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In this article, we have prepared a business plan for a foreign language school for you. How to open a foreign language school and make good money? Business on training courses is a niche for those who graduated from the university of foreign languages ​​or simply know foreign languages ​​well and want to make money on it. In this review, we will together figure out how to open a foreign language school and draw up a business plan "from A to Z" (estimates for 2021).

All educated and even less educated people need foreign languages. Those who want to live abroad or those who want to understand films or books in the original. And it's simple - to become an order of magnitude smarter and more educated. Foreign languages ​​will always be in demand in our global society.

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Market Analysis

Of course, a person wants to receive his knowledge base from a teacher who knows his job well. If you are fluent in a foreign language, or even several, try to open your own school.

In order not to "burn out" or be "crushed" by the already existing large schools, even at the stage of writing a business plan, try to come up with something of your own, so that people would be interested. This can be your own program or someone else's foreign program, which for some reason is not yet used by us.

To get started, try working with students according to your own or any other method, going home, or giving foreign language lessons at home. As soon as you feel that everything is working out for you, the students understand and thank you, that is, it makes sense to start expanding your business. You can open a school of foreign languages ​​in your city, where not only private clients, but also whole groups will come.

There is also an option - to open a school on a franchise. There are pros and cons of a franchise: you will receive a business plan and program that you do not need to develop on your own, however, working on a franchise has special working conditions (part of the proceeds will go to the owners). Initial payment - from 300,000, investments - 1 million, royalties - 7% of the turnover of your school, payback period - from six months. It is believed that a franchise is about 70% more likely to stay afloat than a greenfield school. If you're happy with that, you can try it. And then we will independently prepare a business plan for beginners.

Legal aspect

To open a foreign language school, a number of documents are required. To open an educational, private school, you will need to register an ANO (Autonomous non-profit organization) or a non-governmental educational institution (Non-state educational institution), as well as obtain a license to carry out teaching activities. After that, you can register yourself as an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur).

Plus a check from the SES, since we plan to open an official school. This will take about 50,000. Don't forget about taxes - 6%.

Choosing a suitable space for the school

Financial model of the English language school

Brief Investment Memorandum

The need to learn foreign languages ​​is growing: people travel, move to live abroad, work in international companies or do business with foreign partners.

To learn languages, people enroll in foreign language schools, take online courses, or hire a tutor.

We will consider opening an English language school where you can enroll in group and individual courses and order a translation. On average - 60 courses, 60 translations and 30 individual lessons per month. The cost of the course is 12,000 rubles, translation is 2,000 rubles, and an individual lesson is 1,500 rubles.

The payback period of the project is 8 months, and the break-even point is for 4 months of the project.

Financial parameters of the project:

  • The amount of initial investment - 1,082,000 rubles
  • Monthly costs - 633,383 rubles
  • Monthly profit - 175,605 rubles
  • Payback period - 8 months
  • Break-even point - 4 months
  • Return on sales - 33%.

Description of business, product or service

This type of business can be a profitable investment, despite the high competition in large cities.

Notes from an English teacher

Twitter. Groupon. Paypal

Do you know these companies? What do they have in common?

All these sites are ideas turned into business projects

What is a project? A project starts when a group of people or one person decides to organize work for a specific purpose. It is clear that not every person in this life can embody any projects or run a business, it is still worth trying. After all, how do you know what you can create or bring to life without trying? What if it does? For example, organize a virtual library (in progress), or open something like Englishhome. In fact, each idea, when correctly and correctly implemented, gives more and more strength.

For all the posts and the history of my project, I realized that you need to be able to keep the rhythm. Without a rhythm, which, like in a dance or a piece of music, touches the tone and leads, without a rhythm, guys, and without a correct system, it is very difficult to build something significant or set goals. I am talking now more about Great Great Male Affairs, because women, as a rule, falling in love or being distracted, weaken the pressure and lag behind the rhythm and become completely unsystematic. Whether we are in online business, bargaining or selling, or learning the art of negotiation, or undergoing further training. As I wrote earlier, a woman is a process, and a man is a result. Don't be shy about it. It is worth thinking more when everything happens the other way around.

So how to create a project?

1. ormateam (Form a team).

Gather people who will work on the project. These can be completely different personalities and psychotypes, and this must also be taken into account.

For example:

The first thing a project manager does is form a team of staff who are best for the project.

The first thing a manager should do is to form a team that suits this particular project

World processes dictate their own rules for doing business, politics and foreign economic cooperation. The proverb about how many languages ​​a person knows, how many times he is a person can be paraphrased differently: how many languages ​​a modern person knows, so many times he is successful and sociable. To keep up with progressive times, you just need to know foreign languages.


Some linguists generally believe that Chinese grammar is the future and world domination. Indeed, 90% of what surrounds us has the inscription Made in China. Accordingly, the instructions are also included in two translations - English and Chinese.

For an idea to turn into income, it is necessary to develop a business plan for a language school with calculations. In addition to the standard set, exotic language courses are popular.

Target audience

The greater the coverage of age groups, the higher the profitability. The bulk is from 4 to 60 years old. Mostly middle class people. Remember that courses for children and adults have a number of tangible differences.

Decide on the structure and organization of classes:

  • Express courses for students with a basic level.
  • Preparation for testing to obtain international certificates.
  • Comprehensive learning from scratch.

The length of one course varies from 4 to 8 months. One lesson from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. An even number of students are recruited into groups, since in the process there will be situational games, dialogues and pair communication.

Groups also differ in time:

  • daytime ;
  • evening ;
  • morning ;
  • weekend.

The flow of clients in the summer period is significantly reduced, and since autumn the number of those who wish is increasing.

Language training is not only profitable and promising, but also a noble business. Foreign languages ​​can open the way to work in international organizations and to do business with international markets. Different target audience may need teaching a foreign language: schoolchildren and students; people who need languages ​​for work or business; those who are planning to move abroad. The work on the creation of such a school is preceded by a business plan for a school of foreign languages, an example of which we offer you below.

Business Plan Rationale

We are planning to launch a business in a large regional center with a population of over 1 million people. Currently, three large language schools are teaching English here, as well as several hundred private tutors and small courses. The market for these services in the city can be assessed as saturated, however, a control study of users of social networks and forums showed that there is a need for high-quality teaching of foreign languages. Among the main complaints that potential customers have:

  • Low level of professional competence of private teachers.
  • Lack of special offers like "English for Business", which could cover the request of some part of the target audience.
  • Lack of well equipped classrooms.

In order to take a stable place in the market, it is planned to create a premium-class language school aimed at entrepreneurs, managers and upper-grade students who plan to enter the leading universities in Russia, as well as in Europe or China.

In connection with the definition of the target audience, the following risks and problem areas of the business plan arise:

  • Lack of qualified teachers in the region who are able to offer services of the required level.
  • Not enough target audience in the selected region.
  • Large startup investments required.

In order to neutralize the first risk, it is planned to analyze in advance the market of private teachers of the city and select among them those who have the required competence, conduct a preliminary interview with them for cooperation.

In order to neutralize the second risk, it is planned to study the need of the city's leading companies in corporate training of employees. It is not possible to assess the need for premium-class services of individuals - this is a significant disadvantage that can only be overcome thanks to the personal acquaintances of the school's founder. In addition, it is planned to conduct online classes for students from other regions. However, there will be no emphasis on it.

The third risk is planned to be solved by attracting co-financing from an investor for the allocation of a share of future profits or obtaining a bank loan.

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