021 and up

Excel model to help you meet your budget

Use this interactive report to analyze variables and figure out the parameters that will help your company achieve financial targets.

Technical requirements: Excel 2021 and up

The tool for financial modeling of a business project is created as a regular Excel file without macros and scripts. It can be copied, transferred, transferred, used for work by several employees, but you must follow the rules of teamwork when using Excel.

The file is made in the form of a finished product that does not require modification. This is a financial modeling template that, when you enter the initial data into it, automatically calculates the necessary financial indicators and generates the reports necessary for business planning.

The template can be reused for various specialized projects.

To create a financial model, you need to add a template to Excel:

General project source data;

We recommend that you collect the initial data in a separate file before starting to fill in the financial model template.

Sales data for financial model

Create a short description of your product or service by filling in the following details for the financial model:

Product or service name;

The price at which the sale of a product or service ;;

To solve various problems in a project, we need tools, services, skills, unique specialists. But sometimes these tasks can be solved in ways that are literally at hand. For example, Excel spreadsheets are not just tables with formulas, and you don't need special knowledge to maintain them when their creators have already come up with standard templates for many work situations.

Excel tables are included in the standard MS Office package, but are inferior in popularity to Word. We all once got acquainted with Excel, but the maximum that we can do is to create a simple table and bring beauty to it by drawing frames and aligning the numbers to the left. Someone has gone a little further and will be able to print a large table on one page, write simple formulas in cells and insert headers and footers.

Meanwhile, Excel is a whole interesting world in which you can quickly create visual infographics. You just need to spend a little time and get to know the program better. Excel templates are very helpful.

Getting online quickly requires tons of tools. At the end of the article or right now, download a free selection of 116 services that will make it easier to work with text, images, video and audio

How to open and modify a template

A template is a document that has already been formatted. Basically, this is a form that you just need to fill out without wasting time aligning cells and filling out the names of the columns.

When launched, the program offers to create an empty book or choose a template from a set to solve any problem. In the search, you can enter the purpose of the template, and the program will select options for a specific request.

It is often necessary to change the template to suit your needs. It's very simple: you open a standard template, change the formatting, add or remove columns and rows, and then save as a template. To do this, replace the Excel Worksheet (. Ls) extension with Excel Template (. Lt). The program will immediately create a special Custom Office Templates folder. Now, when you open the program, you can use your own templates, which can be found on a separate "Personal" tab when choosing templates.

Templates You May Need

Work Schedule Using Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a type of chart that is used to visualize the order of steps to complete a multi-step task. It is necessary to break the project into stages, enter it into a table, add deadlines, responsible persons, percentage of completion - and at any time the entire project is visible at a glance. The program itself recalculates the deadline, if at some stage there was a delay or vice versa, you worked hard and completed the project faster than planned.

Employee Schedule

A simple and convenient service for calculating the payback of a project is implemented on our website. Now you no longer need to read on a calculator or set up complex formulas in excel.

Everything has become very simple, fast and convenient! Let's take a step-by-step look at how to calculate the payback of a project using the calculator on the Business and Plan website.

Here you need to choose the organizational and legal form of your business: individual entrepreneur, LLC or other options.

Next, you need to choose a taxation system: patent, unified imputed income tax (UTII), simplified taxation system (STS), general taxation system (OSN) or unified agricultural tax (USHN).

At the same time, the patent and UTII can be combined with any tax regime. STS, OSN and ESHN cannot be combined with each other.

Depending on which taxation system you choose, you need to take into account:

Patent - you must indicate the amount of patent costs per year. This is not the amount of the patent itself, but the value of the patent (6% of the amount of the patent);

UTII - quarterly tax. Therefore, it is necessary to indicate exactly the amount of quarterly tax payments. The tax rate for UTII is 15%, therefore it is necessary to indicate an amount equal to 15% of the tax base;

STS - for a simplified taxation system, you must select a tax rate of 6 or 15%;

OCH - just select this item if you work on the general taxation system;

Unified agricultural tax - select this item and indicate the tax rate in%, if you are agricultural producers

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Universal Financial Model

Certified Financial Model

Development of the financial model of the project

Development of a financial model of the project with a description

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DEMO business calculation

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